Dining Area
Main Dining Area
  • Venue type: Restaurant/ lounge
  • Amenities: Happy hour, Sunday brunch, Full menu, Happy hour menu, Full bar, Private events, Bottle service.
  • Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11pm- 2 am Friday- Saturday: 10 pm- 3 am
  • Cover charge: None
  • Dress code: Fashionable
  • Age requirement:  21+ on the weekend
  • Location: McPherson Square
  • Address: 1300 I street NW Washington DC 20005
  • Contact: 202-682-9500
  • Website: www.richardsandoval.com/torotorodc/



Richard Sandoval’s newest DC hotspot is an upscale Latin restaurant serving authentic cuisine during the day, with full bars in both the dining and downstairs lounge areas. Everything in Toro Toro is perfectly Latin themed, from the furnishings to the Day of the Dead bottled beers. Boasting burning amber onyx walls, lush black leather couches, a lit-up bar, glowing orange countertops, and state-of-the art lighting system, Toro Toro creates an ambience of pure elegance.

On the main floor, you can enjoy the quiet, classy atmosphere at the bar, or candle-lit table to unwind from a long day. The happy hour includes reasonably priced and tasty appetizers and cocktails, featuring Latin-inspired dishes such as their chipotle hummus and smoked guacamole.

Located on the bottom level, the 5,000 sqft late night lounge provides an intimate and vibrant setting for guests to dance and converse.VIP tables are placed conveniently by the dance floor with comfy and chic couches for guests. Candles are lit next to plush booths to enhance the intimate ambience. Another notable aspect of this floor is the state-of-the art lighting system, with its beautiful array of bright colors and patterns. The flashing lights are perfectly timed to create a high-energy and sensual vibe on the dancefloor. The beautiful upscale interior is complimented with tasty, Latin-inspired drinks, exceptional service, and uplifting house music.

I would recommend Toro Toro for private events and celebrations. Tables provide an intimate setting for guests to enjoy delicious drinks and for you to have a great time with friends. They also come with excellent service. The VIP hostesses were very attentive and made sure to keep our table stocked throughout the night.

For bottle service specials and rates, call 202.682.9500. Toro Toro is also available for private events.

Written by Roma Moradian and Sana Alloo


Toro Toro Bar

VIP Seating

Toro Toro



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Upstairs Cocktail Lounge

Mari Vanna


  • Venue Type: Restaurant/Lounge
  • Amenities: Full menu, full bar, house-infused vodka, DJ, bottle service, private events, brunch, happy hour
  • Hours: Monday – Friday: 11:30am – 1:30am, Saturday: 12:00pm – 2:00am, Sunday: 11:30am – 1:00am
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Age Requirement: 21+ after 9:00pm
  • Location: Farragut North/Dupont Circle
  • Address: 1141 Connecticut Ave NW
  • Contact: 202-783-7777
  • Website: www.marivanna.ru/washington
Venue Overview:

Located close to the Farragut North metro and just outside of Dupont Circle, Mari Vanna is an essential stop for anyone in the DC area. Serving up delicious authentic Russian homestyle cuisine during the day and supplying D.C. with an impressive selection of over 70 house-infused vodka’s by night, Mari Vanna boasts an ambient atmosphere that gives its patrons an eclectic “tea party-meets-grandma’s-house” vibe. The D.C. location is its biggest one yet, and for good reason – this place has a lot to offer.

If you like dancing, good music, great food, and vodka that you don’t need a chaser for, then I would say Mari Vanna is the place for you. The cocktail lounge upstairs is perfect for a night out with friends. It’s got an intimate atmosphere but you’ll never feel like you’re being overcrowded. The crowd stays pretty steady all night, usually a mix of DC natives, tourists, and people from all around the world. Bottle service is available upon request. I would definitely recommend ordering some of their house-infused vodka if you have a group of people with you. Another perk of Mari Vanna is the keys. You can ask the bartender upstairs for a key, which you’ll need on most Monday nights to get in (or be with someone who has one). Bottom line: whether you decide to start or end your night here, going to Mari Vanna is always a good idea.

View their menu here.

Photo Tour:
Store Front

Store Front

First Floor

First Floor

Mezzanine Level

Mezzanine Level

Top Floor Cocktail Lounge

Top Floor Cocktail Lounge

Antonovka Cocktail

Signature Antonovka Cocktail: Russian standard apple liqueur, pear puree and lemon juice, garnished with a slice of granny smith apple

Salo Plate

Salo Plate: A traditional assortment of salt cured pork fatback with onion, garlic, rye toast and Russian mustard


Blinis: Homemade Russian style crepes served with salmon caviar or sour cream

 *All images courtesy of Travis Vaughn and Mari Vanna.


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  • Venue Type: Nightclub/Lounge
  • Amenities: Full bar, bottle service, private events, no cover charge
  • Hours: Wednesday: 10:00pm – 2:00am, Thursday: 10:00pm – 2:00am, Friday: 10:00pm – 3:00am, Saturday: 10:00pm – 3:00am
  • Dresscode: Dress to impress
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Location: Dupont Circle
  • Address: 1337 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC
  • Contact: 202.810.2770
  • Website: www.kabindc.com
Venue Overview

Kabin’s decor has a modern, chic, upscale ski-lodge look to it that’s complete with plasma TVs with images of burning logs. The floors are all hardwood and there’s this really interesting black reflective structure coming out of the ceiling that resembles an ice crystal.If you look at it you can see an aerial view of the whole club in the reflection.  The bottle service area is roped off, featuring granite tables underneath chandeliers. It’s hard not to feel like you’re actually at a cabin.

