1st Annual DC Clubbing Top 50 DJ Poll

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Washsington DC Best DJs

Voting now closed, stay tuned for the results!

Panorama Productions
Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center

bring you the 1st annual

DC Clubbing Top 50 DJ Poll

Voting Open Tuesday March 6 – Tuesday March 20


Inspired by the DJ Mag Top 100, the DCC Top 50 aims to shed light on the rising volume of DJ talent based in the DC/MD/VA region.

With home grown acts like Dubfire, Sharam, Saeed Younan, Tittsworth, Volta Bureau, Nadastrom, Andrew Bayer, BT, Alvin Risk, Thievery Corporation, DJ Enferno, Breakfast and Pleasurekraft having established themselves on an international level; this poll has been reserved for the local residents, rising stars and future of clubbing in Washington DC.

DJ Selection:

For the first year, we scoured DC looking to draw the most comprehensive list of mainstream, hip-hop, dance, underground, Latin and mash-up DJs possible. We reached out to club owners, promoters and long-time members of the DC nightlife community in order to ensure transparency.

If you or someone you know is not listed and should be, we apologize and have provided a write-in option. In order for a name to be added, you must have at least (10) people write it in the blank space provided. It will then automatically be added to the drop down list.

DC Clubbing Top 50 voting
DCC Top 50 chuck levins

Prizes furnished by
1st Place

Z-Trip’s Sixty-Two Z Mixer by Rane
Retail Value: $2650.00

Comes with Serato software, vinyls, CDs and more.

Spec sheet here.

2nd Place

DC Clubbing Top 50 DJ ContestPair of JBL EON 515XT speakers
Retail value: $1800.00

Durability, high performance, easy to use. Improved input sensitivity, lowered noise floor, and re-voiced system for peak performance and enhanced audio precision. Intuitive on-board 3-channel mixer with adjustable EQ. Sturdy construction and superior ergonomic design.


3rd Place

DJ backpacks UDG Creator Laptop Backpack + WMC Chuck’s Bucks
Retail Value: $300.00 + $200.00

Holds Interface, Laptop, Mixer, LPs. Pockets for USB/Audio cables, MP3 Player, CD’s, Headphones and Power supplies. Heavy duty, water resistant nylon w/ padded walls and removable inserts. Comfort, moisture absorbent, handle grip, rain cover, pockets, and rear organizer.

More info

4th Place

best DJs in DC contest prizes$150 worth of Washington Music Center Chuck’s Bucks

$150 towards any of Washington Music Center’s amazing products. Microphones, synthesizers, drum kits, headphones, hardware, speakers, amps, cables and any other of your audio needs.

5th Place

Reloop headphonesRHP-10 Gold Rush Reloop Headphones
Retail Value: $100.00

Modern, lightweight design, robust construction, noble materials and luxurious features. Large driver units, plain/compact ear cup. High-end aluminum bracket for stability and lightness. Precise adjustment allows accurate alignment and double casing w/ artificial leather upper and fluid-absorbing Climabsorb net-nylon lower guarantees comfort and robustness.

More info here


Voting for the DCC Top 50 will be held from 03.06.12 – 03.20.12

To prevent ballot-stuffing, email confirmation will be required to vote. 1 vote per person.

Scoring will be done on a weighted scale:
1st choice: 5 pts
2nd choice: 4 pts
3rd choice: 3 pts
4th choice: 2 pts
5th choice: 1 pt

Poll results will be a reflection of point totals.

DC Clubbing Top 50 voting


Purchasing votes, bribing voters, ballot stuffing in any form, excessive sh*t talking and excessive spamming for votes will result in disqualification.

About Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center

Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center was founded in 1960 by Chuck and Marge Levin. The store was originally located at 12th and H Streets in downtown Washington, D.C. In April of 1968, that location destroyed due to fire in the riots of that same year, following the assassination of Martin Luther King. Two months later, operations resumed at the current location on Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton, Maryland.

Washington Music Center (popularly known as “Chuck’s”) occupies four warehouses and separate repair facilities in close proximity to the main store, as well as state of the art Pro Sound and Home Keyboard showrooms in a building adjacent to the main store. Chuck’s is truly a family operation, and a great deal of our success is directly attributed to the close working relationship of this family. In recent years, the original founders’ two sons, Alan and Robert, have taken over stewardship of the company.

Washington Music Center’s reputation for customer service, competitive pricing, large inventory, reliability, integrity, honesty, dependability, personal attention to details, good will, quality, and customer satisfaction remains unsurpassed by anyone in the retail music industry. For these reasons, Chuck’s has continued to grow and prosper continuously each and every year since it’s inception, winning top sales awards from several of the biggest manufacturers in the music industry. We couldn’t do it without a loyal customer base, and for this you have our utmost gratitude. Thanks everybody!

