Wolfgang Gartner w/ Harvard Bass: Sat 4/30 [Glow at Fur]

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Wolfgang Gartner at Club Glow Washington DCGLOW Washington DC presents:

Wolfgang Gartner

Harvard Bass


Saturday, April 30 2011
Fur Nightclub 33 Patterson St NE
Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 18+

Show Preview

From: USA (Texas)

Style: Electro

Famous Tracks: Conscindo w/ Mark Knight, Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony, Illmerica, Animal Rights w/ Deadmau5, Undertaker

Best Known For: Destroying dance floors with electro goodness. Producing banger after banger. Being awesome.

DJ Mag Rank: 70

With eight #1’s on the Beatport charts, a collaboration with Deadmau5, stops at Coachella and EDC, numerous international tour dates and a relentless production and DJ style, it’s no wonder Wolfgang Gartner cracked the DJ Mag top 100 in 2010. The electro thumper from Austin, Texas has been a major contributor in igniting the US house scene. Even though house music was invented in Chicago, it has only recently taken off in the American mainstream. Right now electro artists like Steve Aoki and Wolfgang are carrying the torch.

Gartner’s artist album is set to drop sometime this spring and we’re certain he’s going to light DC nightlife on fire with brand new productions, including that one with will.i.am we keep hearing about!



The name Wolfgang is synonymous with greatness. Name your baby Wolfgang, and he may grow up to be one of the world’s leading chefs, or a member of a seminal band like Kraftwerk or Van Halen. In keeping with that tradition, in less than three years the producer and DJ known as Wolfgang Gartner has gone from strength to strength, with eight #1 tracks on Beatport (including the site’s best-selling track of 2009) and remixes for A-list artists (Black Eyed Peas, Timbaland, Britney Spears), all lauded by peers such as David Guetta, Tïesto, and Pete Tong.

No, with the forename Wolfgang, Gartner’s success shouldn’t surprise anyone. And yet it does. Because that is his stock in trade: surprising listeners. “Right now, I feel like I have a responsibility to advance the genre,” he says. “I have to come up with something completely new, that’s never been done before.”

Just study a couple of Gartner’s smashes to understand how rapidly his game keeps changing. The melody of “Undertaker” is composed from an encyclopedia array of electronic timbres, chopped into succinct, rapid-fire bits, yet solid hooks anchor the whole track; while the record is instantly recognizable, it packs so much information into its grooves it’s impossible for the brain to become overly-familiar with it. “Firepower” opens with a neo-classical melody, gives way to a brief passage of glistening arpeggios reminiscent of Vangelis or Tangerine Dream, then throws down an array of beats that explode in patterned bursts like Chinese New Year.

Yet Gartner isn’t simply an underground sensation. He has played before thousands at events like Coachella and Ultra Music Festival. Black Eyed Peas main man will.i.am has already tapped him for collaborations, he was recently nominated for a grammy, and legendary record executive Jimmy Iovine—who has nurtured the careers of icons ranging from Eminem to Stevie Nicks—has displayed a strong interest in Gartner. The number of requests he gets to remix other artists’ tracks has reached a point where he elects to decline ninety-nine percent of them (“I generally only work with artists for whom I have great respect and admiration”).

Like another famous Wolfgang, Gartner started his artistic experiments at a very young age. As a little boy growing up in California he studied piano, playing both classical and jazz. But it was during a family trip to Tanzania when he was 11 years old that Gartner was turned on to dance music, in the form of a mix tape that featured Kevin Saunderson’s 1988 crossover techno hit “Good Life.” “I heard that track and it completely changed the chemical structure of my brain.” Back home in America, he began making his own forays into the field, producing original tracks on drum machines and keyboards while other kids were off at soccer practice or watching cartoons.
Unlike Mozart, Gartner’s genius didn’t translate into the misadventures of an enfant terrible. Quite the opposite: “I spent all my time with music… alone.” With the onset of adolescence, he began sharing his handiwork with the world. At 13, he procured a set of tape decks with pitch controls and a four track mixer, and started playing basement parties. A year later, he graduated to turntables, and by 16 he’d begun spinning in nightclubs. As a consequence of his well-trained ear, he was particularly attuned to harmony, eschewing the classic rookie mistake of mixing tracks in incompatible keys. “I never wanted to compromise the integrity of the music,” he recalls.

