American Idols Live Tour: Fri 8/19 [Verizon Center]

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American Idols Live Tour


Who's your favorite American Idol?

7 pm — Friday, August 19, 2011

Verizon Center
601 F St. NW
Washington, D.C., 20004

(202) 628-3200

Tickets: Click here for tickets

How else to celebrate a decade of American Idol than at a live concert with last season’s best singers?

Transported from TV to the center stage, the Verizon Center will be joined by the young finalists of season 10 — winner Scotty McCreery, a 17-year old country crooner from North Carolina, and 16-year old Lauren Alaina — plus nine other performers! You can be sure to hear all of your favorite songs from the show’s talented cast.



22,000 fans | 40+ artists | 4 stages | 1 day

Featuring Markus Schulz, Kaskade, Avicii, Steve Aoki, Steve Lawler, Rusko, The Crystal Method, Nero, Datsik, Modeselektor, Booka Shade, The Disco Biscuits, DJ Shadow, Manufactured Superstars and more!

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Michael Woods: Sat 8/13/11 [Glow at Fur]

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Michael Woods at Glow Satudays at Fur Nightclub Washingotn DCGLOW Washington DC presents:

Michael Woods

Opening set by Roberto Gonzalez

Saturday August 13, 2011
Fur Nightclub
33 Patterson St NE
Washington D.C., DC
(202) 842-3401

Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 18+

Michael Woods’ Summer Hot Mix with Pete Tong on Radio 1 01/07/11 by michaelwoods

Quick Facts

From: UK

Style: Techno/Tech House/Progressive/Electronica

Famous Tracks: Dynamik, First Aid, No Access, Drop Zone, Domino’s w/ Chris Lake

Best Known For: Turning an iPad into an effects controller, residing at the Ministry of Sound, being named breakthrough artist of 2010 by Markus Schulz and Mark Knight.


About Michael Woods

Ability, originality and accomplishment. In Michael Woods’ short career he has managed to touch on every cornerstone, leaving proof of his musical competence at producing big room, progressive and tech-house tracks, along with a discernible motivation to better the quality of music being distributed. This has not gone unnoticed with DJs like Pete Tong consistently throwing props his way.

From Argentinean & Guyanese decent, he was born and raised in Hackney London which he still calls home and runs his studio from there. Classically trained in a range of instruments at an early age provided Michael with a catalogue of creative skills including the keys (which he learned to play at the tender age of 3), guitar, drums and trumpet, practically making him a one man band. When not in the studio messing around with Logic, developing his craft, he would be found at Pimlico’s Trinity Music College where he contracted a love for musicality, often using his spare time orchestrating with the percussion section of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Earlier achievements include his debut single, “Warrior” released in 2000 and the critically acclaimed remix of Energy 52’s “Café Del Mar”, both of which are still considered as classic’s among DJs and fans alike. But today’s finished products could not sound more different. They carry a deep, driving and delectable collection of electronic sounds, with melodious, cascading synths and hands-in-the-air rush-inducing drops. This is what Michael Woods is renowned for, and has created an individual sound that he is pioneering, making him a stunning example of an artist that flows with, as well as initiates, music’s changes.

Collaborations with the likes of Chris Lake, Funkagenda & Mark Knight conclude as featured tracks on various compilations and act as proof of his skillful production abilities. It’s alliances like these that excite the growing fan base, but are not the sole examples of his talent, as original tracks such as “Nitro”, “Midnight Run”, “Dynamik”, “No Access” and “First Aid” are continually supported.

Alongside an impressive catalogue of tracks on numerous labels including Mau5trap, and Toolroom Records, many established artists such as Underworld, Martin Sloveig and Moguai have hired Michael Woods to renovate their sound into a style which emulates his musical vision, including the Deadmau5 & Chris Lake’s “I Said”, which became the only remixed track featured on the 2010 album, “4×4=12”. In addition, mainstream artists such as Kylie, Estelle, The Ting Tings, The Temper Trap, P Diddy and Ginuwine ft Timbaland & Missy Elliot have all borrowed his insatiable remixing skills, leaving his studio rarely empty. His ability to rework music with an exceptionally sharp ear for quality production has left him in high regard with many artists and labels across the industry, leading to a nomination for ‘Best Remixer’ at this year’s 2011 IDMA’s (International Dance Music Awards).

