Plan B: 4.29.16 at Echostage

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DCClubbing Presents:

Plan B

Live at Echostage in Washington, DC


April 29, 2016 | Doors 9:00pm | Ages 18+

Echostage • 2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE • Washington, DC
VIP and Venue Information – 202.503.2330


Plan B makes their return to Echostage in Washington DC on Friday April 29!

Plan B is a Puerto Rican Reggaeton duo, consisting of Chencho (real name Orlando Javier Valle Vega, born in Guayama, Puerto Rico) and Maldy (Edwin Vázquez Vega, born in Guayama, Puerto Rico).



In 2002 they rose to fame, and released their first studio album, called El Mundo Del Plan B: Los Que La Montan. It featured collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Speedy, Rey Pirin, Great Kilo, Guelo Star, and other artists and producers. Chencho and now Maldy are both producers, Chencho has his own record label by the name plagio of Chencho Records, Maldy has his, Maldy Records. They released their second album in 2005 called Los Nenes Del Blin Blin. Maldy’s album, released in 2007, was named Reggaeton De Markesina. Finally the duo released their third album in 2010 called House of Pleasure and released singles from the album such as “Si No Le Contesto” and Es Un Secreto.


See Plan B perform LIVE at Echostage on Friday April 29!


Tego: 4.2.16 at Echostage

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DCClubbing Presents:

Tego Calderón

Live at Echostage in Washington, DC


April 2, 2016 | Doors 9:00pm | Ages 18+

Echostage • 2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE • Washington, DC
VIP and Venue Information – 202.503.2330


Tego Calderón makes his Echostage debut in Washington, DC on Saturday April 2!

Known for his roots in reggaeton, Tego takes inspiration from sounds and beats from all forms of music around the world and combines them with powerful, uplifting lyrics. Praised for making music that is “equal parts poetry and politics” and described as “the reggaeton champion of an Afro-Caribbean working-class aesthetic,” Tego’s performance at Echostage is one you do not want to miss!



Puerto Rican born Tego Calderón has been performing for nearly two decades, but gained international success in early 2003 with his first album El Abayarde. Earning him a Latin Grammy Award nomination and selling over 300,000 copies worldwide, it launched his career to new heights and he release 4 more studio albums in the following years – the latest of which, El Que Sabe, Sabe , received a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Music Album. You may also recognize him alongside friend and Echostage veteran Don Omar in Fast Five. 


See Tego perform LIVE at Echostage on Saturday April 2!


Fat Tuesday at Barcode - 2.12.13

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It’s Fat Tuesday! Let the good times roll. We’ll bring the beads!

It’s time for DC nightlife to get fat off the good life. The Carnival season is coming to a close and Mardi Gras is the final feeding-time for insatiable appetites across the globe.

What does that mean for you? It means we’re having a Mardi Gras party at Barcode. It means that on this night, you can get just a little more wild, a little more crazy, and drink a whole lot more.

Join us at Barcode on Tuesday 2/12/13 to drink, be merry and let the good times roll.

Serving food until midnight!

Free entry all night!

Drink Specials:

  • $3 Bud Light
  • $3 PBR
  • $5 Patron XO Shots
  • $5 Bacardi Coke
  • $9 Red Bull & Vodka

Bottle Specials:
$150 Ciroc (All Flavors)

Music by DJ Saam

Age Requirement and Dress Code:
Open to ages 18+, Proper ID and Attire is Required. Dress Smart. Guys: No shorts, boots, oversized tees, baggy jeans, tennis shoes, etc.. Girls: Keep it classy.

Creepy Facebook Messages Guys Send to Go Go Dancers

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The title says it all.

You ever wonder who that sexy go go dancer you were hitting on last night went home with? More likely than not, she went home to her boyfriend, child, parents, roommate, dorm room, etc. Maybe she went and partied with her co-workers.

One thing is for sure. She didn’t go home with the creepy guy who stood there winking at her all night. Sorry, man. That only works for James Bond, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

Some guys, however don’t get the point. And now you know why attractive female night life workers don’t use their real names on Facebook:


“Hey, I randomly came across your profile. I swear I haven’t been stalking you for months or anything!”

