More Than Just Politics
DC Mayor looks to add hour to last call on weekends.

District of Colombia Mayor Vincent Gray recently proposed his 2013 budget plan for the city of Washington.

In trying to avoid tax increases and service cuts, the $10M plan would raise an extra $5.3M by passing a law allowing DC bars, restaurants, lounges and nightclubs to serve alcohol until 4AM on weekends.

More Money for DC
More Press for District Entertainment & Nightlife

With “The Most Powerful City in the World” for a nickname, it’s difficult to imagine getting more press for the US capital. While politics will always be king, the Washington DC Nightlife and Entertainment community is thriving.

Live Nation venues like Warner Theater and the recently opened Fillmore Silver Spring bring world renowned music and comedy acts weekly. Productions like Fela!, Come Fly Away and more show regularly at Sidney Harmon Hall, the world famous Kennedy Center and other DC theater venues. The city is known amongst jazz and blue fans throughout America as the birthplace of the legendary Duke Ellington.

The above-mentioned activities however, are generally closed by Midnight.

Washington DC restaurants, lounges, bars and nightclubs provide invaluable revenue for The District primarily through sales tax on liquor. American nightlife meccas such as New York, Miami and Las Vegas not only have extended hours, they are also recognized as international destinations. Tourism thrives in these cities in part due to their ability to offer late night activities.

Allowing Washington DC nightlife venues to remain open until 4AM on weekends will create fresh buzz for a city dominated in the news by politics.

An extension of liquor sales on the weekends would cascade to the food, transportation, safety and tourism industries to name a few; and create more jobs in a rebuilding economy.

dc mayor 4am bar proposal

Nightlife entrepreneurs feel the extra hour will serve more than just their own business interests.

“It’ll be a tremendous boom for the DC economy; providing much needed revenue without effort from the government, or extra taxes on residents. Not only will it be generating more tax revenue, it will also generate more money in terms of salaries for nightlife employees and police details,”

– Panorama Productions owner Antonis Karagounis

DC council members concerned with stability and public rowdiness issues made the following comments:

“We don’t want any of that. We don’t want a Bourbon Street atmosphere.”

“Any suggestions about changing hours of alcohol sales will be met with concerns.”

“… concerned about people in cars, out later at night, drinking for longer periods.”

We feel it’s unfair to equate a 4AM last call with turning DC into one massive Bourbon Street party. The infamous New Orleans party destination is home to bars, restaurants, strip clubs and souvenir shops. All Mayor Grey wants is an extra hour at the bar.

We agree that there are issues that need to be addressed, but being out late in and of itself is not an argument against anything. People driving drunk is a concern whether it’s lunch time, happy hour, dinner or beyond.

Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

If DC nightlife is granted an extra hour to serve alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights, it will potentially pay for over half of the Mayor’s proposed budget for 2013. If not from liquor sales tax, where will the money come from? Would you rather pay more taxes out of your pocket? Or would you rather have an extra hour at the bar and let the clubs pay to keep DC great?

Grand Central

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Grand Central Adams Morgan

  • Venue Type: Bar
  • Estimated Size: 300
  • Amenities: Outdoor patio, Sat/Sun brunch, old-time photo booth
  • Cover Charge: None
  • Hours: M – Th: 6PM – 2AM
    F: 6PM – 3AM
    Sat: 11AM – 3AM
    Sun: 11AM – 2AM
  • Dress Code: In Effect after 10PM on weekends: No Sweats/athletic wear, hats, boots, baggy/offensive/see through clothing, sleeveless t-shirts, chains, hoods, camouflage, white tees, sunglasses at night
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Neighborhood: Adams Morgan
  • Address: 2447 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009. (202) 986 1742
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: The center of it all. Grand Central is right in the thick of it every week in Adams Morgan. It’s got 2 levels, a slightly sunken dance floor and like most of the bigger places in AdMo, it’s full of people looking to have fun, party hard, get wasted and hook up.
Venue Overview

Grand Central features a relatively simple layout. Walking in passed a patio that’s great in the warmer months, guests find an old-time photo booth should they want before, during and after shots of the evening. To the left is a sunken dance floor ‘room’ with entrances on each side. DJs spin the typical pop you hear on the radio.
Grand Central Washington DC Adams Morgan
Straight ahead is the main bar and standing room. Looking up, patrons suddenly realize why Grand Central is named after the famous Manhattan train station. The rounded, patterned ceiling is modeled after the storied hub of NY travel. A massive portrait of ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ adds the perfect touch.

Between the dance floor and main bar is a staircase leading to an upstairs bar and tables.