On the web: www.wmcworld.com/
On Facebook: facebook.com/chucklevins
On Twitter: @chucklevins

About Panorama Productions

Panorama Productions is the largest nightlife entertainment group in Washington, DC. It owns and operates four venues (Lima Lounge, Josephine, Ultrabar, Barcode) and maintains the Club Glow brand. Each of these venues, in addition to Club Glow, brings a unique flavor to the DC nightlife scene.

  • Ultrabar is a four-floor, 9,000 square foot nightclub in Penn Quarter. A bank at the turn of the 20th century, it retains many of the original features including marble accents and a vault-turned lounge area. Open Thursday – Saturday, the DC nightclub draws up to 1,200 clubbers per night.
  • Club Glow, Panorama’s flagship event, is the longest running weekly dance party in DC. It features the biggest DJs in the world at Fur Nightclub, Lima Lounge and Josephine. It was listed as one of the 8 best clubs in America at the 2011 International Dance Music Awards 2011. It was named ‘Best Venue’ (Club Glow) and ‘Best New Venue’ (Glow Thursdays at Lima) in 2010 by David Guetta and Armin van Buuren.Regular bookings include Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Avicii, Markus Schulz, Benny Benassi, Steve Angello, Kaskade, Axwell, Cosmic Gate, Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, Ferry Corsten and more.
  • Barcode is a modern American restaurant, bar and lounge in a 5,000 square foot space. It features a kitchen open until midnight, 7 days per week. Its prime Golden Triangle location coupled with popular drink specials saw this DC restaurant win a “Best Happy Hour in DC” award from The Washington Post in 2011. It has a 500 person capacity and features weekly parties as well as sporting events and fight nights.
  • Lima Lounge is a restaurant, lounge and bar on K Street designed for those interested in exploring the finer side of food, drink, music and style. The 7,500 square foot space features three separate levels, a year-round outdoor patio and a VIP lounge. Open Monday – Saturday, Lima events regularly draw up to 1,000 energetic college students, young professionals and European trendsetters.
  • Josephine is one of the trendiest and upscale lounges in DC. Located on the corner of K Street and Vermont Avenue, the venue was remodeled in Summer/Fall 2011 to enhance its sleek interior design, add bars, open up the space and increase bottle service options. A 5,500 square foot adult playground, Josephine provides a posh hangout for up to 400 people.

What Does Your Drink Say About You?

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Thursday, February 23, 2012, 6:36pm. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 4:17pm) Add comments

What Message Does Your Drink Order Send?

What you drink says a lot. Whether you’re at clubs in DC or the local bar, what you’re holding says a lot about who you are and how you’re seen.
You could keep reading and avoid looking like a douche… Or you could say, “F*** it. I’m a grown man and I’ll drink my Pina Colada right here, in front of everyone!”
Amaretto Sour

Amaretto SourYou just turned 21, or you have a fake ID.

Jager Bombs

Jersey Shore GuysYou’re out with the boys, looking to forget something, and probably will.

There’ll def be some fist pumping and high-fiving.

You’re a 22-year-old freshmen.

Vodka & Cranberry

Drunk GirlsBORING!

You probably approached the bartender like a deer in headlights asking, “what kind of drinks do you have here?” while looking at a fully stocked bar.

Long Island

You want to get as hammered as possible off one drink.

You probably won’t tip your bartender.

You’ll probably ask them to make it “a strong island”.

Old Fashioned

MixologistYou probably throw around words like “mixology”.



Sex in the City CosmoYou were too young to catch Sex in the City the first time around and are now catching up on the reruns on TBS.

Straight Vodka

Lindsay Lohan DUIYou probably have a drinking problem and at least one DUI.

Bud Light

White Trash Bud LightYou drove at least 30 minutes to get to this club from a town nobody’s heard of.

You may live in a trailer and possibly had a baby when you were in high school.


TequilaYou’re down to get hammered… or get the girl you want to sleep with hammered.

It’s the closest thing you can get to a roofie without getting arrested.

If you ask for it chilled then you’re a p*ssy too.

Kir Royal (Champagne and Chambord

StrippersYou spend your days riding a pole for creepy businessmen at the strip club by the airport.

Probably the lunch shift.

Wine (without a meal)

Yuppie Wine TastingYou’re a middle-aged mom out on the town.

You’re trying to act ‘classy’ while snubbing those around you who are CLEARLY not as well-to-do as you.

Afterall, you shop at Ann Taylor.

White Zinfandel

White Zin ChuggingThe Kool-Aid of wine.

You probably have a box of white zin in your fridge you were pounding during your pre game.

You probably got sick of the box and decided to take the bag out and squeeze it in your mouth,

Beer (girls)

Drinking Beer You think drinking beer makes you look like ‘one of the guys’, cool, and fun.

It worked. The guys think you’re one of them – a stank burping fool.

Hennessy, Hypnotiq

Ghetto DrinksYou let rap music influence your tastes; you wish you had a set of gold teeth.

You may wear like to wear Fubu, Timbs and sunglasses in the club.

You definitely just came from dinner at Applebee’s.

