New Year's Eve 2014 at Ultrabar

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club glow echostage tickets

New Years Eve DC at UltrabarNew Years Eve DC at UltrabarPanorama Productions and Ultrabar present:

New Year’s Eve 2014

Ultrabar Nightclub
911 F Street NW
Washington, DC

  • 6 Bars, 5 Levels, 4 DJs
  • VIP tables on every level
  • Bookings at 202.638.4663
    (complimentary champagne w/ advanced bookings)
  • NYE is a 21+ event
  • Doors at 8PM
  • Dress Code in Effect
Table/VIP Pricing:
  • Main Floor (Top 40): $1,000
  • Chroma (Hip Hop): $800
  • Bedroom (Mashups, Top 40): $600
  • Mezzanine (Top 40): $800
  • Vault – Basement (Dance): $400
General Admission:
Bar Specials:
  • Open Bar 8PM – 9PM
  • House Champagne: $50
  • Moet Champagne: $80

We’ll be ringing in the new year with an all out affair at Ultrabar. Widely known as Washington DC’s #1 party club, Ultrabar has the space, music variety and overall vibe built for a serious New Year’s extravaganza. Come for a good time, a live countdown at midnight, all kinds of music, but most of all come to get absolutely wild for NYE 2014. Get your tickets now or get stuck waiting in line outside.

For tables call 202.638.4663 | For GA tickets visit

11 Things That Suck About Taking The Metro

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I love DC, but commuting can be a real bitch sometimes. Here are the things about the metro that drive DC residents and commuters crazy:

1.  People who walk slow on the escalators when you’re in a hurry.

slow people

2. When you are on your way to work (or anywhere for that matter) and you see this sign:


3. When you are forced to use the metro on a holiday or after a large event and it looks like this:


4. People who bring bikes on the car and do this:


5. Pole-leaners. *shudder*


6. People who don’t put enough money on their SmartTrip or deactivate it and cause a line during rush hour.

7. Drunk people coming home from the bar/club, when they do things like this:


Although sometimes this can be amusing.

8. Couples on crowded trains who do this:


9. People who travel with things like this:


Seriously, what is that?

10. When this happens:


11. Sometimes there are idiots who decide to do things like this:


You might as well call out of work now and find a good place to sit because you’re never getting out of that station.

Essentially, taking the metro makes me feel like this sometimes:


All images taken from Google.


Editor’s note: if we had a “What’s Not Hot in DC Nightlife” category this would go there. The only hot thing about the metro is waiting on the platform in the summer.

DC Promoter Goes Outside the Box with 'Rendezvous'

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The Competition Will Always Be There

washington dc concert spaces

A view from the prime real estate at NE DC’s year-old Echostage concert venue. It was voted #4 club in America in the 2013 DJ Magazine Top 100 Clubs poll.

Whether you’re into DC bars, lounges or clubs, one thing is clear: They’re all competing to show you a good time. From the no-frills bars on H street and upscale lounges of K, to the variety on U street and reckless EDM nights at Glow; DC is home to a wide range of independent and ‘corporate’ night life businesses.

Most venues and promoters work against each other.

Partnerships do exist, but generally it’s because of shared ownership somewhere. Panorama Productions (Ultrabar, Echostage, Glow, Barcode, Josephine) is trying something different.

Starting this Fall, Panorama will host ‘Rendezvous,’ a monthly affair that brings the competition together. Every month will feature Panorama promoting a new venue. It gives people a fresh experience and hopefully, a different take on the many options available in America’s #3 happiest place for young professionals.

This first installment happens Wednesday 10/2 on the Midtown rooftop.

The Midtown Partyplex is a DuPont Circle favorite, featuring multiple floors and tons of singles. With fall weather quickly approaching, there won’t be many rooftop nights left. Break up the week and join Panorama Productions as they go outside the box and inside a new location 1 night/month.

Click on the flyer for details.

best dc clubs

Midtown is a part of the Michael Romeo Group, owners/operators of Midtown/Midtown Loft, Dirty Martini/Dirty Bar, Tattoo, Lotus and the recently-closed Fur Nightclub. There is also talk of a new venue TBA in the near future.