That commitment to the integrity of the music continues to this day. Gartner is meticulous in his approach to crafting new tracks in the studio, contemplating how they’ll sound in different venues and new ways to pitch curveballs at the dance music cognoscenti—without using gratuitous gimmicks. Whereas many producers start with a rhythm track, Gartner is more likely to begin with a melody and a concept, and experiment… and experiment and experiment… until the pieces begin to click. “Music doesn’t just come out of thin air,” he admits. “Inspiration is a natural process.” And it can’t be forced. If you actually take the time to read artist bios on clubglow.com please send an email to ravibayanker@yahoo.com – The first 7 responses will receive a free drink on Ravi at the event.

As he moves forward, Gartner doesn’t want to just advance his art form—he also wants to put a fresh twist on Top 40 fare. “I definitely want to work with pop and rap artists as a producer.” So long as his identity and integrity remain intact: “I want to make what I like making, and if a rapper can rap on it, then great.” With numerous new projects in the pipeline, he still appreciates the distinction between world domination and overexposure. “I’m definitely about quality over quantity,” he concludes. With Wolfgang Gartner, only one thing is certain: his next move is always a surprise.


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DJ PS1: Fri 4/29 [Pop at Ultrabar]

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dj ps1 at pop friday at ultrabar nightclub washington dcPop Nightlife DC presents:


Opening Set by DJ Geometrix

Friday April 29th
Ultrabar Nightclub DC
911 F st NW Washington DC 20004
Doors Open at 9pm | Ages 18+
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DJ PS1 – From Dusk Til Dawn


dj ps1 washington dcWith a more than respectable Autumn Top 10 on beatport.com, PS1 has moved into Winter 10/11 with enough heat to melt metal! The Moodswing 360 all-star is one of NY’s brightest stars behind the decks. His impressive resume includes events at Cain, 1Oak and Tenjune as well as being a favorite of Diddy. In fact, it seems as though the paparazzi can’t leave the guy alone.

Paris Hilton comes to his events, says hi on a red carpet in LA, and PS1 ends up front page news in all the celebrity gossip columns. Brittney Spears climbs into the booth and starts making out with him and… well, she does things like that anyway. A favorite of Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen, it’s clear that PS1 has quite the buzz going for him. Spinning since he was 12 and discovered at 16 by neighbor DJ Skribble, the NY fly would prefer all that attention be directed on the party itself. All he wants to do is get behind the decks, throw a rager and go home to his sneaker collection at the end of the day.

Check out the pics from the last time DJ PS1 played at Ultrabar!


MainFloor: Geometrix

Main Floor at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

The Main Floor at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

dj geometrix at ultrabar nightclub dcMain Floor: DJ Geometrix
Top 40, Mashups, Hip Hop


Vault: Maskell

The Basement Vault at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

The Basement Vault at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

DJ MaskellPOP Floor (Vault): DJ Maskell
Pop Dance, Pop House


Bedroom: NV&Bomba

DJs NV and Bomba in the Bedroom

DJs NV and Bomba in the Bedroom

Bedroom (2nd Floor): NV & Bomba
Latin Music, Reggaeton, etc.


Chroma: Lion L

Chroma at Ultrabar

Chroma, the 4th floor at Ultrabar

dj lion lChroma (3rd Floor): Lion L
Mashups, Dance, House



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Pictures from Tiesto’s Club Life Tour at Glow Washington DC at the DC Armory are now up on the Glow Washington DC facebook page! Become a fan to be the first to know about major electronic music events coming to Washington DC!

See all albums from Glow Washington DC events: Club Glow Gallery

Tiesto Club Life Tour Washington DC Club Glow DC Armory Tiesto Pictures

Tiesto's Club Life tour at Glow Washington DC!

GLOW Washington DC presents:

Sander Kleinenberg
sanderkleinenberg.com myspace.com/sanderkleinenberg


Thursday, April 28 2011
33 Patterson St NE
Washington DC
Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 18+

Show Preview

From: Holland

Style: Tech/House

Famous Tracks: This is Miami, The Fruit, My Lexicon, This is Our Night, RYANL (Rock You all Night Long),

Best Known For: Pioneering VDJing

He has taken video DJing to the next level, produced some of the most cutting edge tech-house on the market and certainly knows how to live it up at Glow.