Some people just don't get the point.

Some people just don’t get the point.

Hi Dan! You came across my profile? Well in that case, let’s have sex!


“My body is perfect… but I’m a f***ing tool.”

Apparently even guys with perfect bodies can still be total losers.

Apparently even guys with perfect bodies can still be total losers.

Guys, let this be a lesson to you. Even with ripped abs and flawless pecs, sometimes the best way to win a woman over is by smiling and keeping your mouth shut.


“Scissor me timbers!”

Ladies can stalk other ladies too!

Ladies can stalk other ladies too!

Equal opportunity stalking.


This is actually disturbing:

We actually may need to hire private security now.

We actually may need to hire private security now.

“Hi, I’m an Arab flight attendant named Osama. I followed you home from the club last night. Let’s be friends.”


“Let’s make babies. You’re beautiful. Don’t wanna talk to me? Fine you’re a whore.”

The ULTIMATE stalker.

The ULTIMATE stalker.

Well, he opened things up on January 19 with the innocent proposition of conception. After 10 months and no response, the woman he once thought could be the mother of his children demoted to ratchet. Calling all psychiatrists.


“By ‘help’ I mean sex. Get it? Cause of the quotes?”

Perhaps he means carrying in the groceries, or mowing the lawn.

Perhaps he means carrying in the groceries, or mowing the lawn.

Next time the toilet’s clogged she can give Pai a call.


“Let’s f***.”

We at least respect being forward.

We at least respect being forward.

At least this guy (or girl) is concise and honest.


“Are you real?”

Worst. Cover Story. Ever.

Worst. Cover Story. Ever.

You can probably blame the fact you wrote this message on tequila as well.

Moral of the story, gentlemen? There are plenty of girls that come to the club who are DTF or at least down to hook up on the dance floor. The go go dancers are working. Of all the women you see, are you really going after the ones dancing on a block in their underwear? How old are you bro?

You’re better off pre-gaming and going to the strip club. At least then they’ll actually talk to you. Not to mention show you some skin.

If you do happen to be a facebook stalker, ifne. But if you don’t have the balls to say hi in person. remember, you’ve got a lot of creepy competition out there.

New Year's Eve 2016 at Ultrabar

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DCClubbing Presents:

New Year’s Eve 2016



 Ultrabar is known for it’s wild parties, and New Year’s Eve 2016 is no exception! Starting at only $30 a ticket, you can have an all access pass to 6 bars, 5 floors, 4 DJs, and the greatest NYE party DC has to offer (but get your ticket asap – that low price is exclusive to the first 300 in line)! Going with a group? Book a table now and receive a complimentary bottle of champagne for you and your friends! Ring the next year in the right way, and send 2015 off with a bang!


Bookings at or 202.638.4663
(complimentary champagne w/ advanced bookings only)

General Admission:

  • $30 online (first 300 tickets sold)
  • Price will increase so get your tickets now!

Basic Info:

  • 21+
  • Doors at 8PM
  • Our dress code is in effect as usual, but it’s New Year’s Eve – why not step it up a notch?
Table/VIP Pricing:

  • Main Floor (Top 40): $1,000
  • Mezzanine (Top 40): $800
  • Bedroom (Mashups, Top 40): $600
  • Chroma (Hip Hop): $800
  • Vault – Basement (Dance): $400 (2 tables available)

Bar Specials:

  • Open Bar 8PM – 9PM
  • House Champagne: $50
  • Moet Champagne: $80


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DC9 bar washington dc

DC9 nightclub and bar in Washington DC features rock bands, DJs, an eclectic crowd and some stiff drinks!

Fiesta Mondays

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Fiesta Mondays bring the hottest Latin and international music to Josephine. An upscale atmosphere combines with a fun crowd. Finally, something to look forward to on Monday!

Yandel: 2.19.16 at Echostage

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The one and only Yandel is coming to Echostage on Friday February 19!

Corona Wars: 12/22 at Ultrabar

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It’s the Corona Wars edition of Ladies Night at Ultrabar! Grab a $3 Corona and let the night begin.

NYE 2013 Events in Washington DC

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nye 2013 washington dc

Your guide to NYE 2013 parties in Washington DC.

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