A Night in White

Ultrabar August 3 White PartyWhat:

August White Party


Friday August 3, 2012


Ultrabar Nightclub
911 F Street NW
Washington DC, 20004

Extra Info:
  • Free Bottle of Champagne for:
    – Groups of 6 (girls)
    – Wearing White
    – 21+
  • Ages: 18+
  • Dress Code: All White
  • Free entry w/ DC VIP pass
Additional Drink Specials:
  • $4 Coronas
  • $6 Rum & Coke
  • $6 Sex on the Beach Shots

A night in white at Washington DC’s premiere, 5 level nightlife destination. Get your linen pants, button downs, and keep it cool as we celebrate summer in style.

Fridays: Carnival at Ultrabar

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DC Nightlife Hosts World’s Biggest Party… Every Week!











Club nights in Washington DC are about to get a little crazier…

Carnival Fridays at Ultrabar Nightclub, featuring:

Click Here for Free/Reduced Entry

Drink Specials

  • Free Jello Shots for Ladies
  • $6 Hurricanes
  • $5 Soco & Lime shots
  • $4 Corona
  • $3 Bud Light

Table/Bottle Special:

  • $175 Ciroc (VIP Table Service)
  • $150 Bacardi  (VIP Table Service)

And More!

  • Free Beads & Masks
  • Confetti Blasts
  • Balloon Drops
  • Live Performers
  • 6 Bars, 5 Levels, 4 DJs
  • Bottle Service: 202.271.1171

Panorama Productions is excited to bring Carnival to DC nightlife every Friday at Ultrabar Nightclub.

Drawing inspiration from the biggest party in the world, Panorama and Ultrabar fuse elements of the Brazilian, Portuguese and Caribbean Carnivals as well as New Orleans Mardi Gras into one massive event.

With free party favors, balloon drops, confetti blasts and live performers, Carnival at Ultrabar is DC nightlife’s escape to the no-holds-barred party world.
Carnival at Ultrabar

The White Party - Fri 07.06.12 [Ultrabar]

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A Night in White

white party summer 2012 washington dcWhat:

July White Party


Friday July 6, 2012


Ultrabar Nightclub
911 F Street NW
Washington DC, 20004

Extra Info:
  • Free Bottle of Champagne for:
    – Groups of 6 (guys or girls)
    – Wearing White
    – 21+
  • Ages: 18+
  • Dress Code: All White
  • Free entry w/ DC VIP pass
Additional Drink Specials:
  • $6 Hurricanes
  • $5 Soco & Lime shots
  • $4 Corona
  • $3 Bud Light

A night in white at Washington DC’s premiere, 5 level nightlife destination. Get your linen pants, button downs, and keep it cool as we celebrate summer in style.

Nightclub Promotions: Now and Then
Panorama Productions owner Antonis Karagounis examines changing trends in DC nightlife promotions


Follow me on Twitter @AntonisDC

We used to dance to Ace of Base, do the Macarena, and spice up our lives with everyone’s favorite girl group. Now it’s all about Avicii, “Call Me Maybe,” and LMFAO. In fashion, we’ve traded parachute pants and Jordans for skinny jeans and a resurgence of low-cut shoes.

More importantly, Washington, DC’s population has become younger and more educated. An influx of expendable income has caused significant growth in our city’s hospitality industry. New money has brought gentrification, cleaned up DC’s neighborhoods, and opened new bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. DC is no longer just a “functional” city, but a “fun” city as well. Case and point, the weekly Glow parties (started in DC in 1999) were listed amongst the top 8 “Best U.S. Clubs” at Winter Music Conference in 2011 and 2012.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, is how we acquire information.

DC nightlife has always been a promoter-driven market.

The “scene” was once dominated by a select handful of event companies, including Panorama Productions, Masoud A Productions, Marc Barnes, Lindy Promo, Event Concepts, Buzzlife and Mad Power Unit. Of these, only Marc, Masoud, and Panorama are still relevant. The list of new clubs and bars, however, continues to grow.

