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dc spot lounge bar club

  • Venue Type: Lounge/Bar
  • Estimated Size: 200 people
  • Amenities:Bottle Service,
  • Cover Charge: Varies
  • Hours:
    Sun/M/W/Th: 10PM – 2AM
    Fr/Sat: 10PM – 3AM
  • Dress Code: None
  • Age Requirement: Unknown
  • Location: Midtown
  • Address: 1214 18th St. NW Washington, DC 20036
  • Contact: (202) 785 2922
  • Website: N/A
  • Atmosphere: Spot Lounge definitely has the potential to be great, though the crowd and overall vibe will change on a nightly basis. With a ton of space/seating for bottle service and a very long bar, the space itself could definitely be hot. Housed in the basement level of the same building as MIA and Public, next door to Shake Shack, Spot is kind of like a bar with bottle service and the feeling of an underground club.
Venue Overview

You can pretty much get the gist of Spot Lounge as soon as you reach the bottom of the staircase and enter the venue. To your immediate right is an open space/dance area with couch-benches on the wall and a hallway leading to the bathrooms. The venue is long and narrow ahead. On the left side are about 8 ‘tables’ for bottle service. On the right side is the bar.

At the end of the bar and beyond the DJ booth (opposite the end of the bar) sits a raised VIP area that sits deep within the venue. It’s got a relatively good amount of privacy and on busy nights is more than likely roped off.

It’s a simple venue with an x-factor crowd but with the right promoter,s could be a great place to party.

Photo Tour

spot lounge dc bar
the spot lounge washington dc

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4 Responses to “Spot Lounge”

  1. Aaron white says:

    Very disappointed with the drinks, if I ever come there again and the bartenders puts all that water in my drink again I’m leaving them there and getting the hell.out point blank -_-

  2. Gudda Mal says:

    How much is the bottle service

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