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Get ready DC nightlife! MTV’s Jersey Shore returns to Seaside for round 3 this Thursday, 1/6/11 at 10pm. Want to see Pauly D in person? All you have to do is head over to Fur Nightclub on 1/29/11 to see him spin at DC’s world-famous Glow party!

5 sure-fire ways to avoid ruining your New Years Eve 2011

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DC New Year's Eve Washington DC

OK: You’ve got your tickets, you’ve got your best outfit ready to go, shined your shoes, bought some booze, made dinner reservations, and planned your night to perfection.  What could possibly go wrong?  Everything.

Murphy’s Law is like a five year old kid on a temper tantrum, completely bent on breaking anything you’ve planned to perfection while wearing tiny shoes.  So here’s five sure-fire ways to keep your New Year’s Eve 2011 from turning into a total shitshow.

5. Get tickets early

Tickets to New Years Eve DC

The world favors those who plan ahead.  Why? Because nobody ever actually does it. That’s why tickets for New year’s eve in DC are dirt cheap in November, then go up in price as the date gets closer.  Of course, this shocking revelation won’t help you today, but perhaps in the future it will.

"It took 10 years, $3 million, and most of my hair, but now I can go back in time and save $14.00 on my New Year's Eve tickets!"

Getting tickets early also makes your life a lot easier because then you can make dinner reservations, book a hotel, and create other fun activities around the night because now the main part of your evil plan is already locked down.  And don’t worry about commitment issues, most people end up going with the first thing they think of anyways, so chances are good that your $30 won’t be spent in vain.

4. Carefully Choose your group

A big part of having a good time is having a good group to party with.  And while most of your friends will be perfect for celebrating New Year’s Eve, you have to recognize the bad apples and weed them out before they cause trouble and ruin your night.

When I say “bad apples” I really mean “bad drunks”.  But because its hard to criticize our friends, we’ll just lay it out straight and tell you to Leave these types of friends at home:

Lindsay Lohan Fails

"I love buying expensive and sexy clothes so I can puke all over them at the end of the night"

The hot party girl: She’s a total flirt, rips up the dancefloor at every club, is drop dead gorgeous, and absolutely loves to drink.  Best of all, she’s gained the reputation for getting smashed and hooking up with anything that has a pulse.  Sounds like a winning combination, right?

Don't even think about it.

Well, if you like babysitting unconscious chicks and wiping vomit off 5 inch stilettos, then by all means go right ahead and take her with you.  These girls can’t handle their booze.  Don’t be surprised if your “sure thing” turns out to be the key to perfecting your infant parenting skills.  The rest of us will be partying and celebrating while you brush the puke chunks from your hair.

And then there’s the belligerent drunk…

Not exactly the best drinking buddy. Especially if your enjoy Matzo and Challah.

There’s also the depressed drunk, the disappearing drunk, and the gassy drunk, as well as myriads of others.  The point of all this is know what type of drunk your friends are before inviting them out for a night on the town!

Speaking of which…

3. Know what type of drunk you are

“Judge not, lest ye be judged” So lets take some notes on how to make sure your friends won’t label you Mel Brooks every time you go out drinking and end up driving drunk, fighting with the police, and shouting anti semetic epithets from the backseat of a soiled police cruiser.

Lucky Clown

Vomiting wouldn't be so bad if all we puked up was sparkles, stars, and fucking rainbows all night.

Pace yourself.  New Year’s Eve is a long night, and if you are drinking the whole time, you will fail in an epic fashion.

Fortunately, you are an experienced drinker and know how much it takes to get yourself to that optimum drunkenness level.  And you also know that alcohol does not immediately take effect the moment you swallow it. You know that 1 beer = 1 wine = 1 booze.  So don’t “conveniently” forget that information the moment you step inside the bar.  Watch yourself.  Know your limits.

passed out drunk peeing street corner

You might end up like this winner who passed out while peeing and talking on the phone a couple blocks away from a now-closed DC club.

AND REMEMBER: Even when you’re drunk, you still know that its wrong to touch that girls butt, a bad idea to punch the guy who looked at you, and is probably stupid to hop on a ceiling fan and cluck like a chicken with a bottle in your ass.   Drunk is not actually an excuse for being a douche, and you know it.

2. Be prepared

Lets face it, stuff happens.  You can either be prepared to enjoy life or you can completely fail.  If you want to have a good New Year’s Eve, you’ll make some appropriate preparations.

Rednecks preparing for Y2K (courtesy: Life Magazine)

Y2K preparations not required nor advisable in 2010

Have a backup plan, because you probably didn’t adhere to #5.  And with your luck, the place you want to go will have a huge-ass line and you’ll wait outside all night in the cold listening to your girlfriend kvech about how cold it is.

"Yes, Dear"

Its also good to have:

  • Cash and credit card
  • The numbers for several different taxi companies (in case one is too busy)
  • Condoms, Breath Mints, Barf Bag, and a Freshly Charged Cell Battery
  • A good Dinner beforehand, then lots of water after

Dinner is important because food helps to slow down the absorption of alcohol, and water helps you to knock out one of the biggest factors of a hangover: Dehydration.  Well, that, and not drinking so much that you are puking like a freshman well into the next day.

"Boy, I haven't vomited this much since that time we had a drinking contest with ipecac syrup..."

1. Don’t drink and drive

So far you’ve avoided all the potential pitfalls and catastrophes for the night: You got your tickets, you ditched the skank you’ll end up babysitting instead of plowing, you took a good look at yourself in the mirror, and planned your backup.

You’re almost home free, but at the last second, one of those wicked roadside trees jumps out of nowhere and eats the front of your car, causing you and your friends to eat windshield.

