Panorama Productions: NOW HIRING!

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Panorama Productions is NOW HIRING!

 Join our team of Event Coordinators, VIP Hosts, and Promoters!


Want to make some extra cash this summer? How about partying while doing it? Now’s your chance: Panorama Productions is hiring VIP Promoters!
  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Experience with club and/or party promoting
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Familiar with our venues (Barcode, Ultrabar, Echostage)
  • Must live in the DMV area
If you are energetic and social, have a big network of friends, and are over the age of 18: shoot us an email at and get your summer started! Please include your full name, contact info, and links to any social media websites.


Soundcheck: NOW HIRING

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Soundcheck DC  |  Soundcheck Facebook  |

Summer has finally arrived and DC! The best time of year for outdoor concerts, stadium-packed shows, and serious summer lineups. This summer is on pace to be one of the most epic so far: Foo Fighters, Nicki Minaj, the Moonrise Festival, and so much more. Better start budgeting your Summer cash now, because you are probably going to want to see all of these. And by probably, I mean definitely.

Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional

When: June 17, 2015
Where: Peir 6 Pavilion
Tickets: Ticketfly 

Tell the angst-ridden teen in you that is freaking out over this to take a couple of deep breaths and then reassure them that yes: this is indeed real. The emo royals who once ruled your AIM profile (don’t lie) and sang about “screaming infidelities” is reuniting for the first time in 5 years with none other than Third Eye Blind. Need I say more?


Panda Funk

ft. Dirty Audio, Deorro, Zoo Funktion, and Iez

When: June 26, 2015
Where: Echostage
Tickets: Wantickets 

“What good is art if no one gets to enjoy it?” Excellent question, Deorro. Panda Funk, lead by Deorro himself, is a west coast record label that prides itself on discovering new artists and letting them explore their capabilities. They aim to keep music as authentic and real as possible, and their show this summer at Echostage should prove to any skeptics just what they’re about.


Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary Blowout

When: July 7, 2015
Where: RFK Stadium
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Saying that this is a concert of colossal proportions would still be putting it mildly. To celebrate their 20th anniversary as one of the greatest, most influential rock bands alive (not to mention the coolest – have you ever read an interview with Dave Grohl? What a guy), the band is bringing together many of the groundbreaking American acts featured in their HBO docuseries, Sonic Highways: Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr., Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, LL Cool J feat. DJ Z-Trip – the list just goes on.

In the words of Wayne and Garth: We’re not worthy!


Taylor Swift

When: July 13-14, 2015
Where: Nationals Park

Leave a blank space in your calendar open! It’s time to party like it’s 1989! If you can’t make it one day, shake it off because there’s a second show!

I’ll stop.

But in all seriousness, my girl T-Swift deserves some credit: Her last album shattered the sales of whatever it was Justin Beiber put out and that is something everyone can get on board with. She’s also broken a few Guinness records that haven’t been touched (or realized) since the pre-Napster and mp3 days when TRL was the deciding factor of who achieved platinum status (#throwback #missyouCarson #rememberwhenDiddyranonthattreadmill?). And she’s coming to DC’s beloved Nationals Park.


Adventure Club

When: July 17, 2015
Where: Echostage
Tickets: Wantickets 

The Montreal duo started out as a pop-punk band, but after getting bored they switched to the high energy dubstep genre of EDM, generating their initial fan base with a remix of Brand New’s “Daisy”. Taking influence from Echostage veterans such as Tiesto, Skrillex, and Flux Pavillion, Adventure Club’s high energy Christian Srigley and Leighton James are no strangers to the festival circuit: appearing at both EDC Vegas and Ultra Miami in the past few years – their DC show will most definitely be worth checking out.


Nicki Minaj

When: July 22, 2015
Where: Jiffy Lube Live
Tickets: Live Nation

Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour hits Jiffy Lube Live this July, bringing special guests Meek Mill, Rae Sremmurd, Tenashe, and Dej Loaf with her. If the trap/rap/pop mix on her December ’14 album is any indication of this tour’s direction, it’ll definitely be a rager on pace with the over-the-top style and attitude we’ve all come to know and love.