Michael Woods now borrows some of this growing respect offering it to his label, Diffused Music, which houses applauded tracks from him self and others. The rapidly growing label is another imperative ingredient in furthering the exhilarating Michael Woods history book.

As well as the continuous success of his music, his dexterity as a DJ completes Michael Woods as a dynamic and credible artist. In demand across the globe he plays everywhere from Europe to USA, ending 2010 with a successful USA Tour. Other accomplishments to-date includes a summer residency for Cream at Amnesia in Ibiza (2010), while Deadmau5 invited him on his infamous 2010 UK tour. The latest addition to Michael’s ever increasing list of successes is being crowned the new global resident at one of dance music’s biggest super brands: Ministry of Sound. With industry heavyweights like Fedde Le Grand, Benny Benassi and Mark Knight as his peers, this is yet another triumph for Michael Woods and marks his growing importance in dance music today. After a year of unprecedented success, this residency is another milestone in his career, which sees Michael Woods playing as the face of the Ministry worldwide for a whole host of events, adding his name to the array of esteemed DJ’s that already accompany the Ministry brand and reputation.

For 2011, Michael Woods continues his relationship with Ministry and kick starts a new series of mix compilations for the brand, aptly entitled Ministry of Sound – Residents. Not a first for the artist, after the infamous Amnesia dance-house honoured Michael by asking him to mix one side of the “Amnesia Ibiza Deejay Sessions vol.6” compilation to accompany the Cream summer residency. All are prime examples of the ever growing popularity of Michael Woods, where his presence is always well received by fans and top clubs alike. It is clear that his creativity knows no bounds, and each attainment is just another chapter of this musical characters story.


Tickets & Passes

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Get tickets to Glow Events

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Lee Burridge: Thursday 8/11/11 [Glow at Lima]

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GLOW Washington DC presents:

Lee Burridge

Thurs August 11, 2011
Lima Lounge
1401 K Street NW
Washington D.C., DC
(202) 789-2800

Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 18+

Quick Facts

From: UK

Style: Deepsexyfuturistictechfunkhouse

Famous Tracks: Lee – Wongel w/ Matt Dekay, his Nubreed Mix Compilations, Raw Dog w/ Steve Porter. | Danny – Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Danny Howells Remix), On the Moon, Dusk Til Dawn w/ Dick Trevor.

Best Known For: Being ridiculously, ridiculously, unbelievably good DJs.

It’s like the tag line reads, “If you live anywhere near Washington DC and claim to be a true lover of EDM, you will be here. No excuses.”

Danny and Lee play the ultimate party music. Not too intense, not too soft; danceable, conversational, unpausable (yes, we made that word up) with uber grooves.

If we were playing NBA Jam with DJs these two would be a pretty badass team, yoooo!!


About Lee

uk prior to 1991

Lee’s career started on December 26th 1985 in his fathers pub in the countryside of the South West of England. Never dreaming what laid ahead he started his career playing Birthdays, Weddings and the occasional funeral. Born from a decades passion for music and seeing it as an opportunity to get a girlfriend he spent the first few years playing 7″ records to everyone from age 5 -95. He was soon spotted by a local nightclub who snapped him up as their regular Saturday night DJ. This lead to being invited to other local nightclubs playing as he describes it ” a mix of the best of the worst music from the 80’s”. Lee’s path diverted in 1988 with the discovery of acid house. After attending some of the outdoor raves that were gaining momentum around London’s M25 motorway Lee’s passion for music was turned on it’s head and he felt excited in a way never felt before. “I had to find this music” he said and started to collect the first records which have grown from the one red plastic record box of 1988 to over 35,000 records today. Lee and friends started to organize small club and beach events where he lived but getting to play these big raves proved difficult. Not living in London or knowing anyone involved made Lee just another Dj handing out mix tapes to anyone and everyone whom would listen to them. “I’m not sure what would have happened if I’d been asked to play back then as in 1990 my life really changed direction”.

