Why Trap Is The Next Big Thing

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What Is Trap?


For the last few years EDM has been gaining much popularity and music festivals like Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo and Camp Bisco have been attracting large crowds of house-heads and introducing many other sub-genres into the mix as well; one of them being trap. From the beginning of time every music genre has had its time when it starts to develop into something else and has a recognizable difference to its listeners and this is what has been happening with trap music.


You may have heard of trap and think it’s just extreme hip-hop, well you’re wrong. Trap is basically what you get when you combine heavy house beats with hip-hop. It originated in the Early 2000’s from Southern Hip Hop and crunk music with artists like Lil’ Jon, the Ying Yang Twins and Young Jeezy. Its sound has gone through many changes and progressed a lot as many different artists and DJs have influenced its sound but it can mostly be characterized by relatively low BPM (beats per minute), hi-hats, soaring synthesizers and kick drums that pulse and reverberate.


Today trap music has been very influenced by Dubstep but without the constant bass and excessive commotion that there is in some Dubstep music. It contains elements from house, drum and bass, dubstep, EDM and moomahton. It has been labeled as the “new dubstep” and “new moombahton” and DJs like Diplo, Flosstradamus and Bauuer are continuing to widen its popularity among both EDM fans and hip-hop fans.



The slow BPMs allow even the most uncoordinated, biggest lack of rhythm white girl dancers to find the beat and not dance off beat like usual. The heavy drops and kick drums make every girl want to booty pop so if you don’t want to see chicks wiggling and bopping around with their hands in the air like pogo sticks anymore than try turning off your stupid Ke$ha and Taylor Swift songs, turn these tracks up and watch what happens.




Donnell Rawlings (aka Ashy Larry)

Donnell Rawlings at Echostage

Michael Blackson
Melanie Camacho
Hosted by: Joe Clair | Music by: DJ Class

Thurs. July 18 7:30pm | Echostage
2135 Queens Chapel Rd. NE, Washington, DC

DC Native Donnell Rawlings (aka Ashy Larry), famous from Chappelle’s Show, is set to bring an “Echo of Laffs” to Echostage on Thursday July 18.

Famous for his catchphrase “I’m rich, biaaaaach!” which played at the end of every episode he’s sure to have the audience in an uproar of laughter. Ever ended a sentence with “Son!”? Donnell Rawlings is the reason why. A regular guest on arguably the the greatest sketch comedy show ever, Donnell Rawlings forever marked pop culture with his ridiculous characters, antics and epic catch phrases. The Comedy Central star performs Thursday July 18 at Echostage!

Joining him are Michel Blackson, who found his inspirations from Eddie Murphy, and Melanie Camacho. The event will be hosted by local comedy and radio legend Joe Clair, music will be by DJ Class.

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Glow and Steez pres. Mega Glow feat.

Cedric Gervais and 12th Planet

Saturday July 20, 2013

Suport from MebaaWorldPeace


Opening set by Mega Glow DJ Contest winner

Doors at 9PM. No dress code. Ages 18+
Bottle Service: tables@echostage.com • 202.503.2330
Echostage • 2135 Queens Chapel Road NE • Washington, DC

club glow echostage tickets
12th planet cedric gervais echostage
We once again join our boys at Steez Promo for a crossing of the genres feat. Cedric Gervais and 12th Planet.

We’d been booking Cedric for several years and saying to ourselves, ‘he’s only one song away from really blowing up.’ Then came ‘Molly’ and a string of follow-ups including his recent remix of Lana del Ray’s ‘Summertime Sadness.’ Needless to say, it’s absolutely amazing to see our boy hitting new peaks every year!

America’s dubstep ambassador used to let some kid named Sonny crash on his couch and helped bring bass music to record heights in the US. 12th Planet is a DC favorite, no doubt. Whether it’s been headlining Glow, Steez or Ov3rkill events, the head of LA’s infamous SMOG label throws down hard for The District.

The best of Miami and LA meet in DC this summer. Hope you find what you’re looking for.


Armin van Buuren

Saturday September 28, 2013
Doors at 9PM. No dress code. Ages 18+
Bottle Service at tables@echostage.com or 202.503.2330

Echostage • 2135 Queens Chapel Road NE • Washington, DC

Tickets on sale Friday July 5 at 10AM

club glow echostage tickets
armin van buuren echostage 2013
It’s Armin. It’s Echostage. It’s on Saturday 9/28. It’s Intense. Do you really need to know anything else?

club glow echostage tickets

Independence Day Week 2013
in Our Nation’s Capital:

Tuesday 7.02 – Weiners & Hookahs @ Barcode


Get your 4th of July Week going with hookahs and free hot dogs! Half-priced wine by the bottle at the Washington Post-lauded Barcode Tuesdays makes for a great way to get things started! Info and more drink specials at the Barcode Tuesdays event page.