“Video DJing to me is one of the new ways to get across what I’m doing. The art of DJing has been elevated to a whole new level, and combining all these disciplines is exciting. It keeps me inspired.”

Sander’s 5K album was the culmination of roughly a decade of thoughts, ideas and inspiration from one of dance music’s most respected artists. Co-crafted with Josh Gabriel, Sander pushed the envelope in 2010 with the unique album, transcending genre and leaving it all on the record. Techno, house, rock, folk, 5K is soulful music. A true representation of Sander K the artist.

The last time Sander was at Lima Lounge the roof nearly came off. The last time he was at Fur the party made its way into the booth. We’re bringing it back to Lima this time so Sander can focus all that energy into the intimate confines of DC’s top club venue.



Superstar Dutch DJ and producer Sander Kleinenberg has built his international reputation on an ability to create different atmospheres, for myriad crowds, at venues all over the world.

Kleinenberg is not only an artist who declines to stick to a single, easily defined sound, he also utilizes more than one medium to create a night out. Long at the forefront of integrating video imagery and other visuals in his VDJ sets, Sander includes Pioneer among his sponsors for these innovative performances. The manufacturer has been involved with outfitting select clubs around the world with the SVM-1000 audio-visual mixer (which Kleinenberg helped develop), DVJ players, plasma televisions, and other custom video installations exclusively for his performances.

Integrating music and images single-handedly requires sharpened skills and on-the-fly invention. “Now, in the process of DJing, I am in control of another dimensions. The thought processes are not just about music; there is a visual element as well.” Which allows his to shape his identity, and stimulate crowds, in a host of fresh ways. “This is a whole new way of looking at what you do creatively. In the end, that is very challenging. It makes you more versatile as well. I love keeping on my toes.”

Sander will continue to show off his aesthetic flexibility at residencies around the world during the course of the year, including Pacha in Ibiza, Avalon in Los Angeles, Ministry of Sound in London, and Paradiso in Amsterdam. Each of these gigs affords him unique creative opportunities; the exclusivity and luxury of Pacha elicits different impulses from him than the storied, historic Avalon, pristine sound quality of the Box main room at Ministry of Sound, or the iconic pop temple status of Paradiso for example. Which is how he likes it. “Residencies are like laboratories: You can go in and experiment. As you get to know the sound system and the clientele, and become comfortable, you have more faith in each potential change of direction.”

Kleinenberg is also hitting the summer festival circuit, with performances scheduled at Global Gathering, SW4, Exit Festival, Extrema Outdoor, Lovelands and more to be announced.

So his calendar is jam-packed. But for Sander, there is always still more to do. The head of his own Little Mountain Recordings label, and a producer of sublime original tracks that elude being easily date-stamped, Kleinenberg plans to tap into all the facets of his creativity for his debut artist album, which he has been working furiously in the studio to complete over the past year with the one and only Josh Gabriel. “I am working on a definitive document,” he hints. “I want to create a real landmark, both visually and musically, where I say, ‘This has been my journey over the last twenty years… and this is where I am now.'”


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Eden, Washington DC

  • Venue Type: 4-floor Club/Lounge
  • Estimated Size: 700 people
  • Amenities: 4 Floors, VIP Table Service, Rooftop, Private Events
  • Cover Charge: $20 (Get in FREE: See “Get Hooked Up” section at bottom)
  • Hours: Sun – Thu: 10pm – 2am, Fri/Sat: 10pm – 3am
  • Dress Code: Upscale, dressy
  • Age Requirement: 21+ (18+ Wednesday & Thursday)
  • Location: Golden Triangle
  • Address: 1716 I St NW Washington DC 20006. (202) 905 9300
  • Website: www.edendc.com
  • Atmosphere: 4 floors of aesthetic beauty. Guests of Eden find themselves surrounded by sophisticated LED displays, jungle-esque decor (it is the Garden of Eden, after all) and upscale clientele. Although a narrow venue, Eden provides a unique experience, especially to those lucky enough to make it to the rooftop, which brings a piece of South Beach to DC nightlife.
Venue Overview

Entry to Eden is best attained through the club’s, a promoter’s or DJ’s guest list. Walking up to the first floor, you will instantly feel as though you have been transported to a hedonist’s paradise. The mock waterfalls behind the bamboo-fronted bar, jungle-esque decor and leveled VIP provide an instant escape from office and government buildings throughout Washington. Eden’s second floor provides a more traditional, club-like atmosphere, with extended VIP, top 40/mash up and club kids dressed to impress. The third floor, known as the Forbidden Room, is open based on capacity. Its intimate setting allows for an up close and personal experience with the DJ as well as a calming alternative to the fruitful garden below.

