Life in Color “The World’s Largest Paint Party” Presents:

The 2014 Unleash Tour

Washington D.C. – Baltimore

Saturday September 20, 2014

Merriweather Post Pavilion Grounds





DC nightlife went hard in the paint last year for Life In Color‘s first festival ever! The festival featured a ferris wheel, zip lines, air bungees, gallons of paint, and massive DJ’s including Afrojack, R3hab, and Nicky Romero.

In 2014, its all about the “Unleash Tour”! “The Unleash Tour represents a lifestyle, a culture. Something that allows you to let go of all worries and just be yourself! It symbolizes freedom. There is no need to worry about labels, how you dress, or how you look. We want our fans to come to Life in Color and just be themselves…we want you to UNLEASH with us”

Join us as we transform Merriweather Post Pavilion into a massive paint party on September 20th. We can promise you an unforgettable experience!

“The World’s Largest Paint Party” tours around the world with the biggest names in electronic dance music (EDM), thousands of people, unique aerial acts, contortionists, stilt walkers, fire dancers, and of course……. massive amounts of PAINT!

Formerly known as DayGlow, Life in Color was founded on Florida college campuses in 2006 and quickly gained recognition nationwide as an unparalleled magical experience. “The World’s Largest Paint Party” unites thousands of fans with high-energy music, art, dance, and paint for an unforgettable adventure.


Summer is well underway and the heat is not the only thing pouring into the city. DC brings some of the biggest names in music, and this summer is no different. Whether you like tailgating in the sun out in Bristow/ various Maryland Pavilions or raging in DC’s nightlife, we have the details on the summer shows you’re looking for!


Daddy Yankee

daddy yankee


When: July 18th

Where: Echostage GA $58

Daddy Yankee helped coin the term Reggaeton when his singles began to top on the Billboards Top 200 chart. His ability to fuse Latin music with Hip-Hop is a favorite in the Clubbing Nightlife and always gets the party going.




When: July 25th

Where: Echostage GA $29

Machine Gun Kelly is the voice of this generation; his lyrics will attribute not only the party lifestyle in “Wild Boy”, but a deeper side to this artist. That doesn’t mean his ability to hype up any crowd won’t be there; MGK will always bring a show.


 Dave Mathews Band


When: July 26th

Where: Jiffy Lube Live

Ticketmaster: $40- $89

A favorite of all ages, Dave Mathews Band will bring a mix of new and old rock to this performance. It will be a family fun show and maybe bring back some blasts from the past.


Wiz Khalifa

When: July 27th

Where: Jiffy Lube Live

Ticketmaster: $33.50- $94.65

Rapper, Song-writer Wiz Khalifa is performing with Young Jeezy and Tyga in Bristow this July. The pavilion will be well lit at this show.


Rascal Flatts


When: August 2nd

Where: Jiffy Lube Live

Ticketmaster: $25- $255

A country favorite, Rascal Flatts is back again at Jiffy Lube Live for their annual show and a day of tailgating and music.

John Legend

John Legend


When: August 5th

Where: Pier Six

Ticketmaster: $50- $105

This 9 time Grammy winner is notable not only for collaborating with other artists but his own #1 chart topping album. 


Moonrise Festival



When: August 9th & 10th

Where: Pimlico Race Course

Moonrise Festival: $125

This two day event will feature four stages hosting a wide range of international, regional, and local EDM talent and live acts as well as visual artists, a vendor village, a Ferris wheel, and of course a massive audio and lighting production bigger and better than any we’ve done before.


One Direction

One Direction


When: August 11th

Where: Nationals Park

Washington Nationals MLB ticket page: $95+, prices vary for tiers, suites, and packages 

They are back again at Nationals Park by popular demand! These young performers became a global through X Factor, have released multiple chart topping singles and are still on the rise.


Linkin Park

Lincoln Park

Where: August 13th

When: Jiffy Lube Live

Ticketmaster: $35- $315

Linkin Parks is not just playing throwbacks at this one, their back with the most recent album ‘The Hunting Party’, they will continue to put on one of the best shows with a mix of past and present hits.


Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon 

When: August 15th

Where: Jiffy Lube Live

Ticketmaster: $29.50- $85

Kings of Leon are an amazing live rock show; with a good mix of American Rock and vocals. With old favorites like “Sex on Fire” and new favorites off their new album “Supersoaker”, definitely check this show out.


Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet 

When: August 16th

Where: Jiffy Lube Live

Ticketmaster: $36- $158

Calling Parrot heads everywhere, Jimmy Buffet is back and timeless. It’s the perfect summer event to attend with a margarita in hand, this country favorite is praised everywhere.


J Alvarez

 J alvarez

When: August 21st

Where: Echostage GA $23.20

Up and coming Reggaeton artist is bringing the biggest bash to end this summer. He will definitely bring you a hot night at Echostage with his Latin hits.

