What Does Your Drink Say About You?

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What Message Does Your Drink Order Send?

What you drink says a lot. Whether you’re at clubs in DC or the local bar, what you’re holding says a lot about who you are and how you’re seen.
You could keep reading and avoid looking like a douche… Or you could say, “F*** it. I’m a grown man and I’ll drink my Pina Colada right here, in front of everyone!”
Amaretto Sour

Amaretto SourYou just turned 21, or you have a fake ID.

Jager Bombs

Jersey Shore GuysYou’re out with the boys, looking to forget something, and probably will.

There’ll def be some fist pumping and high-fiving.

You’re a 22-year-old freshmen.

Vodka & Cranberry

Drunk GirlsBORING!

You probably approached the bartender like a deer in headlights asking, “what kind of drinks do you have here?” while looking at a fully stocked bar.

Long Island

You want to get as hammered as possible off one drink.

You probably won’t tip your bartender.

You’ll probably ask them to make it “a strong island”.

Old Fashioned

MixologistYou probably throw around words like “mixology”.



Sex in the City CosmoYou were too young to catch Sex in the City the first time around and are now catching up on the reruns on TBS.

Straight Vodka

Lindsay Lohan DUIYou probably have a drinking problem and at least one DUI.

Bud Light

White Trash Bud LightYou drove at least 30 minutes to get to this club from a town nobody’s heard of.

You may live in a trailer and possibly had a baby when you were in high school.


TequilaYou’re down to get hammered… or get the girl you want to sleep with hammered.

It’s the closest thing you can get to a roofie without getting arrested.

If you ask for it chilled then you’re a p*ssy too.

Kir Royal (Champagne and Chambord

StrippersYou spend your days riding a pole for creepy businessmen at the strip club by the airport.

Probably the lunch shift.

Wine (without a meal)

Yuppie Wine TastingYou’re a middle-aged mom out on the town.

You’re trying to act ‘classy’ while snubbing those around you who are CLEARLY not as well-to-do as you.

Afterall, you shop at Ann Taylor.

White Zinfandel

White Zin ChuggingThe Kool-Aid of wine.

You probably have a box of white zin in your fridge you were pounding during your pre game.

You probably got sick of the box and decided to take the bag out and squeeze it in your mouth,

Beer (girls)

Drinking Beer You think drinking beer makes you look like ‘one of the guys’, cool, and fun.

It worked. The guys think you’re one of them – a stank burping fool.

Hennessy, Hypnotiq

Ghetto DrinksYou let rap music influence your tastes; you wish you had a set of gold teeth.

You may wear like to wear Fubu, Timbs and sunglasses in the club.

You definitely just came from dinner at Applebee’s.

Jack (girls)

girls drinking jackYou look dirty

You may not have showered today.

You have a tramp stamp and want to look hard-core.

Bloody Mary

drunk girl toiletYou had a rough night of drinking and will probably do it again tonight.


Hipster PBRHipster Alert!

You think you’re being ‘ironically’ funny by growing a moustache, wearing skinny jeans and rocking a floppy hat.

You either have no job or are a pretend DJ.

Captain & Coke

Guy with popped collarsYou are cocky, pop your collar and your parents pay your rent.

Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada, Apple Martini

Girl with 2 Gross DrinksGuys – You’re going home alone and probably have a tab at Red Lobster.

Girls – You can’t handle your liquor and will be puking these rainbow concoctions out in no time.


James Bond MartiniYou’re trying to be sophisticated like James Bond.

You don’t really know what’s in it and how drunk you’re gonna get but man will you look sharp!