Wednesday 7.03 – IndepenDANCE w/ Cosmic Gate, Emma Hewitt in Concert @ Echostage


DC-favorite and international trance stars Cosmic Gate perform with a live appearance by globally acclaimed EDM vocalist Emma Hewitt.

Cosmic Gate and Emma have teamed up for numerous hit songs. Their last appearance together in DC (January 2012) was show-stopping. Cosmic Gate have since performed at Echostage alongside Porter Robinson and Audien. This will be the weekend’s largest concert club event, no question. Info at clubglow.com

Wednesday 7.03 – Latin Night @ Barcode

barcode wednesday

One of the best Latin parties in DC. If you’re into spanish and international music with a splash of Top 40 Hip-Hop this is for you. Kitchen open ’til Midnight. For more info visit www.barcodedc.com

21+ • No cover • Premium Happy Hour: 1/2 off drinks til 12 • Bottle Special: $100 Bacardi • Dress Smart.

Thursday 7.04 – Fireworks @ The National Mall


There is nothing more American than Independence Day fireworks in Washington, DC on the National Mall. Tens of thousands will come out for this surreal display of lights and pride. Starts at 9:10PM ends at 9:27PM. For more information visit www.nps.gov/foju/fireworks.htm

Thursday 7.04 – Glow & Friends @ Ultrabar

glow & friends ultrabar

Washington, DC’s only multi-room, multi-genre 100% EDM experience. Glow & Friends happen every Thursday and feature the biggest DJ’s and rising stars of dance music the world has to offer.

Main Room: Glow • Rave Floor: 3D, BADASS, Ov3rkill • The Vault: Trap/Moobahton • Chroma (VIP): Rotating genres

For more info visit www.clubglow.com/glow-calendar

Friday 7.05 – Fridays @Barcode

dc bars friday washington dc

Barcode is the place for young professionals in Washington, DC. Low key patio with hookah and bottle service (if that’s your thing), bar area, dance floor area, lounge area, it’s got it all. Kitchen open ’til Midnight. Check it out at www.barcodedc.com

Friday 7.05 – Fridays @ Ultrabar

ultrabar friday night dc

DC’s #1 Party Club. Need we say more? Visit www.ultrabardc.com for more info

Saturday 7.06 – Carnival @ Ultrabar

carnival washington dc

Ultrabar brings you its wildly popular ‘Carnival’ club night featuring free beads & masks, confetti blasts, balloon drops, samba dancers and a reckless crowd of people celebrating life because shit, why not? Formerly every Friday, Carnival at Ultrabar is now a special one-off thrown a few times a year on the road to Mardi Gras.

7 Bars, 5 Levels, 4 DJs spinning Top 40, House and International
$150 bottles of Stoli• (202) 271 1171
Ages 18+

Saturday 7.06 – Psychedelic Sea @ Echostage


BADASS Raves bring an experience like no other to DC’s largest, dedicated concert venue. Experience mermaids, super jellyfish, revenge of poseidon, massive seascape installations, uv bubbles, a costume contest and free rubber duckies for the first 300 ppl!

Info at www.echostage.com

Sunday 7.07 – Hip-Hip Brunch @ Barcode

It’s sort of like the DC Hip-Hop version of NY’s infamous Bagatelle Brunch. Dress up and head over on Sunday afternoon for a heavy dose of rap music, champagne and twerking.

Presented by Taz Events.

Visit the DC club guide to find out more about the best clubs in DC!


Cosmic Gate and Emma Hewitt return for a live performance for Glow at Echostage! May the 4th of July festivities begin!


It’s the Pajama Party edition of Ladies Night at Ultrabar! Pillows not included.

Coconut Night: 6/22 at Ultrabar

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summer parties washington dc

Drink from a coconut and get wasted at Washington’s #1 club for dance floor action! Ultrabar brings a fresh take on summer parties in DC!


DC’s #1 party celebrates 14 years with 4 of the world’s biggest dance music artists over 2 days at Echostage.

Ladies Night Sun Dress Party: 6/15 at Ultrabar

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sun dresses wash dc

Ladies – don’t worry about squeezing into that LBD or even cramming your feet into a pair of heels with red soles. Throw on this the latest in 2013 sun dress fashion, a pair of sandals and come get drunk with us at Ultrabar.

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