President's Day Party in DC: Sun 02.19.12 [Ultrabar]

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Sunday Funday is Back for President’s Day!

DC clubs open on 2/19

DC nightlife President’s Day party

Drink Specials:

  • $20 Open Bar (Beer + House Drinks)
  • $100 Table/Bottle Special




Sunday February 19


Doors at 10PM

No work Monday means Sunday Funday at Ultrabar!

Tuesdays: Half-Price Wine at Barcode

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Wine Specials in Washington DC begin with Barcode

You don’t have to slam shots and pound beers to have a great time. Barcode features amazing wine, beer and specialty drink selections to accent its Modern American kitchen. Allow an accommodating staff serve you in an upscale DC nightlife restaurant/bar/lounge. Sit back and enjoy the heated patio, 42″ HDTVs, 70″ HD projectors and the company of friends. With a kitchen open ’til midnight, Barcode is the ideal place to unwind after work, have a few and call it a night, or serve as your destination.

  • Happy Hour 3 – 7PM
    Half-Off rail drinks and wine by the glass
  • Half-off all bottles of wine all day/night

wine bars in washington dc

In addition to the current menu, Barcode recently added five new reds!

The World’s Largest Paint Party is Back!

Alesso Dayglow washington dc tickets


  • Alesso

  • David Solano

  • Matt Goldman


Saturday April 14, 2012


RFK Stadium Grounds




Purchase your tickets here via Ticketmaster

Day Glow returns to Washington DC night life to once again leave its mark on DC concerts history.

Featuring rising Swedish house star Alesso, 2012’s Day Glow will prove to be one of the biggest and best yet!

With cirque-style live acts, the biggest DJs in the world, thousands of fans and tens of thousands of gallons of paint; The Day Glow tour has made its mark throughout the nation as one of the top club/event experiences.

Thursdays: International Night at Barcöde

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International parties in DC, live at Bar-Code every Thursday

Featuring the best Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Greek and European music by DJ Delbar

international parties in dc


  • Large heated patio
  • Extensive hookah/shishah menu
  • Kitchen open ’til midnight

VIP Options

  • VIP lounge area w/ Private Bar
  • Ketel One Vodka: $150
  • Jack Daniels: $150

Extra Info

  • Doors: 10 – 2
  • 21+, No Cover
  • Dress: Casual with class


– 38 beers + Seasonal Picks
– 19 white wines
– 19 red wines
– 14 sparkling
– 12 specialty cocktails
– 04 non-alcoholic coolers
Bottle Service Menu
– Hookah/Shishah: $30
– (10) 42″ HDTVs
– (2) 70″ HD Projectors
Restaurant Menu

International Thursdays at Barcode
pres. by Masoud A, hosted by Aslan A.
Barcode Restaurant, Bar and Lounge
1101 17th Street Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20036-4704

(202) 955-9001

Best Ways to Get Kicked Out of the Club

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Surefire Ways to Get the Boot

There’s nothing like getting wasted and grinding on your girl while swinging her bra around your head… ’til you see the flashlight in your face and feel a bouncer’s arm around your neck. People watch in disgust as cabs drive by you in that puke-stained shirt.  It has happened to the best of us, so here is what to avoid!
Underage Drinking

underage drinkingThis is a no-brainer! What? The big “X” on your hand didn’t tip you off?

Though there are plenty of under 21 nightclubs in DC, save the drinking until your 21. Your waistline will thank you, and so will security.

If you must drink pre-21, hop the border to our neighbors in Mexico or Canada and enjoy the hangover!

The Runaway

stealing from the barSomewhere between the bar and the front door must lay the Bermuda Triangle.Why people guzzle down drinks then disappear without paying is a mystery.

It’s the same as walking into the mall and walking out with unpaid merchandise.Maybe a security tab stapled onto guest’s nuts would keep them from walking out.

Touching the Dancers

glow girlsLook, but don’t touch!

Dancers like DC nightlife’s Glow Girls are there to get you dancing, not to get you off. Think of it like a zoo animal and keep your fingers out of the cage.

Sloppy Drunks

Binge DrinkingIt can be hard with so many drink specials, but drinking past your limit is dangerous to your health and more importantly annoying to everyone.

Stumbling around like a drunken buffoon just leads to fights, messy puking and the risk of a DUI!