Flo Rida

When: July 24, 2015
Where: Echostage
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Southern rapper Flo Rida makes his Echostage debut this July following his October 2014 EP release My House. Having performed and worked with artists such as DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and, of course, T-Pain (a collab which resulted in a Grammy win for “Low”), this show is sure to be a blowout. Tables and tickets are still available for now, but will more than likely sell out soon. If you want to be a part of this party, I’d get on it quick.


Milky Chance

When: July 27, 2015
Where: Echostage
Tickets: Ticketmaster

The German duo Milky Chance are quickly rising to fame with their laid-back blend of slinky dance beats, acoustic details, and soulful vocals. Their hit single “Stolen Dance” came out in 2013, but didn’t catch on stateside until late 2014.  When it did, though, the song shot to #39 on the Billboard Top 100 in just a few short weeks. Still not sold? Give “Down by the River” and “Flashed Junk Mind” a listen, I dare you to not immediately purchase tickets.


Moonrise Festival

When: August 8-9, 2015
Where: Pimlico Race Course
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Oh. Shit.

It’s back: two days of the best music Glow DC has to offer – which, coming from the people who put the #2 club in the country on the map, is a whole lot. Think Coachella just for EDM, but Coachella in it’s pre-commercialized golden days when it was more about the music and less about who was in attendance wearing godknowswhat (although, to be honest, the fashion will probably still be pretty awesome). Not as awesome as the acts themselves, though: check for lineup announcements leading up to the big day.


J. Cole

with special guests Big Sean, Jeremih, and YG

When: August 9, 2015
Where: Jiffy Lube Live
Tickets: Ticketmonster 

J. Cole brings his Forest Hills Drive tour to VA this Summer, accompanied by hiphop artist Big Sean, contemporary R&B singer Jeremih, and Compton rapper YG (you may recognize those last two from the radio-regular earworm “Don’t Tell ‘Em”). Approved and promoted by Jay-Z, J. Cole has been known to put on a energetic, diverse show: blending rap with jazz, R&B, funk, and neo soul with a love of storytelling. If anything, you should go to this purely for the “I heard it first” bragging rights –  Billboard is predicting big things for guy’s future.


Twenty One Pilots

with special guest Echosmith

When: September 8-9, 2015
Where: Echostage
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Anyone who has lived in the DMV area knows that September still counts as Summer, so finish yours off with a show that has been selling so well and so fast they added a second night. Animated indie-rockers Twenty-One Pilots mix elements of hip hop, hard rock, and pop into performances that have consistently left fans wanting more. Bonus: Echosmith is their special guest. Be there and be like the cool kids (zing!).


For more shows, updates, and other DCClubbing events: visit our Event Calendar and our friends at Club Glow and Echostage!

Glow Washington DC presents:

Panda Funk

Dirty Audio | Deorro | Zoo Funktion | Iez

June 26, 2015

 2135 Queens Chapel Road NE • Washington, DC


Panda Funk comes to Echostage this Summer! With special guests Dirty Audio, Deorro, Zoo Funktion, and Iez! Tickets on sale now!


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Robin Thicke with David Karim, courtesy

If a serious nightlife fanatic in the Washington, DC area, over the past three decades you’ve more than likely spent a night (or ten) in at least four (or more) restaurants or nightclubs which the Capital-based nightlife impresario David Karim has managed, curated or owned. With such a long and proud history, one may find that the George Mason University graduate with an Economics degree would be content with wanting to rest on his laurels. However, that’s far from the case.

“I was out every weekend anyway,” Karim says regarding his early days in DC nightlife in the late 80s and early 90s. “I was bartending to get through college, and somebody offered me a job at club called OPERA in Adams Morgan.” The hiring proved to be the catalyst for his future aspirations, as he continues, “[working in nightlife] was the same environment that I was in every weekend –  but I was making money, which is better than spending money (laughs).”

