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  • Venue Type: Lounge, Hookah Bar
  • Estimated Size: 250
  • Amenities: Hookah, bottle service, tons of seating
  • Cover Charge: None
  • Hours: Sun – Thu: 5:00pm – 2:00am, Fri/Sat: 5:00pm – 3:00am
  • Dress Code: None but look nice anyway
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Neighborhood: U Street
  • Address: 1624 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009.
    (202) 234-8400
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: One of the best hookah bars in DC, Chi Cha lounge is more than just a place to smoke shishah. The ample lounge seating, DJ, dance floor and bar maintain the upbeat vibe and keep the 20-somethings dancing and chattering all night long.
Venue Overview

Chi Cha is laid out relatively simple. The DC lounge is split into two halves. The right side where you enter has a coat room and small DJ booth to the right, long bar against the right wall, a small area to dance and booths/lounge seating along the left wall. The left side of the DC hookah bar features more intimate lounge/booth areas to enjoy your hookah. The back of venue houses a kitchen and the bathrooms are downstairs.

DC hookah lounges
The vibe can go from extremely chill and relaxed, to absolutely nuts. The DC lounge’s decor is comfortable, lighting low and as the website says, “The comfortable couches and chairs are grouped together so informally you often become a part of someone else’s conversation.” Definitely a great place to meet!

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3 Responses to “Chi Cha Lounge”

  1. Aidom says:

    I went to Chi Cha Lounge for the first time with a group of friends. My one complaint would be the drinks. We were celebrating our birthdays, and I purchased drinks for everyone (Patron, Long Islands, etc.). The shots were water with little liquor in them, and the long islands had more soda and water than alcohol. I didn’t want to throw a fit with 9 of my friends there, but I know now to have my drinks before coming. Other than spending over $100 on water, the waitress was amazing and the hookah was great. The waitress even caught someone who was just coming and leaving to talk to some of my associates trying to order food, and put it on my bill.

  2. L Some says:

    So i made a reservation for 20 people about 3 weeks prior for my birthday. when i called to tell them i was outside looking for parking they expressed to me that i did not have a reservation. Then the manager procceded to tell me he had called me earlier to confirm my 8 o clock reservation which was a lie because my reservation was for 10pm. So 5 mins later i walked in ready to sit down with a few of my friends who came with me and then the rude manager then tell me i cannot be seated until at least 8 people was there. At that time i had told my guest my event was to 10 pm until closing so i did not know when my guest would come or go. As i continued to wait for other people to arrive as well as be seated I watched the rude manager give my reserved table away to another group. Finally a hour later the hostess tried her best and found me a table and set my party of 8 that finally arrived. Once she sat us my guest started to roll in and i had to continue to run back and forth to get chairs or asked for chairs and they only brought 2. Later the waitress was good but she took over 20 mins to bring our drinks then about 45 mins to bring us cold food that we had to send back to dishes. Towards the end of the night another party came to sit at the table in front of us and someone suppposedly smelled weed and i watched the rude manager to come to our hookah and smell it, even though we had already finshed it and told my party we had to leave. I was appauled by this time with all of these bad events after the next. I went to ask the security that came with the manger was there a problem and he told me no ma’am your fine to stay. The manager didn’t even return to apologize for his mistake or nothing. This was my birthday event Saturday Feb 2nd, 2013 & it was just such a bad experience that i would never go back to this lounge again.

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