Kabin is one of those rare places that successfully caters to everyone; the crowd is a melting pot of all types of people. The bar staff is very attentive, I never had to wait more than a few minutes to get a drink, and the prices are reasonable ($9 for a whiskey and ginger). If you’re in your early 20’s – late 30’s then this would be a good place for you to go on a Friday or Saturday night. I would recommend starting or ending your night here. The dance floor was packed, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves drinking, dancing, and mingling. The DJ, (DJ Heat), played a house set that kept everyone moving.

For bottle service specials and rates, call 202.810.2770. Kabin is also available for private events.

Photo Tour
View from front door

View from front door



Champagne Wall

Champagne Wall

VIP Tables

VIP Tables

Bottle Service Girls

Bottle Service Girls

Front Door

Front Door


For more information check out Kabin on Facebook.

Ink DC InfoInk DC

  • Venue Type: Lounge
  • Amenities: Full Bar, Coat Check, Bottle Service, Street Parking
  • Hours: Friday-Saturday 10PM-3AM
  • Dress Code: Dressy
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Cover Charge: Free before midnight.
  • Public Transit: McPherson Square Metro Station (Orange and Blue Lines)
  • Address: 1413 K. Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20003
  • Contact: (202) 445-4926
  • Website: InkLoungeDC.com
Venue Overview

Ink. Lounge is the newest addition to DC nightlife. Located on the bottom level of Tattoo Bar, Ink. follows the layout found in many other nightclubs, bars and lounges in Washington, D.C. Upon entering Ink., one enters into an underground ‘nightclub’ type of venue, where it can definitely get wild on the weekends!

From the moment you walk in, you encounter the DJ booth where DJs play electronic dance music all night. The decor of the lounge is pretty interesting. Following the name of the venue, the walls have custom-made aluminum designs of what appears to be tatoo ink running down the walls. There is a large, fully stocked bar with two to three bartenders per night, with plenty of room to hang out.

Although the dance floor is small with a capacity of 80-100 people, it makes up for it with an intimate vibe. Bottle service tables are located at the back of the venue,  where security maintains privacy behind the velvet ropes. If you have a semi-private event or just want to go out with some friends, Ink. is the place that can fulfill all your needs for a night out on the town.

Photo Gallery

Ink Lounge Bar

Ink Lounge Tables

Ink Lounge Drinks

Ink Lounge DC DJ


  • Venue Type: Club/Bar
  • Amenities: Photobooth, Two Levels, Full Bar, Outdoor Patio, Coat Check, Bottle Service, Street Parking
  • Hours: Wed – Thurs: 6pm – 11pm, Fri – Sat: 6pm – 3am
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Location: U Street/Shaw District
  • Address: 645 Florida Ave NW
  • Contact: (202) 827-8791
  • Website: http://www.flashdc.com


Venue Overview:

Flash is a new dance venue located in the Shaw District. When you first walk in, the ground floor is a trendy, modern bar with a food menu (currently being updated), and a patio area out front. One of the coolest features of Flash is the photobooth on the first floor. The line to get upstairs to the main room gets a little long sometimes, so the photobooth provides a nice distraction and an awesome way to document the night out with friends. Admission is usually free before 11 pm, after that there is a cover charge of $10-$15 depending on the night.

The main room at Flash nightclub’s upstairs level upstairs isn’t that big – capacity of 200 people – but what Flash lounge lacks in space, they make up for with tasteful decoration and sound. Once you see the DJ booth, you’ll understand why they called the venue Flash; the back wall surrounding the DJ booth is made up entirely of  old camera flash attachments that light up and “flash” during the DJ set.  Flash is also the only nightclub in the District to use Full Fat Audio amplifiers, so the sound is extra loud. If you’re into deep house, tech house, or underground, then Flash is the place for you. The club was recently filled to max capacity for Hot Since 82’s North American tour.

Seating upstairs is plentiful, with booths and tables lining both walls. Be careful with your drinks though, the tables are a little uneven and drinks tend to spill if you put them in the wrong spot. Bottle service is available upon request.


Photo Tour:



Photobooth - First Floor

Photobooth – First Floor



Main Room - Second Level

Main Room – Second Level

DJ Booth

DJ Booth

Bar - Second Level

Bar – Second Level

DJ Booth

Aerial View – Second Level



Back Wall- Close Up

Back Wall- Close Up






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Cloakroom Dancers

The Cloakroom is Washington, DC’s newest and most luxurious gentlemen’s club. Cloakroom raises the bar on adult entertainment while offering a comfortable environment for all.

POV at The W Hotel

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front door w hotel dc

POV is The W Hotel’s rooftop terrace/lounge in Washington, DC! It’s a destination DC lounge that offers stunning views of the National Mall and more!

vita ph9 dc

The fresh-face Vita Lounge / PH9 provide two different atmospheres under one roof. A sleek, clubby lounge and a deep-house hookah bar.

The Howard Theater

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howard theater dc

Reopened in April 2012 after nearly 30 years of being dark, The Howard Theater has rejuvenated the Washington, DC concert experience

The Huxley DC

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The Huxley Balroom

Tweet Venue Type: Lounge Estimated Size: 280 people Amenities: Bottle Service, 2 Rooms & DJs Cover Charge: Varies Hours: F/S: 10 – 3 & Select Times Dress Code: Dress to impress, strict dress code enforced. Age Requirement: 21+ Location: Midtown Address: 1730 M Street NW, Washington, DC Contact: 202-737-3783 | Info@HuxleyDC.com Website: www.huxleydc.com Atmosphere: Sophisticated debauchery is the […]

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