As a fresh college graduate, the current nightlife standard bearer saw his friends making “good money for being just out of college” with their business and economics degrees, but he wanted more. “I loved music and meeting people. I got into promoting (at Zei Club in downtown DC), as I felt like I knew as many people as guys like Masoud [Aboughaddareh, current owner of Lima Nightclub] and Antonis [Karagounis, current owner of Echostage] and thought I would be successful.” Karim’s roots with Karagounis are strong. “Antonis was doing Spy Club across the street.  When it closed, he moved the party to ZEI Club. A year later, the weekly event happening at ZEI, changed with the Grand opening of GLOW with Pete Kalamoutsos as the resident DJ.  The promotion changed to cater to an EDM sound and crowd, mostly with Trance music.”

Karim’s tastes extend far past just music these days, as his pairing of quality dining options and premium nightclub experiences across the city has become a staple of his brand. Regarding his twin interests, he offers a unique and honest opinion. “[Nightlife and food] are apples and oranges. The restaurant business is so much more detail-oriented than the nightclub industry. Nightlife is more trend-based and all about having your finger on the pulse of the trends. If you make a great steak, a steakhouse can be around for 50 or 60 years. [Comparatively] music changes. In the food business, if you have the best quality and the best service, the people will come, no matter what. [Insofar] as nightlife, it’s all about what’s “in,” and that’s what people go after.”

U Street bars Washington DC

Lost Society sits at the corner of 14th and U Streets, NW

Staying competitive in a revitalizing Washington, DC is clearly of importance to Karim, too. In regards to how he has remained vital, he offers this summation: “DC’s a little concerning. I’m 44 years old now and have been doing this for 26 years. The population is booming. You have areas like 14th Street and U Street. I have two locations there [14th Street’s Policy and U Street’s Lost Society] that are thriving, but downtown is not about bottle service anymore – it’s all about business lunches and happy hours.” With respect to serving this new demographic, he has a plan. “The late night is disappearing. People want to go to bars. The economy has boomed here, though, with defense contractors and IT companies locating here, and they want that hybrid experience of a restaurant and bar with a late-night aspect to it.”


The interior of The Gryphon.

David Karim’s plan has seen him open a series of nightclub/restaurants which he sees providing a sustainable solution for the evolving state of the DC party scene. “Lost Society and Gryphon [blend] a cool steakhouse with a DJ. I believe that’s a concept that was needed in DC. I love food – especially steaks – and enjoy having a party scene in the same venue, too. We do the same concept with a different menu at a second location with Gryphon. I want to grow the brand, do something on H Street in DC, or maybe something in Arlington. I thought of it, I executed it, and it’s doing well.”

With a seemingly ever-growing plethora of nightlife locales under his control and vision, David Karim blends a sharp awareness of history with an eye on his customer’s happiness and a curiosity about the future to create a blueprint for success. Regarding said success, Karim – as always it seems – keeps his ultimate motivations simple, possibly only to hide the complexities in execution. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do what we do in the nightlife business. There’s a balance between business savvy and partying. However (clearly in more ways than one), I’m always hungry.”


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Courtesy Hooman Pedram

DC nightlife would not be the same without him: read how nightlife entrepreneur Hooman Pedram helped launch the industry in our nation’s capital.

Alesso: 4.3.15 at Echostage

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The one and only Alesso returns to Echostage in Washington DC this spring! Tickets are on sale now and are going fast – get yours before they sell out!

El Centro D. F.

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Enjoy quality Mexican cuisine? Love a lively atmosphere? Do you like tequila? Featured recently in The Washingtonian, Washington City Paper, on ABC 7, and Food Network, this Zagat top-rated bar is a must see.

The Gryphon

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If you want a night to sit back, relax, and enjoy a few high quality drinks with the company of good friends in a comfortable yet modernly stylish atmosphere, The Gryphon is definitely the place for you.


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Manor has everything you could ask for in a lounge: Delicious menu, great drinks, cool atmosphere, and a great location (not to mention the awesome view of Connecticut Ave out the 2nd story floor-to-ceiling windows).

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