Hong Kong and Thailand 1991 -1997

Lee was spotted by a club owner from Hong Kong in 1990 and left the UK early in 1991 to work as a DJ there. During the first six months it became apparent that Hong Kong’s underground dance music scene was non existent and Lee spent the next few years changing all that. Small Sunday night parties for 250 people grew quickly into a thriving nightclub scene which constantly saw him playing marathon sets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Overseas DJ’s and club nights started to grace the shores of Hong Kong as it became one of those happening destinations on the global DJ circuit. This continued throughout the 90’s. Lee’s residency at the now defunkt Big Apple and Neptunes nightclubs became so popular he DJ’d six night a week for three years until eventually deciding to leave in 97. The decision was made after playing with Sasha and Craig Richards on numerous occasions and having them offer to launch his career in the UK.

Also during the 90’s Lee ventured to Haadrin, Thailand. Haadrin is now a mecca for clubbers and it’s full moon parties attract 10,000 + people every month. Lee arrived in February 1992 after hearing about it from travelers who passed through Hong Kong. The full moon party at this point consisted of the drum circles around open fires on the beach and a DJ playing tapes in one of the bars. Lee decided to fly back to Hong Kong and come back with records and turntables while the Thai people organized a sound system. Lee stayed for 3 months at a time playing and helping to grow the parties which were held every week leading up to the main party on the beach each month for full moon. “This was always something that was going to happen in Haadrin” states Lee “I was just lucky enough to have been there very early on while the parties grew. I wouldn’t credit myself with being the first person playing dance music in Haadrin. That right goes to a fantastic DJ who went by the name of Backyard Dave but I was definitely one of the first few playing records on the beach there. We didn’t have a proper DJ box, just decks set up on a plank of wood balanced on beer crates with some palm tree leaves above to protect us if it rained! I regularly was electrocuted by the mixer when it got damp” Lee continued to visit the Island every year until 99 and stayed for months to experience the privalidged position of playing sunrise on the beach each full moon and at the Backyard club which he cites as one of the most special places in the world ever to have played at.

Back to the UK 1997 – present day

On the recommendation of Craig and Sasha Lee returned to the UK but it wasn’t an easy first year. Craig Richards ran a highly successful party in London which he invited Lee to play several times but without contacts or an agent Lee was a relative unknown and it took time to become recognized. Fortunately with strong and consistent appearances at Craigs night and then the launch of the Tyrant night featuring Lee alongside both Sasha and Craig Lee’s career really started taking off. Offers to play other leading UK clubs such as Cream, Golden, Ministry of Sound etc lead to Lee being offered to mix a CD for Hooj Chons mixing the breakbeat tracks on their label. Lee was asked to have the mix done by the next morning so no computer trickery here, just two decks a mixer and the records. He was also asked that year to mix his first solo CD (this time with tracks of his own choice). The compilation went down very well with the magazines. Tyrant was also picking up speed with a regular monthly party in both London and Nottingham. Lee and Craig were left to their own devices on several occasions with Sasha unable to make it and throwing them in the deep end. Would a packed house expecting to see Sasha be disappointed? The answer was clearly no as the crowd kept coming back month after month. In 1999 The first Tyrant compilation was released and won album of the month in every single magazine. This mix has stood the test of time and still sounds as fresh today as it did back then. Sasha decided to bow out of Tyrant after a few years and Lee and Craig continue, to this day, to confound and twist the heads of the people who hear them play .A Tyrant mix was featured on the UK’s Radio One live from the Homelands festival as well as the duo being invited to do an essential mix fro Pete Tong. Lee and Craig as Tyrant held down a monthly night at Fabric in London almost from the day it opened until the end of 2005 when Lee embarked his 365 project.

Lee decided to try and make more sense of his unrelenting travel in 2005 at which point the 365 project was born. It was an idea Lee had had to expand the impact a DJ would have by setting up shop in seven countries/cities for one or two months over 365 days. While in each location he became resident of a club and hosted at least four parties to grow the relationship and understanding between himself and each crowd. To learn more himself as well as expose each crowd to his unique music selection and Djing style. In each place he also set aside time to work alongside local producers and write music. Lee’s residencies were held in New York, Ibiza, Florence, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Denver and Hong Kong. He also kept a journal which was published online for each city by each month describing the unusual and unhinged lifestyle that is his. The project was a great success and after a few months break Lee returned to New York in Fall 2006 and expanded the 365 residency to 4 months. This is an ongoing project which could land in a city near you soon!