This nightlife boom has ushered in a new mindset amongst workers and watered down what it once meant to be a “promoter.” How and why? Two reasons:

  1. Social media has destroyed the entry barrier to running a successful party or promotions company.
  2. Venues are opening without long-term business models or accurate assessments of consumer demand.

Social Media
The great equalizer? Not exactly.

too many social media eventsEveryone and their grandmother has a Facebook page. If you have 1,000 friends and 200 Twitter followers then it’s easy to become a promoter, right?

This philosophy has saturated the market (and your news feed) with an overflow of pointless messages. Unless you’re a “real life” friend of this “promoter,” or actually like the DJ who’s performing, this information provides zero value to you. Simply put, Facebook has become a promoter’s playground.

Social media has basically eliminated the $5-10k start-up money promotions companies once needed for flyers, graphic designers, email lists and a website. Since there’s no longer an entry barrier, most of today’s promoters are “boom and bust.” They might bring a ton of people one night but fail to produce the next. This creates a high turnover rate and thus unpredictable and unreliable events.

10 years ago, a good promoter could bring 400 people to a single party. Today, most club owners are happy if a promoter can bring over 30. Now it usually takes 5-6 promotion groups to get a 400 capacity venue busy.

Differentiate. And please, maintain control.

Far too many club owners have a skewed perception of how effective social media promotion really is. They’re placing the success and future of their venue(s) in the hands of amateurs looking for a quick buck. Kids with a lot of Facebook friends can walk into a venue and get any deal they want if an owner is desperate to pay next month’s rent. But these kids may leave the venue after a couple months. Then what? Without sustainable business models, these places often close down after just a few years.

armin van buuren glow washington dc

Armin van Buuren at DC Armory (Nov. 2011)

New venues open and compete for the same crowd. DC is growing younger and deserves great entertainment, but the supply is outpacing the demand.

The list of nightclubs and bars keeps growing. There are outdoor parties, boat parties, pool parties, festivals, stadium concerts and more. Nightlife fans are overwhelmed!

While there will always be a new venue trying to capture a piece of the pie, most are failing to offer a different experience. Too many aspiring owners see another venue’s popularity and try to duplicate it. They’re borrowing (and stealing) the concept, design and even audience.

The best venues are the ones with resolute concepts that provide for a unique customer experience, not the ones who recycle. As the phrase goes, “often imitated but never duplicated!”

My Advice to Owners

As a nightclub, bar, or entertainment property owner, how can you resist letting Facebook all-stars run the show while still maximizing your bottom line? They key lies in your promoters.


diverse crowd

Who do you want at your party? Tell your promoters!

A promoter’s crowd alters the concept of your space. Age, gender, sex, race, orientation, nationality, education, income – Understanding the demographic a promoter brings is critical to running a successful venue.

Telling promoters to “just bring people” without understanding who they bring generally doesn’t work unless your event is already well established.


Explain to them what type of clientele you’re looking for.

An all-Latin event can work great on the weekend at Cuba Libre. It’s a Latin restaurant/lounge. Weekend events at Barcode, an American restaurant/bar/lounge, require a top 40 mix. Barcode is, however, capable of hosting Latin events on an off-night. The DJ must work in some top 40 with their Latin mix to accommodate everyone.

Bottom line: Don’t let promoters alter the concept of your place. Cut them slack on off-nights but maintain control.


While giving a night to promoters is an easy way to boost revenue, it’s temporary and dangerous.

You’re allowing someone with no vested interest in your business to control the brand. Next thing you know, your promoters are leaving for a newer, trendier place; or one that pays better. And what do you have left?


DO NOT let promoters check IDs, hire security, run your table lists, book your DJs, etc.  This is your business. You will inevitably lose your liquor license with operations in the hands of promoters.

At many ABC hearings, not surprisingly, I’ve heard owners justify their liquor law violations by blaming the promoters who ran the night.