"A few hours from now, I'll shit out a tiffany lamp."

Truth is, Drinking and Driving kills, and it will happen to you.  You don’t even have to be completely trashed to be too impaired to drive.  If there’s even any doubt in your mind that perhaps you’re too buzzed to drive, you should probably call a cab.  And thanks to the wonderful people at WRAP, getting a cab is FREE.

Dude. Its free. Why the hell wouldn't you?

Don’t wan’t to take a cab?  Plan ahead and have a sober friend come pick you up. Get a hotel room. Walk home. Sleep in your car. Hell, you can even take Metro if you’re desperate and have no other options.  They’re open till 3am on New Year’s Eve, and the buses are running on Sunday Schedule.

Granted, Metro has been pretty awful the past couple years, but look at it this way: At least you’ll burn off all those empty beer calories climbing up and down all the broken escalators.

Tom Toles, Washington Post

Darn Metro

Party smart this year.

DC Nightlife - DJ PS1 at pop at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

DC Nightlife - DJ PS1 at pop at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

DJ PS1 throws down this Friday on the main floor at Ultrabar amid the Blacklights, Glowsticks, Techno, White shirts, Neon Colors, and more. Its “Glow in the Dark” this Friday at Pop with DJ PS1!   Be among the first people to show up and get free glowsticks to bump up the party! Plus you can cash in on the Progressive Open Bar on the main floor with $1 rails till 9pm, $2 rails till 10pm, and $3 rails till 11pm!

Get your full dose of Dance, House, and Techno in the basement vault level, Top 40 and hip hop on the main floor, Latin music up in the Bedroom, and Mashups and dance in the VIP (Chroma 4th floor). This is a perfect escape from the winter blues, and its on a Friday Night, so there’s no excuse to miss it.

Join the party on Friday at Ultrabar!

Join the party on Friday at Ultrabar!

Plus DJ PS1 will be rocking out on the main floor!  With a more than respectable Autumn Top 10 on, PS1 has moved into Winter 10/11 with enough heat to melt metal! The Moodswing 360 all-star is one of NY’s brightest stars behind the decks. His impressive resume includes events at Cain, 1Oak and Tenjune as well as being a favorite of Diddy. In fact, it seems as though the paparazzi can’t leave the guy alone.

Paris Hilton comes to his events, says hi on a red carpet in LA, and PS1 ends up front page news in all the celebrity gossip columns.  Brittney Spears climbs into the booth and starts making out with him and… well, she does things like that anyway.  A favorite of Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen, it’s clear that PS1 has quite the buzz going for him. Spinning since he was 12 and discovered at 16 by neighbor DJ Skribble, the NY fly  would prefer all that attention be directed on the party itself. All he wants to do is get behind the decks, throw a rager and go home to his sneaker collection at the end of the day.

dc nightlife pop glow in the dark

Pics from the last Glow in the Dark party at POP

Main Floor: DJ Geometrix
Top 40, Mashups, Hip Hop

POP Floor (Vault): DJ Maskell
Pop Dance, Pop House, Techno

Glow in the DarkBedroom (2nd Floor): NV & Bomba
Latin Music, Reggaeton, etc.

Chroma (3rd Floor): Lion L
Mashups, Dance, House

Glow in the Dark Ultrabar DC

(GET TICKETS HERE to Guarantee Entry and to skip the General Admission line)

Plus, you can get in FREE to this event, just print out the pass below, show it at the door, and party on!

A new promotion that won’t redefine DC nightlife, but will make for some damn happy customers at Ultrabar & Barcode each week.

Here’s the deal:

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When the pictures get posted, all you have to do is ‘like’ whomever you think has the most style and stays fly!

Felony domestic battery and child neglect charges have been filed against 20-year-old Amber Portwood of MTV’s “Teen Mom.”

Police began investigating after a September episode showed her slapping, choking and kicking the 24-year-old father of her daughter.

Portwood was arrested Monday and jailed under a 24-hour hold.

Detective’s commented that the child neglect charges were the result of Portwood’s then-1-year-old daughter being present during two filmed instances of domestic violence.

Anne Houseworth of the Indiana Department of Child Services said dozens of viewers called the state’s child abuse hotline to report Portwood’s outbursts.

source: Yahoo News


DJ Scene from Las Vegas is back again to tear it up! Vegas Pop also means A CRAZY BOTTLE SPECIAL GAMBLE! If you’ve booked a table, you can order an additional bottle during the night with a 50/50 chance of getting it for FREE!


Check out Barcode on Thursday nights w/ DJ Stylus Chris and a menu available ’til midnight!

New Year's Eve 2010 Washington DC

Washington DC New Year’s Eve Parties are getting closer, and now’s the time to decide where to go and how to celebrate your 2011! To make you life easier, we’ve narrowed it down to the best four parties!

Ferry Corsten | Saturday January 1 | Fur

DJ Mag #9: Year in and year out Ferry Corsten pushes the envelope in production and DJing. His music, energy, the classics he has produced, the up and comers he spins, it’s unbelievable. Every time he comes to Glow things get wild!! His recent compilation, Once Upon a Night Vol. 2 displays the amazing qualities that make him one of the best. Ever.

Pop New Years Eve at Fur Nightclub DC

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New Years Eve Washington DC

Its a massive 18+ New Year’s Eve DC party at Fur Nightclub, one of the largest clubs in the area! Featuring 4 immense dance floors, ten bars, two vips, and three DJs, its guaranteed to be absolutely wild! With special guest DJ Chachi kicking it up a notch, other New Years Eve Parties in DC just can’t compete!

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