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The infamous Tuesday Nights at Lima Lounge get the week started on the right foot, every time!  Its a younger crowd on Tuesdays, appealing to the College/Graduate/Young Professionals demographic.  The music is always on-point with DJ Tektronics dropping only the best in Top 40 and Dance, electrifying the dancefloor every single week without fail.

Take a look as we answer the most frequently asked questions about Tuesday Nights at Lima Lounge DC.


“Is this just some crappy college party at a lousy dive bar?”
Hell no.  Lima Lounge is well known for being of the most luxurious, upscale lounges in DC.

“Yeah, but what’s it gonna cost me?”
Drink specials include $3 Bud Lites and $5 Stoli Redbulls.

“Thats cool, but I don’t want to pay cover”
That’s fine with us.  Just print out this pass to skip the cover charge!

“It sounds good, but does anybody actually go out on Tuesdays?”
Yeah absolutely.  Check out the pics from last week on Facebook.

“Looks Great, what’s the age requirement? Dress code?”
Its open to ages 18+. Remember that Lima a very nice club, so the dress code is strictly enforced.  Dress Casual/Fashionable.  No shorts, boots, oversized tees, baggy jeans, tennis shoes, etc..

(www.sharam.com/ myspace.com/sharam youtube.com/sharam facebook.com/sharam yoshitoshi.com)

Opening Set by
Nick Varon – Greece

Saturday, June 12 2010 at Fur Nightclub
33 Patterson St NE Washington DC

Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 18+


As one – half of legendary DC house duo Deep Dish, Sharam and partner in crime Dubfire are responsible for bringing Washington, DC’s electronic music scene to the forefront of global dance music. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “The Deep Dish sound personifies cool.” That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? With their respective solo careers now in full stride, Sharam and Dubfire are rediscovering what it means to take over the world.

With the release of his debut album last year, Sharam set himself apart from anything he’s ever done before. He has defined his own sound, which has been described as “soulful dance music with striking vocals.” His rework of the RIck James – produced Eddie Murphy hit ‘Party All The Time,’ collaboration with Daniel Bedingfield on ‘The One,’ and studio sessions with everyone from Diddy to Tommy Lee are evidence of Sharam’s utterly brilliant creative mind.

As of recent he has come out with a video blog of his time spent at the infamous Burning Man experience (located in the ‘Video’ tab). He also participated in the 12th annual Gumball 3000 auto race, which started in London, went East, pulled a U’ey and ended up in NYC. Needless to say it’s been a wild ride for the DC legend, and he’s finally home.

Come celebrate the return of Sharam to his home-base at Glow this Saturday. It’s about to ‘Get Wild’ up in here!!!

IMG_4921IMG_9629IMG_3373IMG_3443IMG_3296IMG_3251IMG_3436IMG_3202Friday Nights at Ultrabar Nightclub DC are always awesome.  The whole place has a great vibe and features upbeat staff, attractive bartenders, outgoing promoters, burly security guys who are actually the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and great DJs who always keep the dancefloor moving all night long.  Its no wonder why week-after-week, Ultrabar is crowded with DC’s elite clubgoers on every floor. Print out this pass to enter FREE!

Ladies Night is arguably the best night to come out.  Ladies definitely get the VIP treatment with Free entry for 21+ all night with the pass from our website.

Drink Specials include $3 Guiness, $4 Dos Equis, $6 Rum n Coke, and $6 Patron Espresso Shots (till midnight).  Plus, there’s an OPEN BAR from 9pm – 10pm.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Open Bar! 

So get the crew together, print out your passes, and come on down to Ultrabar, the best Nightclub in DC!

Ultrabar is an upscale large nightclub in downtown Washington DC, located at 911 F St NW.  It features 6 bars, 5 floors, and 4 DJs, and has been consistenly rated as one of the top DC nightclubs.  Come check it out this weekend.

GLOW Washington DC presents:

Joris Voorn
(www.jorisvoorn.com myspace.com/jorisvoorn)

Timo Maas
(www.timomaas.com myspace.com/timomaas)

Opening Set by Rich Webb

Thursday, June 10 2010 at Lima Restaurant & Lounge
1401 K St NW Washington DC
Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 21+


While he might not refer to himself as an artist, he exemplifies the highest caliber of artist. As a producer, Voorn has touched the electronic music world with tracks like Blank released in 2008, as well as Sweep the Floor, his rendition of modern house, released as part of the Dusty House EP. He has left his mark on remixes for tracks entitled Dark Flower and Ghost Song.

Voorn has traveled the world making pit stops in Spain, Germany, Croatia, Finland, China, Japan, Brazil, USA, Canada and the list goes on. His mark in the USA has been significant to the standards of electronic music, but his presence has been weighted against a society passionate about pop culture and close minded when it comes to a new type of sound.

What can you expect from Joris Voorn? We asked him…

“At the moment the music is in a retro phase, the past is being reinvented and the futuristic sounds are being pushed to the side. People are paying more attention to a new groovy house sound at the moment… What I did was bring in a melodical sound, when techno was just about beats no one was really playing melodies. I brought in a danceable rhythm with some melodies. It was either monotonous beats or Detroit style. I was trying to get best of both worlds and that helped me become a better producer and DJ. People can listen to my music and can actually feel something with the music I produce.”

You can catch Voorn’s latest release in the music section.



Describing his current style as “…not minimal, not techno, pretty unique… very atmospheric. It’s very trippy. It’s not loop-based, it’s a story as my life is a story,” Mass makes it clear that after a 27-year career he does not like to be referred to as a veteran of electronic music, citing veterans as people who look back, whereas his story is not yet fulfilled. Recently, Maas has teamed up with Italian DJ/producer Santos to form the group Mutant Clan, whose track “On and amp Bedrock” leads Timo’s “H1N1″ mix.

From the days of his Azzido Da Bass remix known as “Dooms Night” to his work with r&b singer Kelis, a residency with Deep Dish at the legendary Twilo, to he re-immersion into the dark and twisted with the track “Subtellite” and the current formation of Mutant Clan, TImo Maas as proved to his fans and himself that even after 27 years, a true artist can adapt, metamorphose, and continue to find inspiration wherever he/she may be.

What is POP?

Pop hits DC

DC Clubs aren’t just for the weekend, you can party every night of the week, including TUESDAYS! The big mid-week party in the DC area is Tuesday Nights at Lima, which caters to the college/postcollege crowd. Its always wild and crazy, check out the pics from last week if you don’t believe us!

If you like Daft Punk, Justice, electro, E-40, Ghostface, rap, or love to rock the f*** out, this is for you. The dirtiest of dirty basslines, the grimiest of grimy beats, the most hyphy retarded night in DC!!!

If it weren’t for James Zabiela DJs might not be so slick with CDJs. The self-proclaimed nerd and internationally recognized technical genius will be at Lima this Thursday for a mind-bending experience.

The all new I

The new I <3 Wednesdays at Lima Lounge DC are taking DC by storm! It does still retain the no-cover-charge status, but everything else has been revamped. We've got new promoters, new DJs and a fresh look on the event. Its a nice refresher for the infamous midweek party that no one has been able to top for 10 years.

24 years old, ranked #56 in the world, coming off a year highlighted by residencies for Global Gathering and Godskitchen; Menno de Jong has fast tracked himself to international superstardom.

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