Kamikaze PlaneBecause this is the only shot you have ever heard of.

thomas gold usa 2012GLOW Washington DC presents:

Thomas Gold

Opening set by Matt Goldman

Saturday March 3, 2012

Fur Nightclub
33 Patterson St NE # A
Washington D.C., DC 20002-3349

(202) 842-3401

Doors at 10pm, Ages 18+

Tickets to Glow Washington DC eventsGuest List to Glow Events

The Basics

  • From: Germany
  • Style: House
  • Label: Spinnin’, Doorn, Axtone, Toolroom, Phazing

The Music

  • Famous Tracks: Alive and Eyes Wide Open w/ Dirty South, Agora, Marsch Marsch, What’s Up w/ Alex Kenji
  • Famous Remixes: Adele – Set Fire to Rain, Delerium – Silence, Moguai – We Want Your Soul, Sander van Doorn – Reach Out

Named breakthrough artist of 2011 by Swedish House Mafia and Axwell, Gold has quickly become a DC nightlife favorite, having killed it at Lima and Josephine.
With tracks like Agora, Marsch Marsch, Alive and Eyes Wide Open; Thomas Gold has established himself as one of the hottest rising stars in dance music. He now brings his sound to the big room at Fur Nightclub on March 3.

Jesse Tittsworth Birthday Bash: Thurs 02.23.12 [U-Hall]

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U Street Music Hall co-owner, moombahton mob boss, connoisseur of gastronomy and friend of octopi near and far Jesse Tittsworth is turning 30-something!

jesse tittswoth u hall washington dcThe DC nightlife favorite is celebrating as only a DJ/club owner should – with a reckless sh*t show of a party!

Starting things off is Switch vs. Sinden. You may know Switch from his work as 1/2 of Major Lazer.

He and Diplo have been responsible for some of the most bad ass dance music-reggae-dance hall crossovers to date.

He’s crushed it at festivals, killed it in clubs and is for sure gonna slam his boy Titts’ birthday!

And what’s a DJ’s birthday without some tunes by the guest of honor? Jesse Tittsworth needs no introduction to DC clubbing. His involvement with U-Hall was the icing on U Street’s nightlife revival.

His reckless energy behind the decks in on display throughout the country and world.

He’s been in the studio working something furious lately, prepare for the new hotness!

* No octopi were harmed in the writing of this blog *

Best Ways to Get Kicked Out of the Club

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Surefire Ways to Get the Boot

There’s nothing like getting wasted and grinding on your girl while swinging her bra around your head… ’til you see the flashlight in your face and feel a bouncer’s arm around your neck. People watch in disgust as cabs drive by you in that puke-stained shirt.  It has happened to the best of us, so here is what to avoid!
Underage Drinking

underage drinkingThis is a no-brainer! What? The big “X” on your hand didn’t tip you off?

Though there are plenty of under 21 nightclubs in DC, save the drinking until your 21. Your waistline will thank you, and so will security.

If you must drink pre-21, hop the border to our neighbors in Mexico or Canada and enjoy the hangover!

The Runaway

stealing from the barSomewhere between the bar and the front door must lay the Bermuda Triangle.Why people guzzle down drinks then disappear without paying is a mystery.

It’s the same as walking into the mall and walking out with unpaid merchandise.Maybe a security tab stapled onto guest’s nuts would keep them from walking out.

Touching the Dancers

glow girlsLook, but don’t touch!

Dancers like DC nightlife’s Glow Girls are there to get you dancing, not to get you off. Think of it like a zoo animal and keep your fingers out of the cage.

Sloppy Drunks

Binge DrinkingIt can be hard with so many drink specials, but drinking past your limit is dangerous to your health and more importantly annoying to everyone.

Stumbling around like a drunken buffoon just leads to fights, messy puking and the risk of a DUI!


Can’t we all just get along?

Alcohol + the typical macho douche bag =unnecessary brawls

Why get thrown out of the club and into a cop car?

Frisky Business

Club PDASave the aggressive PDA for your mom’s basement.  Removing articles of clothing and/or humping like dogs in heat in the middle of the dance floor is gross.

Two thumbs up for your exhibitionist spirit, but it’s better suited for soft-core porn than a public place.


Puke in ClubKeep a lid on your bodily fluids.

Can’t hold it in? Try an adult diaper.

Throwing up is so High School! Know your limit!

Save the spitting for the baseball diamond and if the unspeakable  is your issue, there is a nice room waiting at Shady Pines Retirement Village.

Inventive Weaponry

Hair PickCarrying a weapon will make sure you do not enter the nightclub, though in the heat of an alcohol fueled rage clubbers creative senses may heighten.