Dining Area
Main Dining Area
  • Venue type: Restaurant/ lounge
  • Amenities: Happy hour, Sunday brunch, Full menu, Happy hour menu, Full bar, Private events, Bottle service.
  • Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11pm- 2 am Friday- Saturday: 10 pm- 3 am
  • Cover charge: None
  • Dress code: Fashionable
  • Age requirement:  21+ on the weekend
  • Location: McPherson Square
  • Address: 1300 I street NW Washington DC 20005
  • Contact: 202-682-9500
  • Website:



Richard Sandoval’s newest DC hotspot is an upscale Latin restaurant serving authentic cuisine during the day, with full bars in both the dining and downstairs lounge areas. Everything in Toro Toro is perfectly Latin themed, from the furnishings to the Day of the Dead bottled beers. Boasting burning amber onyx walls, lush black leather couches, a lit-up bar, glowing orange countertops, and state-of-the art lighting system, Toro Toro creates an ambience of pure elegance.

On the main floor, you can enjoy the quiet, classy atmosphere at the bar, or candle-lit table to unwind from a long day. The happy hour includes reasonably priced and tasty appetizers and cocktails, featuring Latin-inspired dishes such as their chipotle hummus and smoked guacamole.

Located on the bottom level, the 5,000 sqft late night lounge provides an intimate and vibrant setting for guests to dance and converse.VIP tables are placed conveniently by the dance floor with comfy and chic couches for guests. Candles are lit next to plush booths to enhance the intimate ambience. Another notable aspect of this floor is the state-of-the art lighting system, with its beautiful array of bright colors and patterns. The flashing lights are perfectly timed to create a high-energy and sensual vibe on the dancefloor. The beautiful upscale interior is complimented with tasty, Latin-inspired drinks, exceptional service, and uplifting house music.

I would recommend Toro Toro for private events and celebrations. Tables provide an intimate setting for guests to enjoy delicious drinks and for you to have a great time with friends. They also come with excellent service. The VIP hostesses were very attentive and made sure to keep our table stocked throughout the night.

For bottle service specials and rates, call 202.682.9500. Toro Toro is also available for private events.

Written by Roma Moradian and Sana Alloo


Toro Toro Bar

VIP Seating

Toro Toro



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As technology approaches seeming to move at a pace faster than the rotation of the Earth, hiccups occur along the way that have potentially seismic consequences. If a DC club-goer and nightlife fanatic in the DMV, the recent banning of Uber and Lyft in the state of Virginia is one of these unintended consequences of technology moving faster than the laws can change. Sadly, this issue ultimately may affect  how hard you party and how much you go out, with the hurt potentially extending to the income of the very clubs that we enjoy in the DC Metropolitan area. If the state of Virginia cannot solve its issues with the developing ride-sharing economy, the impact on nightlife culture, though not immediate, will be significant.


The issue for Uber and Lyft is an issue that ride-sharing faces nationwide. Taxi and limousine services are heavily regulated and feature a series of licenses and insurance regulations that Uber and Lyft do not require. Thus, while Uber and Lyft succeed alongside taxis and limousines because they can serve all communities in an efficient, clean and comfortable peer-to-peer manner, they have also in theory been operation unlawfully since starting operation.

As a partygoer, imagine it like this. Say, as a DMV area partier, your favorite style of dance music is drum and bass, and while you like trap and electro, you want more drum and bass in the mix. Since traditional and well-regulated DC nightlife locales aren’t playing what you want to hear, you instead find a very unregulated warehouse rave that plays what you want, how you want it, and oftentimes exactly when you want to hear it, too. Let’s say that said warehouse gets very popular, and government regulators become aware of a) illegal partying, and b) a loss of potential revenue from licensing fees for the space. This is exactly what is happening with Uber and Lyft’s issue with the Virginia state government.


A statement issued by Lyft to In the Capital regarding the issue said the following: “many of the current regulations surrounding taxis and limos were created before anything like Lyft’s peer-to-peer model was ever imagined, we’re committed to continuing to work with state officials to craft new rules for this new industry. We truly believe that if we approach situations like this positively and collaboratively, we can work together with local leaders to greatly improve transportation access, safety and affordability.”
Of course, in a manner similar to our theoretical DC partying situation, Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles commissioner Philip Holcomb replied by saying, “I urge the citizens of Virginia to protect their families by using only companies that appear on DMV’s website as licensed transportation services. If it’s not on the list, it’s not recommended.”

The idea of potentially under or un-insured Uber or Lyft operators being involved in automobile accidents or other criminal incidents while transporting passengers is akin to going to said underground nightclub and being exposed to any great number of illicit activities or structural issues in the space. If the underground venue is not insured or licensed, the partygoer has no means by which to ensure that their legal recourse will be handled in a smooth and efficient manner. Thus, it’s not as if the state of Virginia is telling taxi service users to not use Lyft or Uber because they’re bad, they would prefer that people stick to better regulated means of transportation in the DC area.