He has continued to release widely regarded and much loved underground mix CD’s for companies like Global Underground, Everybody and most recently Balance. He is also a yearly visiter to Miami’s winter music conference where for the last three years he has held his own party where he takes the controls and messes with your mind for seven hours. The party has gone from strength to strength and this year had to be moved to a larger venue due to outgrowing BED. The ‘Barrage’ Pawn shop party was mentioned as one of the parties of the conference.Lee continues to play the major festivals of the world from Notting Hill carnivals famous Sancho Panza stage to Exit festival, Creamfields and Homelands, Coachella, Love Parade, Dance Valley, Ultra, Acafest and in the last few years Burning Man which he cites as the best event he’s ever been to in twenty five years of going out. 2008 will see him visiting the Virgin festival in Toronto for the first time.


Lee was involved in Fire recordings during the nineties but is really a latecomer to producing citing laziness and studio fear as causes. His first solo production was the Lost and Found Ep on Fire which was instantly licensed to James Lavelles Global Underground, Tyrant 2 (although Lee said he felt a bit weird putting one of his own tracks on a compilation), Cass’s Prologue and Sancho Panza’s carnival CD. Not a bad start! As Tyrant they remixed UNKLE and Lee set up Almost Anonymous in 2006 which was “simply a label for releasing tracks made on the 365 tour”. Tracks alongside Dan F, Andy Page and Steve Porter were released through 2007.

2007 to present.

Lee’s most recent triple mix CD for Balance was released in Fall 2007 to critical aclaim. Ranking as compilation of the month across many many publications and websites it then went nominated for compilation of the year at the PLUG awards. Lee’s tour to support the CD ran through into 2008 covering most of the world and back.

Projects in 2008 include a new set of parties called ‘GET WEIRD’ which will start out as residencies on the left and right coast in San Francisco and New York. A return to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert will see him warping minds at various parties as well as this year his own sound system. Lee is also going back in the studio to “take it a bit more seriously this time” alongside new studio guru Tim Green (TG). Expect some wonky and weird music to see the light of day towards the end of 2008.

On a last note Lee has regularly been described as a DJ’s DJ and I asked the ever popular journalistic question “Describe the music you play”? I asked . He said he usually doesn’t have an answer to have an answer but narrowed it down at least. “The records that can’t really be described. Those are the ones that always interest me. Wonky, Wobbly, bassline driven, trippy, melodic, mean, nasty, gentle, deep, spacious, distant and rocking.Interesting not obvious. Those are some of the words that I’d use to describe the records in my box”.


