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capitale dc k street

Capitale, 1301 K Street

  • Venue Type: Bar / Lounge
  • Estimated Size: 400 people
  • Amenities: “Mobile Kitchen” Happy Hour, Valet, Bottle Service, Patio
  • Cover Charge: $0-20 (no cover on weekends)
  • Hours: Tue – Thu: 5 pm – 2 am | Fri – Sat: 10 pm – 3 am | Sun: 10 pm – 2 am
  • Dress Code: Dress to Impress (no baggy clothes, shorts, boots, athletic wear, flip flops)
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Location: K Street
  • Address: 1301 K Street, Suite 103, Washington, DC 20005 | (202) 962-3933
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: Refined, cool, and elegant.
Venue Overview

From the team behind Public Bar, Capitale is a hybrid bar, lounge, and nightclub that boasts a grandiose interior, free admission on weekends, and one-of-a-kind happy hour. Located in place of the former K Street Lounge, Capitale seeks to deliver an inviting, unique, and exciting nightlife experience to DC.

There’s really no better way to describe Capitale’s ornate interior than saying it’s the byproduct of a Hollywood/Ancient Greece love affair set at Hogwarts. Featuring four massive bronze columns, snazzy chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and tons of refurbished throwback furniture, the Capitale makes no attempt to conceal its opulence. Also with a 40 foot wooden bar, four 55″ TVs, and a raised platform for girls to dance, Capitale is like SAX Lounge’s stylish, freewheeling little sister – both of which were designed by O’Neill Studios.

Perhaps Capitale’s most distinct feature is its “mobile kitchen” happy hour concept. Through its partnership with the DC Food Truck Association, Capitale invites some of the city’s best food trucks to park directly outside the venue between the hours of 5-9 pm. Customers are encouraged to bring food they purchase from these trucks inside the venue or dine outside on the patio, pairing meals with the in-house drink menu.

  • Happy Hour: “Mobile Kitchen” Happy Hour featuring DC Food Trucks outside venue
  • Tuesday: Tuesdays at Capitale by DT Nation – Hip-hop, R&B, Top 40s
  • Thursday: College Party
  • Friday: Open Format – top 40/pop-house/mash up/hip-hop
  • Saturday: Open Format – top 40/pop-house/mash up/hip-hop
  • Sunday: SUNDAE at Capitale – hip hop

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3 Responses to “Capitale”

  1. Brittany H says:

    On the night of January 6th my friends and I decided to check out Capitale. They were in from out of town and it was the only spot I had heard good things about on a Sunday night. We asked our friend who is a promoter and he forwarded us to another promoter by the name of Major Dobbins. He took down 1 name plus 5 and told us to be there before 11. We arrived at about 10:20 and were greeted by a man asking us for our IDs and whether or not we had wristbands. I told him we were on a guestlist. He pulled out his phone and asked for the name. We were supposed to be listed under my friend Tajanique. He said he did not have her and all guestlist name should have been submitted by 8. Tajanique went to show him the conversation she had with Major which took place at about 3. He said there was nothing he could do. There was another man at the door who had said to go ahead and let us in but the man (who we later found out was named Bav) still denied us. We called Major to see what was the deal and he sort of left us hanging. We ended up going to a different club which was a lot less mature and did not have a good time. It was my friends last night in town so I felt but but we chalked it up and continued on. The real problem ensued this morning when we received a text from Major informing us that Bav did not allow us entry because he didn’t want to let the “big girl” in. I can understand an invite only system which is what we thought we had done. Not having the wristband was the only reason we conceded being denied access even after hearing the other man imply that we could still be let in. To find out this was the reason we were denied access is in my eyes completely unacceptable. We were completely within the dress code, we looked good I might add. We just wanted to go out and have fun amongst a mature crowd and ended up overdressed at a 18+ club. I don’t know what I would like to see happen but I do know this is a place I will never recommend to anyone else. I can not believe this club allows people to operate in such poor taste.

  2. Ashleigh says:

    I used to like this venue but the last time I went to scope it out to have an event there and was treated so poorly at the door by the guy collecting money. Eventually the verbal altercation lead to him calling me out of my name and saying “I would NEVER get into this club so I might as well go home” I will never give this venue my money or time again. Nothing was done to resolve the issue and no other door man was willing to stand up to the disrespect I was shown.

  3. Andrea says:

    This place is disrespectful and not worth the time. If you are okay with their workers picking you up and throwing you around then this is where you should go. If you are not okay but still decide to go then I suggest that you ask who E is and stay very far away from him.

    I went to this club for my friends birthday on a Friday night and was completely disrespected and manhandled. I slipped on a pile of coats (they do not have a real system for coats) and accidentally bumped into a girl, as I was apologizing the “security guard” E grabbed me and picked me up and through me off of the VIP section and yelled at me about being drunk. I was not drunk, I had not even been drinking. A man putting his hands on a female like this is not acceptable, however this club thinks that it is. Please do not go here.

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