Your new stiletto heels= Blunt Force Object

Hairspray= Easy mace in a pinch

                    That pic sticking out from your fro= Knife Fight

Disrespecting the Bouncer

Big BouncersSometimes bouncers will give you a warning before kicking you to the curb.

This is your one chance to redeem yourself.

No need to dig your own grave by fighting with the bouncer, he may be an escaped convict, a bounty hunter, a cop, or just bigger than you.

Grab Bag

Grabbing Girls at ClubsUnwarranted grabbing at other guests is a sure fire way to get thrown out.

Would you grab someone at Starbucks or in passing on the street? NO!

If you would, you are probably already shunned from society or sharing a cell at the DC Correctional Institution.

Hot Pockets

tipsBusy bartenders may not get a moment to immediately pick up their tips off the bar.

Helping yourself to their money, or trying to pawn off another customer’s tip as your own is a great way to piss off the bartender and be escorted out, sober, and alone.

Wrecking Ball

trashing barAVOID!!!

Throwing glassware

Jumping on furniture

Destroying club property

Though a common practice of rockstars in hotel rooms, or gorillas in a cage, throwing property is a no-no.

Passing Out

Passed OutThe pass out is akin to the narcoleptic. One moment, fine, the next…

“Yeah! Party! Woo Hoo, I love this….” THUMP!

You definitely don’t want this to be you, especially if you are wearing a dress.

Murder on the Dancefloor

Clubs can be very territorial.

Make sure not to over step your bounds and try to move in on the owner’s wife/girlfriend.

Castration may follow!

Some people come to a nightclub looking for trouble. Others can’t handle their liquor interact socially with others. No one likes to be asked or told to leave an establishment, especially when they paid to get in. If security has reminded the guest several times about their conduct, it will come as no surprise when they’re finally asked to leave. remember, what gets you thrown out may also get you in trouble with the law!

Sundays: NFL Sunday Ticket at Barcöde

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Wondering where the bars with NFL Sunday Ticket in DC are? Barcode Restaurant, Bar and Lounge serves as one of the nicer DC sports bars around… especially because of the free WiFi! There’s plenty of reasons to come out to cheer on your favorite team:

NFL Sunday Ticket = EVERY Game

TEN 42″ HDTV’s & TWO 70″ HD Projectors

Manage your fantasy team on FREE WiFi!

Doors at NOON, Open Until 2 am!

Drink SpecialsBarcode NFL Sundays

  • $1 Bud Light and $2 Guinness bottles all day!
  • $5 Mimosa’s, Mango Bellini’s and Bloody Marys

Food Specials

  • Half off pizzas all day!
  • Full menu offered everyday till 12AM

Call to make table reservations for lunch, dinner, or bottle service at: 202-955-9001

Time: Sundays, Doors at NOON, open until 2 am!

Barcode Restaurant, Bar and Lounge
1101 17th Street Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20036-4704
(202) 955-9001

Learn more about Barcode DC

U-Street Music Hall

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U Hall Washington DC

Home of arguably the best sound system in DC nightlife, U Street Music Hall aka U-Hall has been a favorite of DC clubs since opening in 2010. It’s minimal approach and maximal bass caters to the ‘be who you are, let’s party and go nuts’ kind of crowd looking for underground DJs and DC concerts.


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Clarendon Arlington VA Washington DC

You don’t need to be in the District to have fun. Just over the Key Bridge from Georgetown lies the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, VA.

CLOSED: K Street Lounge

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 2:14pm. (Updated: 1/23/15 at 4:20pm) Add comments
k street lounge dc

Traditionally a playground for an older and sophisticated clientele, K Street Lounge is changing its scene and starting to draw a significantly younger crowd. The venue features numerous bottle service options and a cozy space for kicking back and enjoying the good life!

Sunday Funday: Sun 01.15.12 [Ultrabar]

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sunday 1/15 washington dc clubs

Looking for clubs in DC open on 1/15/12? Ultrabar is the move! Sunday Funday means no work, no school Monday!!!


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