6 Apps Everyone In DC Needs

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Sometimes living in the city can be hard. Not to worry though, I guarantee navigating your way through DC will get easier after you check out this list. Whether you’re a college student, intern, tourist, or a DC resident, downloading these apps will make you go from feeling like this:



To feeling like this:




Park Mobile1. Park Mobile

Cost: Free

Average User Rating: 4.5/5 stars

This app is a god-send for those of us like myself who have cars in the city. Park Mobile allows you to pay for parking at meters with your credit card using your phone. There are green signs/stickers posted all over DC that have zone numbers on them, all you need to do is enter that in, along with your license plate and credit card number and you’re all set. The zone number also helps keep track of where you parked your car (score!). Bonus: the app sends you an e-mail notification when your session is about to expire. You have the option to renew your session right there on your phone. No more scrambling for change (who even keeps change on them nowadays?) and running out in the middle of your dinner to feed the meter!


Capital Rails2. Capital Rails

Cost: $0.99

Average User Rating: 4/5 stars

Anyone who’s ever used the metro in DC knows that it can be an evil, temperamental beast. In the spirit of making your everyday life easier, Capital Rails provides real-time DC metro car arrivals for all of its lines. It also gives you access to a detailed map of DC’s metro system right there in your hand, and lets you know which station is closest to you so you can plan your route. The best feature of this app is that it notifies you of service disruptions (these will definitely happen) at upcoming platforms. If you’re new to DC or you commute using the metro, I cannot stress enough how much you absolutely need to download this app.


Explore DC3. Explore DC

Cost: Free

Average User Rating: 5/5 stars

The Washington Post put together this app for tourists, but it’s useful for those who are new to the area as well. To be honest there’s probably some things on here that people who actually live here haven’t even seen yet. There are sections in the app specifically tailored for what you’re looking to do. It lists museums, monuments and memorials, parks, events, and even has a section that lists things to entertain your kids.  The app lets you favorite locations you want to see, and gives you directions to get there. It also gives you pictures and interesting facts about the places you visit. Bravo, Washington Post.


MyTaxi4. My Taxi

Cost: Free

Average User Rating: 4/5 stars

Trying to get a taxi in any city can be stressful, especially on nights when everyone is out. Feel like you’re never going to get one? No problem. The MyTaxi app connects users to thousands of taxis in the DC area. The app allows you to conveniently pay on your phone with a credit card, and you can book taxis on the spot or up to 4 days in advance. You’re also able to see your driver’s name, photo, mobile number, estimated arrival time, vehicle class, license plate and passengers reviews. This app could be really useful for a DC walk of shame or a sober ride home after the club when it’s cold out.


Food Truck Fiesta5. Food Truck Fiesta

Cost: $0.99

Average User Rating: 4/5 stars

One of my favorite parts of DC is that it’s full of food trucks. They supply you with endless options of deliciousness Monday-Friday. What do you want for lunch today? Tacos? A lobster roll perhaps?  The Food Truck Fiesta app has got you covered. It allows users to locate their favorite food trucks around the city using their current location and see which ones are closest to them. Trust me, it’s worth the $0.99. Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover a new favorite!


Groupon & Living Social6. Groupon & Living Social

Cost: Free

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5 stars

Practically everyone is feeling the blow our economy has taken over the past few years. If you’re looking to have fun in DC without killing your bank account, these apps are perfect for you. Forget about clipping coupons, both apps bring you deals for cool things to do in DC (and other cities) everyday for 50-90% off of the original price straight to your phone. Seriously, who doesn’t love getting cool stuff at ridiculous discounts?!


Did I miss one? Leave a comment and tell me which apps you think are best!

DC Taxicab Commission Requires Cabs to Register by 8/15

washington dc taxi credit card
If you’ve ever run into the whole ‘I have a CC but no cash for this f***ing DC cab,’ thing, be excited. After a year-long process spearheaded by Mayor Vincent Gray and DC Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron M. Linton, all 6,500 Washington DC cabs are now required to accept credit cards!