Jack (girls)

girls drinking jackYou look dirty

You may not have showered today.

You have a tramp stamp and want to look hard-core.

Bloody Mary

drunk girl toiletYou had a rough night of drinking and will probably do it again tonight.


Hipster PBRHipster Alert!

You think you’re being ‘ironically’ funny by growing a moustache, wearing skinny jeans and rocking a floppy hat.

You either have no job or are a pretend DJ.

Captain & Coke

Guy with popped collarsYou are cocky, pop your collar and your parents pay your rent.

Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada, Apple Martini

Girl with 2 Gross DrinksGuys – You’re going home alone and probably have a tab at Red Lobster.

Girls – You can’t handle your liquor and will be puking these rainbow concoctions out in no time.


James Bond MartiniYou’re trying to be sophisticated like James Bond.

You don’t really know what’s in it and how drunk you’re gonna get but man will you look sharp!


Kamikaze PlaneBecause this is the only shot you have ever heard of.

Robbie Rivera - Fri 02.17.12 [Glow at Josephine]

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Robbie Rivera house music in washington dc

Robbie Rivera

Opening set by Graham Collins

Friday February 17, 2012

1008 Vermont Ave NW
Washington, DC 20005

Table reservations: (202) 271-1171

Doors at 10, Ages 21+
Dress to impress. No exceptions.
Entry at discretion of door staff.

Tickets to Glow Washington DC eventsGuest List to Glow Events

From: USA (Miami) | Style: House
Famous Tracks: Let Me Sip My Drink, We Live for the Music, Rock the Disco, Closer to the Sun, Float Away and tons more!
Best Known For: Juicy!

Mr. Juicy Music is taking a break from South Beach and heading for DC nightlife! You already know what to expect – amazing music (specifically some of his brand new productions), a gorgeous crowd and an completely uplifting vibe. The king of Miami is back in DC lounges and things are about to get wet!

Tuesdays: Half-Price Wine at Barcode

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Wine Specials in Washington DC begin with Barcode

You don’t have to slam shots and pound beers to have a great time. Barcode features amazing wine, beer and specialty drink selections to accent its Modern American kitchen. Allow an accommodating staff serve you in an upscale DC nightlife restaurant/bar/lounge. Sit back and enjoy the heated patio, 42″ HDTVs, 70″ HD projectors and the company of friends. With a kitchen open ’til midnight, Barcode is the ideal place to unwind after work, have a few and call it a night, or serve as your destination.

  • Happy Hour 3 – 7PM
    Half-Off rail drinks and wine by the glass
  • Half-off all bottles of wine all day/night

wine bars in washington dc

In addition to the current menu, Barcode recently added five new reds!

Pats vs. G-Men in Peyton’s House

2012 Superbowl deals DC sports barsWhen: Sunday 02.05.12

Where: Barcode Restaurant, Bar and Lounge

Time: Doors at 4PM, Game at 6:25

Who: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants at Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis, Indiana

Betting: As of 12PM Thursday:
NYG +3, O/U 54

Special Barcode Menu:

  • $1 Bud Light + $2 Guinness
  • 1/2 off select cans
  • $5 Margherita Pizza
  • $6 Hot Dog w/ slaw & chips
  • $9 (3) Beef/Chicken Tacos w/ avocado dip, salsa

There are many sports bars in Washington DC, but none are as clean as Barcode. We’ll put money on that right now. Over/Under 1 DC sports bar cleaner than this place. Seriously.

The $1 Bud Lights are an unbeatable DC bar special too! Combine that with the food, the HD projectors and HDTV’s and you’ve got yourself one helluva Washington DC super bowl party!

Barcode Restaurant, Bar and Lounge

1101 17th St NW
Washington DC, 20036

(202) 955-9001
(Entrance on L Street)

Chi Cha Lounge

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DC hookah lounges

Chi Cha is one of the best hookah bars in Washington! The lounge has one of the best atmospheres in DC nightlife; mixing a dance floor abd comfortable lounge and laid-back and excited 20-somethings together for a great time.

Lost Society

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U Street bars Washington DC

DC restaurants have a welcome addition in Lost Society. The boutique steakhouse features amazing DC nightlife with a diverse, upscale crowd. It’s located on 14th and U street.

Local breweries washington dc

The best happy hour in DC features half off drinks and local Washington DC breweries like DC Brau and Lost Rhino!


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Clarendon Arlington VA Washington DC

You don’t need to be in the District to have fun. Just over the Key Bridge from Georgetown lies the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, VA.

house clubs in washington dc

Tweet GLOW Washington DC presents: Chachi www.djchachi.com Opening set by DJ Logue Friday Janaury 27, 2012 Josephine 1008 Vermont Ave NW Washington, DC 20005 (202) 347-8601 Table reservations: (202) 271-1171 Doors at 10pm, Ages 21+ From: USA (Long Island) | Style: House Famous Tracks: Lights rmx, Avicii Tweets My Road bootleg, Glowing Money is Hot […]

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