Can’t we all just get along?

Alcohol + the typical macho douche bag =unnecessary brawls

Why get thrown out of the club and into a cop car?

Frisky Business

Club PDASave the aggressive PDA for your mom’s basement.  Removing articles of clothing and/or humping like dogs in heat in the middle of the dance floor is gross.

Two thumbs up for your exhibitionist spirit, but it’s better suited for soft-core porn than a public place.


Puke in ClubKeep a lid on your bodily fluids.

Can’t hold it in? Try an adult diaper.

Throwing up is so High School! Know your limit!

Save the spitting for the baseball diamond and if the unspeakable  is your issue, there is a nice room waiting at Shady Pines Retirement Village.

Inventive Weaponry

Hair PickCarrying a weapon will make sure you do not enter the nightclub, though in the heat of an alcohol fueled rage clubbers creative senses may heighten.

Your new stiletto heels= Blunt Force Object

Hairspray= Easy mace in a pinch

                    That pic sticking out from your fro= Knife Fight

Disrespecting the Bouncer

Big BouncersSometimes bouncers will give you a warning before kicking you to the curb.

This is your one chance to redeem yourself.

No need to dig your own grave by fighting with the bouncer, he may be an escaped convict, a bounty hunter, a cop, or just bigger than you.

Grab Bag

Grabbing Girls at ClubsUnwarranted grabbing at other guests is a sure fire way to get thrown out.

Would you grab someone at Starbucks or in passing on the street? NO!

If you would, you are probably already shunned from society or sharing a cell at the DC Correctional Institution.

Hot Pockets

tipsBusy bartenders may not get a moment to immediately pick up their tips off the bar.

Helping yourself to their money, or trying to pawn off another customer’s tip as your own is a great way to piss off the bartender and be escorted out, sober, and alone.

Wrecking Ball

trashing barAVOID!!!

Throwing glassware

Jumping on furniture

Destroying club property

Though a common practice of rockstars in hotel rooms, or gorillas in a cage, throwing property is a no-no.

Passing Out

Passed OutThe pass out is akin to the narcoleptic. One moment, fine, the next…

“Yeah! Party! Woo Hoo, I love this….” THUMP!

You definitely don’t want this to be you, especially if you are wearing a dress.

Murder on the Dancefloor

Clubs can be very territorial.

Make sure not to over step your bounds and try to move in on the owner’s wife/girlfriend.

Castration may follow!

Some people come to a nightclub looking for trouble. Others can’t handle their liquor interact socially with others. No one likes to be asked or told to leave an establishment, especially when they paid to get in. If security has reminded the guest several times about their conduct, it will come as no surprise when they’re finally asked to leave. remember, what gets you thrown out may also get you in trouble with the law!

Chi Cha Lounge

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DC hookah lounges

Chi Cha is one of the best hookah bars in Washington! The lounge has one of the best atmospheres in DC nightlife; mixing a dance floor abd comfortable lounge and laid-back and excited 20-somethings together for a great time.

U-Street Music Hall

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U Hall Washington DC

Home of arguably the best sound system in DC nightlife, U Street Music Hall aka U-Hall has been a favorite of DC clubs since opening in 2010. It’s minimal approach and maximal bass caters to the ‘be who you are, let’s party and go nuts’ kind of crowd looking for underground DJs and DC concerts.

CLOSED: Buddha Bar DC

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Buddha Bar washington dc

Washington DC nightlife club guide: Once the most popular place to be throughout the world, Buddha Bar in recent times has lost its trending status. The ambiance and service however, remain at the top of the class.

house clubs in washington dc

Tweet GLOW Washington DC presents: Chachi Opening set by DJ Logue Friday Janaury 27, 2012 Josephine 1008 Vermont Ave NW Washington, DC 20005 (202) 347-8601 Table reservations: (202) 271-1171 Doors at 10pm, Ages 21+ From: USA (Long Island) | Style: House Famous Tracks: Lights rmx, Avicii Tweets My Road bootleg, Glowing Money is Hot […]

DJ Pauly D - Sat 02.25.12 [Glow at Fur]

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DJ Pauly D 2012 tour

DJ Pauly D and DC nightlife go together like guidos and hair gel. Seriously! Every time he comes to Club Glow things get seriously out of hand… and we love it!!!

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