Is promoting as we once knew it really dead? Not exactly. While remnants of old school tactics still exist, the times have certainly changed. There’s more clutter and a lot more amateurs out there. But the fundamental idea still exists: people want to have fun. They need a resource directing them to the best parties in town. As one of my dear friends, and in many ways a mentor likes to put it:

“The value of a promoter is not what he brings to your business, but what he takes away when he decides to leave.”

—  Masoud A

I’ll leave you with this:

Social media is powerful when utilized correctly. Watch out for confident amateurs with lots of friends and zero track record. Before opening a new venue, make sure there’s actual consumer need in both your neighborhood and city. Evaluate whether your property will be a boom-bust craze or a sustainable business.

With so many choices and information thrown at today’s nightlife crowd, only organized parties with strong promotions will remain standing at the end of the day.

Best Frozen Summer Drinks in DC

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Where to find the best frozen drinks in DC

It’s heating up and there is nothing more refreshing than a frozen drink on a hot, sticky day. Summers in DC don’t have to be full of sweaty suffering.  You know the days: when your cu-lots are sticking to your inner thigh and your hair is frizzy and pressed to your dripping scalp. Your sunglasses keep slipping off your nose, your shirt has turned a darker shade of it’s former self, and swamp ass is setting in.

Never fear, Slurpees and alcohol will be your new bff and aid in your recovery from the summer heat!


Barcode Patio Parties DCLocation:

1101 17th St NW DC 20036


The ultimate lounge area with dining area/dance floor and sliding glass-door-panels in the spring/summer to create an indoor/outdoor ambiance. A no cover/no dress code policy promotes a relaxing vibe in a modern setting.

Specialty Drinks:

In addition to the extensive drink menu created by super Mixologist Ari Wilder, Barcode stepped it up this summer by adding frozen drinks and drunken snow cones which are sure to cool you off and get you tipsy during the summer swelter.

  • $8 Frozen Margaritas
  • $7 Drunken Snow Cones

Cantina Marina

Cantina MarinaLocation:

600 Water St SW DC 20024


DC’s only waterfront restaurant and bar, situated on a dock over the Washington Channel with great views, frozen drinks, and a casual dining menu.

Specialty Drinks:

Daily specials like the $7 Milagro margaritas with a Patron Citronage floater or Tito’s Frozen Texas Hurricane.



3241 M ST NW DC 20007


What was once Hook, the now two-story, 5,000 square foot, high-energy modern Mexican space Bandolero, reflects a Day of the Dead motif in the heart of Georgetown. The restaurant is run by celebrity chef  Mike Isabella, known as a tough-talking Top Chef competitor and the chef behind hot new DC restaurants Graffiato and Bandolero.

Specialty Drinks:

The cocktail list is heavy on tequila and mezcal. Margaritas of all flavors, frozen and on the rocks, but the bright prickly pear frozen margarita is not to be missed.



1792 Columbia Rd NW DC 20009


A total hole in the wall located at the top of the hill in Adam’s Morgan, right by District Nightclub. Go for the tacos or a cheap brunch, then stumble out an hour later after drowning yourself in their super strong margaritas.

Specialty Drinks:

Super strong frozen margaritas!



2444 Wisconsin Avenue DC 20007


Surfside is a casual spot where you can get great grilled tacos and sip on margaritas inspired by the beach cuisines of the world.
Surfside is all about a laid-back atmosphere and perfect for a quick bite or frozen drink complete with a rooftop deck.

Specialty Drinks:

Enjoy a frozen margarita or tropical blended drink.

Frozen margaritas $7.95 /pitchers $26.95 and half pitchers $13.50

Foxy’s Ocean Water – Vodka, Chambord, Blue Curacao, and 7-Up- Frozen

Art and Soul’s

Art and SoulLocation: 

415 New Jersey Ave., NW DC 20001


Run by Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef, Art Smith, this Capitol Hill Restaurant is  a destination restaurant in The Liaison, Smith presents his renowned fresh and modern regional cuisine with a Southern accent.