It’s fine with me. I have no problem with it. I’ve been driving a cab for 42 years. A lot of these guys want cash money and don’t want no paper trail. These guys live in Maryland and Virginia and DC can’t tax them. Now they have to rent cabs in DC so DC can tax the company and have more of a clear record. I don’t mind. I’ve been doing the right thing.

– Anonymous OG DC cabbie

Here’s a condensed timeline based on (7) Washington Post articles:


After an 8-month legislative debate, lead sponsor Mary M Cheh (D-Ward 3) feels confident the last loose ends have been wrapped up and a bill requiring DC cabs to offer credit card payment options will pass. Relevant parties include independent cab companies, Uber, larger cab companies and Verifone, whose bid to supply 100% of the proposed credit card POS systems beat out several competitors.


At least (2) cabs in DC are now equipped with the VeriFone meters. Mayor Gray rides in a cab and pays by credit card. Issues regarding automated vs. print receipts and business-expense padding schemes become forefront issues. An injunction against the $35M VeriFone contract is issued by losing bidders.


The latest bump in the DC taxi credit card road was made when former city contracting officer John Dean’s bid analysis and handling of the contract came into question. A judge as well as the city’s Contract Appeals Board ordered to the city to “cancel the VeriFone contract and accept new bids from VeriFone, CMT and RideCharge.”


The idea was to have the credit card machines installed for Inauguration Weekend. And while the VeriFone contract issue remains in litigation, Mayor Gray and the city decide there’s no need for one standard point of sale taxi cab credit card system. They instead will allow cabs to choose their method of taking credit cards, as long as they actually do it. Interactive screens (like the ones in NY cabs), GPS and an emergency button (in case a driver is injured) are requirements as well.

Various credit card system developers are said to be providing the technology free of charge. Which is obviously great for taxpayers, cab companies and drivers alike. Systems are scheduled to be installed by March 30th. Representatives for VeriFone decline to comment… duh.


Now it’s getting pushed back to May…


Now it’s getting pushed back to August 31st… here’s how it affects you financially:

  • Base fare moves from $3 to $3.25
  • There will be a $1 for multiple passengers (not per passenger, $1 total)
  • $0.25 will be added to all rides
  • Baggage fees (and everything else) are gone – except for phone call pick up fees and snow fees

The average annual cost for the new system is estimated to be $970 per vehicle (incl. transaction fees, installation, maintenance and wireless fees). Instead of 1 vendor (VeriFone) there will be up to 9 different service providers. But that doesn’t really affect us.

The cool screens and stuff are required to be installed by December 1st.


DC cab owners who make a ‘bona-fide’ effort to install card readers now have until September 1st to get ‘er done. While city officials admit the plan isn’t moving as quickly as they had hoped, roughly 1,000 cabs in DC should have card readers by August 4th and 3,000 more by August 31st.

If drivers do not affiliate with a payment service provider by August 15th, their vehicles will be impounded come September 1st. Drivers will then be issued letters excusing them from the deadline.

And here’s a list of all the amazing places to go out in DC so you can utilize this new level of awesome 🙂

Beating the Heat in DC

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You’re probably sweating right now, it’s hot in DC! Sit back and relax, here are some ideas to keep your cool.

Why Trap Is The Next Big Thing

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If you haven’t heard of this incredible music genre yet then you better pay attention!


The man who coined the iconic phrase “I’m rich bitch!” If you ever saw Dave Chappelle’s iconic Comedy Central show then you know who Ashy Larry is.

mega glow washington dc echostage

The worlds of house music and dubstep collide when Cedric Gervais and 12th Planet perform together at Washington, DC’s top nightlife concert venue! Echostage was voted #4 club in America in the 2013 DJ Magazine Top 100 Clubs poll!


Armin van Buuren’s Intense Album Tour arrives at Echostage in Washington, DC on Saturday September 28th. YEEESSSSS!!!!!!

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