Important Info about Tiesto at DC Armory 4/9/11

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TIESTO DC ARMORY GLOW WASHINGTON DC APRIL 9 2011 PANORAMA PRODUCTIONSPanorama Productions and Glow are proud to host Tiesto at Glow at the DC Armory on Saturday, April 9th.  Lots of people have questions, and fortunately, we have answers for you.

Subjects covered here include: Tickets, dress code, alcohol, age and ID requirements, set times, start time, Metro, security, glowsticks policy, photographer policy, parking, smoking, re-entry, afterparties, and info about the next big show.

Concert Event Page: Tiesto at Glow at the DC Armory Homepage

Tickets to the show

Are there tickets left?
No. All 10,000 tickets sold out last week.  However, we are giving away two tickets every day to fans of our facebook page.  Like our page, then like the wall post about the ticket giveaway for your chance to win!

Will there be tickets at the door?

Getting in to the show

What are the Age Requirements, ID requirements?
This event is strictly 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink. A valid government-issued photo ID is absolutely required to enter.  Your ticket does not exempt you from this requirement.

Is there a Dress Code?

About the show

When does the show start? When should I get there? Who is playing when?
The doors open at 6.  We recommend getting there on-time to avoid lines.  Matt Goldman will be playing from opening till 7, Roberto Gonzalez 7-8, Cedric Gervais 8-10, and Tiesto 10-2.

Will there be alcohol?
Yes. The DC Armory will have Beer, Liquor, and Wine service, as well as food and non alcoholic beverages. Table service is not available.

Show and Venue policies

What is security like at the Armory?
From the DC Armory info page: “All guests entering the DC Armory are subject to search and screening by hand-held and/or walkthrough magnetometer. Refusal to comply may be grounds to prohibit admission. Guests will not be permitted to enter the DC Armory if they are visibly intoxicated.”

Are Glowsticks or Lasers permitted?
No. However, Glow bracelets, LED gloves, and other “jewelry/attire” type glow-items are okay. Loose objects like glow STICKS are not ok. Rule of thumb: if you can chuck it at someone, its not getting inside.

Are Professional Photographers / DSLR Cameras Permitted?
No. However, personal “point and shoot” cameras are OK.

What other items are prohibited?
Prohibited items include weapons or other dangerous objects, sticks, bats, poles, staffs and clubs, illegal substances, backpacks and large bags, food and beverages, and metal, plastic and glass containers.

What is the Smoking Policy?
Smoking indoors is prohibited by DC Law, violators may be ejected. Follow signs to designated smoking areas on-site.

Is re-entry permitted?

Getting to the show

How do I get there?
See this: Directions to DC Armory

When does Metro close?
The last train leaves the nearby Stadium/Armory stop at 3am.

Where do I park?
There are huge parking lots all around the DC Armory for $15. Primary parking for the Tiësto Club Life Tour will be in Lot 3 (corner of 19th and East Capitol Streets, SE).

More Parties in DC

Is there an afterparty?
We do not have a sponsored afterparty.  However, if you’re looking for something to do on Thursday and Friday before the show, we’ve got Dada Life on Thursday at Lima and DJ Spider on Friday at Ultrabar.  We also have a great list of the top 10 dc nightclubs.

When is the next big show?

More Questions

I have another question that wasn’t answered here?
Check to see if someone has asked it in the comments section below. If no, go ahead and ask us!

45 Responses to “Important Info about Tiesto at DC Armory 4/9/11”

  1. Diana says:

    This maybe a very stupid question, but if the gov shuts down will that effect the DC armory or better yet will it effect the concert in any way shape or form? Such as venue, parking, metro etc.

  2. chanthaly says:

    can you bring a camera?

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      The answer you are looking for is clearly written on the page. Please take a look at the page before asking. Yes, small personal cameras are allowed.

  3. Morgan says:

    Will there be a coat check?

  4. Damien says:

    Is there a deadline to arrive? If i arrive at 10 pm, is it a problem? Because i am not available before…

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      You’ll be missing a good part of the show, and there will probably be a long line, but yes you will still be able to get inside at 10pm.

  5. Julian says:

    I have gloves with lights in them. I give light shows. Are they allowed???

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      I will check on that for you and will post an update soon.

      • Diana says:

        I was actually wondering the same thing. I have these led pom poms that I dance with and give lightshows with as well and was hoping I cud bring them in.

        • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

          The Armory’s policy unfortunately does not permit it.

          • Matt says:

            So no gloves?

          • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

            We checked with the owner of the company and updated the info. Glow gloves should be okay. We just updated the information to reflect that.

            “Glow bracelets, LED gloves, and other small “jewelry/attire” type glow-items are okay. Loose objects like glow STICKS are not ok. Rule of thumb: if you can chuck it at someone, its not getting inside.”

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  7. Brian says:

    What exactly does a VIP ticket provide? Where is Section VIP1 and VIP2?

  8. Lasarah says:

    Question: what are the approximate prices for beer and liquor at the show?

    Thanks 🙂

  9. leyla says:

    So no glowsticks, but I was planning on wearing glow in the dark bracelets, is that allowed?

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      It’ll be up to the discretion of the Armory Staff… Not sure of that specifically. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try.

  10. Caedus says:

    So backpacks are not allowed at all or just large ones? Would I be able to bring in a small backpack just to hold a sweatshirt or something?

  11. xbvanbuuren says:

    So I have this LED music equalizer sticker to stick on my shirt, which lits up with and according to the beats. Will that be allowed? Because if not permitted I’d like to know before I go to the concert. Thanks!

  12. xbvanbuuren says:

    Yeah I want to wear the glow in the dark bracelets… will that be allowed? How can we rave without glowey stuff 🙁

  13. Justin Joy says:

    I have a mexican passport…will this be ok for my governent issue id?

  14. Brigitte says:

    I’m a girl who can’t just put my phone/wallet in my jeans pocket like most guys would and need a purse/bag: what bags ARE acceptable? Small purses, fanny packs? Any answer would be helpful

  15. Mo says:

    My camera’s the Nikon P100 which is no Professional/DSLR but might look like one. Hope that’s ok. Also, I have a feeling parking going to be tough, is Primary parking for the event also $15? Thanks! Neat FAQ page. Hoping to have a blast!

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      You’ll probably be fine with that camera, but ultimately the final call will be made by Armory staff. The DSLR rule is there to discourage pro photographers and media from covering the event without getting authorization first.

      Yep, as stated, parking is $15, and there is tons of parking (its right next to RFK Stadium, so parking will not be a problem)

  16. Hirad says:

    are small draw-string backpacks allowed? The ones with the two strings? I might be coming with the metro and it would be nice if I had a place to hold my sweater.

  17. Evelin says:

    Are we allowed to bring bracelets like medium size ones? easier way can we bring Plur? or Kandi cuffs?

  18. Ashley says:

    My wallet was just stolen. The only form of ID I have is my college ID. please tell me this will be ok?? I’m freaking out. I just drove four hrs to get here 🙁

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      Unfortunately, a college ID is probably NOT sufficient ID. Please contact the armory directly as soon as possible to see if you can make any form of special arrangement with them.

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