Sports Affiliations: Buffalo Bills and Sabres, Syracuse Orange, Washington Capitals
$5 Captain Morgan drinks during Caps games, $3 Labatt during Buffalo games, $3 Bud/Bud Light ’til Midnight during baseball games.
Sun/Mon/Tues: Bocce Court
M – F: Happy Hour 6-9PM
Tuesdays: Bocce League
Wednesday: Flip Cup League
Thursdays: Bocce League

Latest Updates from Grand Central
Photo Tour
Gran central dc bars admo

Before, during, after. Document your night in style, cause you may not remember!


Adams Morgan bars washington dc

The center of the center. Upstairs is a more low key 2nd floor bar, beyond his shoulder is the dance floor, and behind the camera is the main bar.

Video Tour

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Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar

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H Street washington dc bars

  • Venue Type: Bar
  • Estimated Size: 150
  • Amenities: 60 types of beer (Colt 45 to Dragon’s Milk), Private bookings, patio w/ grill
  • Cover Charge: None
  • Hours: Mon – Thu: 5:00pm – 2:00am, Fri/Sat: 5:00pm – 3:00am, Sun: 5:00pm – 2:00am
  • Dress Code: None
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Neighborhood: H Street
  • Address: 1104 H Street NE Washington, DC 20002.
  • Website:
  • Contact: (202)-555-0666
  • Atmosphere: Little Miss Whiskey’s has a New Orleans voodoo meets biker bar meets metal feel. Dim purple lights and hard rock/metal billings on the wall are a nice touch. Of course the weekend crowd is full of young people, hipsters, etc. The music is funky and the best of 80’s and 90’s. It’s a chill dive bar with a dance floor. Downstairs is calm, upstairs can get wild.
Venue Overview

Walking into Little Miss Whiskey’s on H Street is like walking into a low key new orleans bar for metal heads and bikers. The dim purple lights, slayer and pantera billings and voodoo skulls on the wall in the back give it an eerie yet somehow inviting vibe. Probably because there aren’t any bikers or voodoo priests, just hipsters and other H-street types. The beer selection is huge and the vibe is chill.

The back of the first floor has bathrooms with a long row of barbershop chairs. We thought that was pretty awesome. But not as awesome as the effort they must have put into finding the perfect decorations!
H Street bars and clubs Washington DC

Heading through a cased-off door and up the stairs brings you to a 2nd bar, raised DJ booth and dance floor with levels at the back. Unlike Sticky Rice, this H Street location is more of a place to dance and hook up (if you’re lucky). Then again, you could chill downstairs. It’s a pretty awesome spot if you’re looking for a club alternative.

The outdoor patio features a gothic garden fountain, a bathtub full of bubbles, gold plates hanging on one side of the fence, and flowers on the other. It’s pretty nice. The only thing is that their agreement with the neighbors is that the patio has to reamin ‘civil’ after Midnight.


1st & 3rd Wednesdays: Kostume Karaoke w/ Debbi Arseneaux
2nd & 4th Wednesdays: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Alternative music from the 80’s.
4th Thursdays: Denman: heavy, hair, mean, death, filthy nasty grimy leg-kickin metal.. and ROKK.
1st Fridays: Moneytown w/ DJ Nightkrawler & guests: Old school funk, soul, disco, & boogaloo.

Latest Updates from Little Miss Whiskey
Video Tour
H Street bars DC

The first level bar at Little Miss Whiskey. Great place to chill and sample their 60 different kinds of beer.


Little Miss Whiskey Washington DC

The Outdoor Patio at LMW. Make sure you keep it down after 12.


washington dc dive bars

The dance floor is definitely a good spot to hook up.

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Sticky Rice

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sticky rice h street washington dc

  • Venue Type: Bar
  • Estimated Size: 150
  • Amenities: Late night sushi, Karaoke, VDJs
  • Cover Charge: None
  • Hours: Sun – Thu: 11:30am – 2:00am
    Fri – Sat: 11:30am – 3:00am
  • Dress Code: None
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Neighborhood: H Street
  • Address: 1224 H Street NE Washington, DC 20002.
    (202) 397 – ROLL (7655)
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: Sticky Rice’s self-proclaimed “charming atmosphere and bad attitude” have given it a glowing reputation in DC’s H Street Corridor. Its American/Pan-Asian selection of fresh sushi, sandwiches, salads and other entrees make it a foodie favorite.

    Sticky Rice’s DC nightlife offering is great! The vibe, the people, the music, it just embodies a great time. Simple and fun. Everyone is smiling, dancing around to feel-good top 40 past and present, doing shots and loving life. It’s a great place to go out as you are and have fun. It’s definitely not big, and sure as sh*t is no club. What it is, is a bar full of happy people.