Art and Soul offers indoor and outdoor patio seating in a relaxed elegant setting and true southern hospitality and was Winner of Wine Enthusiast magazine’s “America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants of 2011″.

Specialty Drinks:

Sno-cone cocktails: they have the laurel park: strawberries, cucumber, Pimm’s with St-Germain and sparkling rosé.



1520 14th Street NW DC 20005


Estadio, which means “stadium” in Spanish, is a contemporary Spanish restaurant located in DC’s fashionable Logan Circle neighborhood. The menu offers a creative take on traditional Spanish cuisine and inventive beverage program. 

Specialty Drinks:

Move over 7-eleven! Estadio is serving up Slushitos (slushees)!

  • Grapefruit, Bourbon, Chamomile ~ 9
  • Coconut, Rum, Lemongrass, Lime ~ 9



1301 U St NW DC (U Street Corridor), 3500 Connecticut Avenue NW DC, 3345 14th Street NW, 1724 Connecticut Ave NW DC (Dupont Circle)


Mexican themed restaurant and bar in 4 different locations in DC. All locations provide a laid back atmosphere and great happy hour specials!

Specialty Drinks:

Lime, Strawberry or the matrimonio frozen margarita (strawberry + lime). $5.50 for happy hour or $27 pitchers until 7PM. Add $2 shot of Chambord, Midori, or Blue Curacao. Or the “The Super Margarita”, which is a frozen margarita doused with a Corona.

Ted’s Bulletin

Ted's Bulletin DCLocation:

505 8th Street Southeast DC 20003


Located in Barrack’s Row,  a classic diner / soda fountain set up in the middle of the Eastern Market area, with a great bar, breakfast all day, and great dinner and lunch specials that just happens to serve boozy milkshakes.

Specialty Drinks:

Alcoholic Milkshakes:

Grasshopper (Kahlua and creme de menthe); White Russian (vodka and Kahlua); Twisted Coconut (coconut rum, Key Lime Pie, coconut rum Bananas Foster, and banana rum); Buzzed Berries (raspberry schnapps/ rum); Dirty Girl Scout (peppermint schnapps) for the low price all for the low price of $8.99!

Lauriol Plaza

Lauriol PlazaLocation:

1835 18th Street NW DC 20009


Widely popular, affordable, Tex-Mex and Latin American dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere. A place where you might have to wait for a table but it’s worth it while you drink pitcher after pitcher of margaritas on the rooftop.

Specialty Drinks:

Pitchers and swirls – Margaritas frozen or on the rocks, lime or strawberry, anyway you choose is a win win!

Little Miss Whiskey

Little Miss WhiskeyLocation:

1104 H Street NE DC 20002


Atlas District hideaway with no sign on the door, cheap beer and a glitzy purple and gold decor, technicolor rock posters and loud tunes. It’s a fun place to be when you find yourself on H street after the sun goes down, particularly if you’re already a little hammered.

Specialty Drinks:

Little Miss Whiskey’s famous Frozen Peach Slushee drinks

To cool off in the pool this summer, get wet with DC Clubbing’s DC Summer Pool and Pool Party Guide

A Girl's Summer Fashion Guide to Lace & Crochet

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DC is #1 for Drunkest Singles in America

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drunk girls in club

According to a recent poll, DC is synonymous with heavy drinking and partying! Yep, we’re #1, beating out Las Vegas, Miami, NYC, and LA!

Get Wet this Summer in DC

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Summer Pool Parties

DC Summer’s are hotter than a whorehouse on nickel night! Unlike the sprawling suburbs, city dwellers have to look a little harder for a pool or a pool party. However, they they do exist!

Ladies, Go Buy Now: High Fashion Sneakers

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high fashion womens sneakers

Looking to replace your high heels with something more comfortable but still club-appropriate? We’ve got your covered. F*** heels, we came to dance!

The Top 50 DJs in Washington DC

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The best DJs in Washington DC: DC clubbing’s top 50 DJs as voted by the fans of DC nightlife. Featuring the best of dance music, Latin, hip-hop, mash up, pop, international and more!

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