The rooftop escape at Eden showcases one of the most unique settings in DC nightlife.

A lush forest amidst our nation’s capital, Eden’s rooftop bar is a prime destination in DC nightlife. Complete with VIP tables to one side, a bar to the other, a raised DJ booth and a massive Miami/Vegas/European-style LED screen, the Eden roof is a place everyone needs to be at least once during their DC nightlife experience. In addition to the freshest house music around, Eden books acts like Sydney Blu, The Devil from Acapulco and Anthony Attalla, showcases the freshest in house music and often-times features live congas and saxophone to compliment the beats. It’s important to note that unless you ask for access, you will not receive a stamp allowing you past security to DC nightlife’s hidden rooftop garden.

  • Mondays bring Greenhouse: an early week, rooftop-only party w/ music by Soundtrax.
  • Wednesdays host Salsa lessons on the 2nd floor starting at 9 and become a full on Latin party as the night wears on. The rooftop oasis is home to the latest in hip-hop, top 40 and mash up.
  • Thursdays at Eden have been revitalized with 2nd floor and rooftop action!
  • Fridays feature Latin in the Green Room, Mash up on the 2nd floor and hot bodies and house music on the roof. The Forbidden Room is open based on capacity.
  • Saturdays, like Fridays, feature 3 floors (sometimes 4) of great music, beautiful people and hot action.
Latest Updates from Eden
Get Hooked Up
  • Guest List & Table Reservations: Click Here. Select the evening you’d like to attend and check out the bottle service menu!
Photo Tour: Green Room

The Green Room at Eden, the entryway to a Garden above.

The bamboo-fronted bar in Eden’s Green Room

Photo Tour: Second Floor

Secret stairs on the far end of Eden give way to well kept rest rooms and fast access to other floors

Things can get pretty wild on the weekends at Eden!

Photo Tour: The Forbidden Room

The Forbidden Room provides an intimate setting for patrons to relax and enjoy a fat Cohiba and glass of Courvoissier

Relax and enjoy Eden’s top notch wine selection

Photo Tour: The Rooftop

Video Tour: Eden

What do YOU think?

How was YOUR experience at Eden? Share your feedback below!

Feedback should be insightful, helpful, and intelligent. Remember, the owners of these venues often read and reply, so make sure your complaints are valid, criticisms are constructive, and your compliments justified. If you didn’t like a place, explain what could be improved. If you had a bad experience, explain what went wrong in a civilized manner. If you liked a place, explain what things made it great.

Note: Feedback that does not fit within these guidelines will not be approved.

Ultrabar nightclub quietly bans all douchebags

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Nightclub Douchebags

Ultrabar’s surprise announcement has DC nightclub patrons rejoicing, while the DC chapter of Douchebags United announces boycott of all DC Clubs.

jon deke has an enormous wang

Play this exclusive preview set from Glow resident Jon Deke, who plays a guest set this Friday down in the Ultrabar Vault!

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 5.52.15 AM

DC’s best clubbing destinations, hand picked by the veterans and experts. A mix of clubs, lounges and happy hours and sports bars.

DJ Enferno + David Berrie: Friday 4/22 [Pop at Ultrabar]

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dj enferno dj david berrie ultrabar dc pop fridays

DOUBLE HEADER FRIDAY: DJ Enferno to rock out the main floor, David Berrie to detonate Chroma!

Morgan Page: Thu 4/21 [Glow at Lima]

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Morgan Page: Thu 4/21 [Glow at Lima]

Fresh off a 2011 Grammy nomination for his remix of Nadia Ali – Fantasy (click the music tab for the music video!), American progressive dance master Morgan Page is back in DC to continue what he started in January.

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