Venue Overview

Sticky rice is easy to navigate. When you walk in there’s a staircase leading upstairs to a dining area, bathrooms and possibly a back patio. We weren’t sure if that was on or off limits to patrons.

sticky rice h street dc

As you can see, Sticky Rice is just an old fashioned good time!

The main bar area is backed by sinister red lighting, a small standing area that may turn into a dance floor, and in the center, stairs leading to a mid-level sushi bar. At the end of that sushi bar is a little booth. It looks like there should be a bad ass, back door card game going on there.
The upstairs of H Street's Sticky Rice
The space is small and if people are dancing you’re definitely gonna be bumping into people on your way to the bar, to the bathroom or home. It’s all good though, everyone’s nice and well to do.


Monday: sushi heaven (10:30pm-12:30a)
Tuesday: TBA
Wednesday: blingo … sticky rice’s very own speed bingo (11:00-close)
Thursday: the mighty mighty karaoke
Friday: video djs playing indie rock, pop and hip hop
Saturday: video djs playing indie rock, pop and hip hop

Photo Tour

You pretty much can get the gist from the photos above, but Sticky Rice has a nice flicker page with karaoke nights, halloween, venue shots, and more!

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Video Tour

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CLOSED: The Red Palace

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The Red Palace

  • Venue Type: Dive Bar, Carnival Freak Show, Live Music Venue
  • Estimated Size: 200
  • Amenities: Happy hour, open 7 days a week, bar food, live music, karaoke, variety and side shows, burlesque
  • Cover Charge: $0 – $15
  • Hours: Daily 5PM-Last Call
  • Dress Code: Anything Goes
  • Age Requirement: 18+ (depending on the show)
  • Neighborhood: H Street
  • Address: 1212 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002.  (202) 399 3201
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere:   With the merger of the two beloved dives Palace of Wonder and The Red & Black, their love child, The Red Palace was born unto H St. as an indie rock, freak show haven for hipsters and scenesters of all ages (depending on the show).   The rockin’ burlesque venue mashed everything you love about a dive bar- cheap drinks, no dress code, hardcore drinkers with a circus side show freak fest.  Come to check out the tassel twirling burlesque dancers, indie bands, and variety shows while you knock back eclectically named beer and no named whiskey shots!
Venue Overview

This place is Freak Show, Circus, Vaudeville, Kitch, and bar rolled into one amazing package.  Downstairs, the vibe remains mostly dive bar with 2 full bars, tables, booths, photos on the ceiling and lit-up wizards’ heads from boardwalks of yester year. Beer lists on chalkboards, with selections like Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian Style I.P.A., Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, Founder’s Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale, Stoudt’s Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout, draft beer selections and much more.

The upstairs, to the live music space complete with exposed beams, creaky floors, and a wooden bar reminiscent of an abandoned shed.  There is no seating upstairs, thus to encourage dancing and mingling amongst guests, but there is an outdoor patio for the warm months.

Concert Crowd

Raging fans of the indie rock music scene at The Red Palace 


Performers at Red Palace

Sword Swallowers and Burlesque Dancers add to the Circus Side Show

Performances can include trapeze artists, fire dancers, burlesque performers and a guy who actually hammered a nail into his face and bicep.

The dark lit funhouse is full of freakish oddities including mannequins of elephant men, a shriveled 5-legged dog in a case, babies in jars and what looked like a pair of lips in a jar of formaldehyde.

If you still have an appetite, The Red Palace just added a full kitchen, which churns out a menu of gourmet burgers and sandwiches, appetizers, salads, tons of delicious sides and desserts. Don’t worry there are no babies with a dorsal fin or 100 year old eggs on the menu.


Happy Hour: 5PM-8PM Daily
Tuesday 1/2 Priced Burger Night
Check Calendar for Full Music Line-Ups

Photo Tour
Red Palace Venue

The main stage and patio area

Red Palace Venue 2

The upstairs bar and the ceiling murals

Video Tour

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Super Bowl parties washington dc

There are no superbowl parties in Washington DC that can beat the Barcode experience. 10 HDTV’s, 2HD projectors, $1 budlights, $5 pizzas and your feet won’t stick to the floors!

Lost Society

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U Street bars Washington DC

DC restaurants have a welcome addition in Lost Society. The boutique steakhouse features amazing DC nightlife with a diverse, upscale crowd. It’s located on 14th and U street.

Local breweries washington dc

The best happy hour in DC features half off drinks and local Washington DC breweries like DC Brau and Lost Rhino!


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Clarendon Arlington VA Washington DC

You don’t need to be in the District to have fun. Just over the Key Bridge from Georgetown lies the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, VA.

Rock & Roll Hotel

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rock & roll hotel washington dc

Rock & Roll Hotel is a Washington DC concert, bar and dance party venue with live music, DJs and tons of places to sneak off to!

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