Shadow Room

Shadow Room, Washington DC

  • Venue Type: Hi-Tech Exclusive Lounge
  • Estimated Size: 300 people
  • Amenities: Touch Screen Tablets, VIP Tables, Song Request, Drink Order via Phone, Private Events, More Under “Venue Overview” Below
  • Cover Charge: $10-20 (Get in FREE: See “Get Hooked Up” section at bottom)
  • Hours: Wednesday/Thursday: 10p – 2a, Friday: 9p – 3a, Saturday: 10p -3a, Sunday: 10p – 2a
  • Dress Code: Upscale, dressy
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Location: Northwest, near Foggy Bottom
  • Address: 2131 K St NW Washington DC 20037. (202) 887 1200
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: Ultra-luxurious meets ultra-modern. Shadow Room is a Las Vegas inspired lounge strongly focused on providing the best service available, anywhere. Unique technical innovations and a courteous staff make it all possible.
Venue Overview

To ensure the best experience possible, Shadow Room offers guest list, special occasion, and membership options via Walk into Shadow Room and you will instantly recognize that a unique experience is in the near future. Instantly recognizable is a minimalistic approach at modern luxury. While keeping a design highlighting clean lines and avoiding clutter, minimalistic (in this case) doesn’t mean less, but so much more. Ornate chandeliers adorn 22-foot ceilings for a luscious experience while intelligent lighting and an impressive sound system keep it interesting. Attention to detail is paramount and is even observed in the material chosen for VIP couches (a leather specifically designed to be danced on).

Tablet Bottle Menu

A unique tablet by Nteract at your VIP table ensures you will never get thirsty, or bored. (Website Screenshot)

Generally, when a club is packed, ordering a drink can be a hassle at best. Luckily, Shadow Room has a solution which you’re unlikely to see anywhere else in the city. Ever been seated at a VIP table with only a few drops left and no server in sight? Simply access the tablet and order your next bottle or drink: now that’s a solution. The drink ordering system is so sophisticated that it includes an extensive bottle and drink menu so you know exactly what you’re getting before you order and you can do so without screaming for bottle service. It’s also easy to see how much you’re spending. While it can’t keep you from getting crazy, an itemized bill available at all times is a nice reassurance. Dull moments are unlikely but many tables feature technology innovations including PS3 and XBox, satellite TV, and others. Wanted to scream at the DJ repeatedly to play your favorite song? Well, they probably wouldn’t like that but, feel free to request away remotely straight from the same pad you ordered drinks one. Not seated at a table? Customers can still order drinks and more via their mobile device here. A text is sent when your drink is ready and any breaks in partying are kept to a minimum.

Shadowroom Venue

While innovation and good looks are important to any venue, sometimes the “vibe” is most important. Shadow Room attracts an upscale crowd that knows how to have a good time. It should be noted that there is a focus on tables which occupy a large portion of the space, but that’s essentially part of a premium lounge’s DNA. There is still ample room for dancing and the crowd really knows how to party. Go to kick back at a table with a few friends or go to dance like the end of the world is coming. Either way, Shadow Room will fit your needs.

  • Thursdays feature Hip-Hop.
  • Fridays bring mashups and more including House, Top 40, and Hip-Hop with DJ Phlipz.
  • Saturdays mix it up from the regular with Top 40, Rock, and Hip-Hop brought to you by DJ George Garcia.
Latest Updates From Shadow Room
Get Hooked Up
  • Guest List: Click Here. Select the event you are interested in. Guest list is available via the hosts’ websites.
  • Table Reservations: Click Here.
Picture Tour

Shadow Room 2

Shadow Room 1

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2 Responses to “Shadow Room”

  1. Alona Mendoza says:

    You obviously are not interested in attracting female customers to your club at all. I am a woman & I saw Nothing that would make me want to go to your club – based on your website’s photos of the people at your club which are almost 100% geared to attracting only men to your club. I mean, seriously – half-naked teenagers & cheerleaders? Really? So half of your potential customers are either Not attracted by your online photos – or are actually driven away by them. And the few men that are in the photos look like they’re segregated by gender. I mean a room of nothing but guys – with no women around – & a separate photo of a bunch of women – with only one guy. It seriously made me wonder if it was a muslim convention of some kind where the men & women had to be segregated into separate rooms – because they’re certainly not mixing with each other in the photos taken at your club. (Then I looked closer at the men – & yes, they do look like they actually could be muslims from the middle east – no offense to them, but that’s not what the vast majority of American women are looking for. Believe me.) The entire bunch of website photos of people at your club had a sexist attitude overall. For example, what’s with the blonde dj? A Playboy bunny outfit? You must be kidding. You’re obviously trying to sell the idea to guys that there will be a ratio of 10 half-naked women for every one guy at your club. There is nothing in that to make women want to go to your club. In the online photos, if there are any women mixing with guys at your club, it’s just in the background of a few photos & not very visible or easily discernible. Like I said, what exactly about all of this is supposed to attract women to your club based on your website’s photos? Nothing.

    Also, the 1st few photos of the place without any people in it look cold – & like the place is mostly just floor. Anyways, I thought you might appreciate this feedback.

  2. Maureen Bryant says:

    Had an amazingly fun time at your spot. I haven’t been here in a while…Loved hip hop night! and I am a older (fabulous of course ;)…white woman and had a blast. The bartenders are fast and friendly, Music great, cute guys…very fun…

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