About Danny

Danny is one of the few DJs on the scene today that truly has a style of his own. With his passion for all styles of music and infectious personality, Danny has created a unique, eclectic sound that has established him as one of the most in demand DJs in the world. Danny is one of the hardest working and most dedicated individuals in the business with over 20 years experience and a hectic touring …schedule that constantly takes him around the world. He’s played in the world’s coolest clubs and held residencies at places such as Arc, Ministry of Sound, Twilo, Renaissance, The End, and Bedrock, as well as his own Dig Deeper nights worldwide. With a back catalogue of well received mix albums under his belt, he has previously compiled acclaimed mixes for Global Underground, being the only DJ to contribute to not only the main series with his Miami album, but also the 24:7 and Nu-Breed Series. In addition to this, he also compiled a cd for Azuli’s Choice series, as well as albums for Renaissance along with three volumes of his own Nocturnal Frequencies series. As a producer he has been responsible for many stand out tracks, including the timeless Persuasion/Repercussion on Bedrock Records, Breathe on Renaissance Records and Kinkyfunk on Yoshitoshi Records. He also hit the charts in 2004 with the Miami hit Dusk till Dawn, which featured the talents of Dick Trevor and Erire. Danny has also had massive dance-floor success with Deep Dish as “Size DDD” and the Eminem sampling “Nobody Listens To Techno”. In more recent years he has been focusing on original productions for his own Dig Deeper label, the likes of which have been licensed to mix albums by artists such as Juan Maclean on his DJ Kicks album, and Cassy for her recent compilation on Cocoon. On the remix front Danny has previously mixed records such as Roachford’s “Ride The Storm”, Madonna’s “Get Together”, Marco Bailey’s “Smooth Drive”, and Bent’s “Waiting For You”. Other artists that have received the remix treatment include We Deliver, Stryke, International Observer, Robbie Williams, David Morales, BT, Chakra, Coco and Stonebridge, Destiny’s Child and many more, including most recently Felix Da Housecat’s purple tribute, “We All Wanna Be Prince”. Building on his discography of original productions is a major priority for Danny, as his Dig Deeper label enters it’s third year. Danny has come a long way since his early beginnings in his hometown of Hastings, though his complete love of all music remains the same. Danny is a DJ with a broad musical taste who likes anything from jazz to rock, to pop and anything a bit bizarre. He likes to champion his own special tracks and records that nobody else has latched on to and has a way of combining cutting edge grooves with crowd pleasing dynamics that enable him to connect with his audience making him one of the hottest DJs in the world.


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Quick Facts

From: California

Style: pop

Famous Tracks: The Time (Dirty Bit), Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling, Pump It, Just Can’t Get Enough, and so many more.

Best Known For: Bringing hip-hop to the mainstream spotlight, bending genres, and becoming a household name.

Ranked the industry’s “Top Group” at this year’s Billboard Music Awards and with a performance at the Super Bowl XLV halftime show in February, the Black Eyed Peas are impossible to miss. With too many hit songs and awards to count, this is possibly the area’s biggest show all summer.


About The Black Eyed Peas

In an era of an ever-changing music industry that’s defined by diminishing expectation, where a “successful” career means having one, maybe two hit records; The Black Eyed Peas are a glorious exception. They have become one of the best selling, most popular and most innovative groups for over a decade. They have transformed themselves from a beloved backpack rap troop from the West Coast Underground into fully-fledged, massive global superstars whose music can be heard in any country around the world.

They’ve done this the right way: creating albums that are more innovative than the last; which has translated into each new album being more popular than the last. And in following this pattern, The Black Eyed Peas –, Fergie, Taboo and – are releasing their sixth full-length album, The Beginning.

The Beginning follows on the heels of 2009’s The E.N.D., BEP’s most popular and most creative album to date – and the album that reaffirmed their singular status as global music icons. The E.N.D sold more than 11 million copies worldwide; it entered the Billboard Top 200 Chart at #1 outperforming their previous cd, Monkey Business– an unheard of feat in this day and age. It yielded 5 Top 10 singles (the first album to do so in 20 years), spent an entire year in the Billboard Top 200 Chart, and earned the group 3 new Grammy Awards, for a total of six Grammy Awards they’ve won. In all, they’ve sold 29 million records worldwide (plus over 30-million digital tracks). They’ve sold over 3-million tickets and headlined over 300 different tour dates in 29 different countries. Simply put, there doesn’t exist another contemporary artist or group who can come close to their sustained success.


Bobina: Sat 7/30/11 [Glow at Fur]

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Russia’s top export has finished his debut album and it premieres the week he heads over to Glow!

Keith Urban Get Closer World Tour: Thurs 7/28/11 [Verizon Center]

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Keith Urban’s 2011 Get Closer Tour is coming to the Verizon center in July!!!


Roll up and roll out to the 2011 Rolling Papers Tour featuring Wiz, Big Sean and Chevy Woods!!!

Ryan Leslie: Thurs 6/9 [The Park at 14th]

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Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 2.58.45 AM

Singer/songwriter, MC, future media mogul, social media sensai, producer, grammy-nominated Washingtonian. Ryan Leslie is at The Park!!

National FreedomFest DC: July 3+4 [Yards Park, DC]

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National Freedomfest presents TWO days of DC’s most popular National, Regional and Local bands and DJ’s, with 40+ acts on 5 stages across two days, this is a massive event!

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