Any regular DC nightlife fanatic that lives in Arlington County (or anywhere in Virginia for that matter) could tell countless horror stories about attempting to get back home from popular DC-area clubs like Northeast DC’s Echostage. DC-based cab drivers are fare-driven operators, and while one trip across the Potomac River can be a prosperous trip, it’s arguably much easier to pick up three separated fares (that could easily be worth more) in the same time it takes to cross the river and return to the city. Uber and Lyft’s peer-to-peer model almost assuring a driver service (more likely than not to suburban destnations) allows for a balance to occur in taxi services that actually benefits the existing cab companies who are oftentimes unwilling to transport someone to a relatively far-flung locale at a late – yet potentially high income – hour.

“Uber has been providing Virginians with safe, affordable and reliable transportation options, so the DMV’s actions today are shocking and unexpected,” Uber posted in a statement. However shocking these actions may be, the shock they may cause to DC”s developing nightlife economy may be more significant. If Uber and Lyft are taken offline in Virginia and an agreement is achieved that allows for a breadth and depth of taxi options in the DC Metropolitan area, then it’s likely the most worthwhile option. Just like as in dance music and potential DC partying options, when the underground and mainstream can unite, everyone benefits in the end.


Bottle Special:

$150 Stoli vodka


  • Main Floor: Dance & Top 40
  • Bedroom (second floor): Latin & International
  • Chroma: Hip Hop & Top 40
  • Basement: Mashups

Discount Admission: See Event Passes


Age Requirement and Dress Code:
Open to ages 18+, Proper ID and Attire is Required. Dress Smart. Guys: No shorts, boots, oversized tees, baggy jeans, tennis shoes, etc.. Girls: Keep it classy.

Learn more about Ultrabar Nightclub DC

Location, Info:
911 F St. NW Washington DC 20004. Nearest metro: Gallery Place. 202 638 4663
More details about Ultrabar

A staple of DC club events, Ladies Night at Ultrabar Nightclub DC features 6 Bars, 5 levels and 4 DJs.

Hardwood floors, marble bartops, stainless steel accents and pounding subs have made Ultrabar a DC nightlife destination for years. With VIP/private table seating available on all floors, its a place to go reckless on the floor and party in style with your friends.

Take an inside look at Ultrabar!

Ultrabar Front Door

The front door at Ultrabar DC

Ultrabar Chroma Bottles

Racks of top shelf drinks

Ultrabar Chroma Going Crazy

Partying in Chroma (4th Floor)

Ultrabar Bedroom VIP Tables

VIP Tables in the Bedroom (3rd Floor)

Ultrabar VIP Table Service

VIP Tables in the Mezzanine (2nd Floor overlooking Main Floor)

Ultrabar Table

VIP Tables on the Main Floor

Ultrabar Vault Level Basement

Rocking out in the Vault (Basement Level)

Ultrabar DJ Mixer Pioneer DJM 800 Nightclub DJ Microphone Back Panel RCA Plugs

The best DJs use the Best Equipment at Ultrabar, like the Pioneer DJM 800 mixer and CDJ 1000 MK3s

Ultrabar Front Door Columbia National Bank

Ultrabar is actually housed in a historic turn-of-the-century bank building

Ultrabar Chroma VIP

The VIP in Chroma

Beach Party: 7.25.14 at Ultrabar

By Garrett Blakeman in DC Nightlife, Ultrabar DC
Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 12:00pm. (Updated: 7/26/14 at 3:18am) Add comments

Grab your shades, your string bikini, and bring the beach to the club!

World Cup 2014 Kickoff: 6.14.14 at Ultrabar

By Garrett Blakeman in DC Nightlife, Ultrabar DC
Friday, April 4, 2014, 12:00pm. (Updated: 6/16/14 at 10:23am) Add comments

It’s that time of the year and futbol is in the air! Kickoff the most celebrated week in the world with us this Saturday, as we celebrate your teams journey to the World Cup!


Don’t spend Memorial Day stuck in traffic on your way to the beach. Get your suit, sandals, tanks and shades. Then make your way over to Ultrabar!

Ladies Night - Sundress Edition: 6.7.14 at Ultrabar

By Garrett Blakeman in DC Events, DC Nightlife, Ultrabar DC
Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 12:00pm. (Updated: 6/08/14 at 1:42am) Add comments

Summer is in the air, the sun is shining bright, and it’s the perfect time to try on that sundress that’s been collecting dust!

Carnival: 5.24.14 at Ultrabar

By Garrett Blakeman in DC Events, DC Nightlife, Ultrabar DC
Thursday, March 20, 2014, 12:00pm. (Updated: 5/25/14 at 3:11am) Add comments

Drawing inspiration from the biggest party in the world, Panorama and Ultrabar fuse elements of the Brazilian, Portuguese and Caribbean Carnivals as well as New Orleans Mardi Gras into one massive event.

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