Summer Fashion Trends

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Okay so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the weather has finally just taken a giant leap towards beautiful weather and away from those cold breezy days, now what to wear?!



Hi Lows:  This trend has become big recently. Its like the dress form of a mullet, but reversed; Business in the back, party in the front. Nothing better to cover up your cellulite that a sheer long layer in the back but still showing off your legs in the front!





ciara-rihanna-emma-cutout-dressCut Outs:

This trend has been around for a while now but still always a must for warm weather. When the sun heats up shirts and dresses with cut outs is the best way to show off a little skin and avoid sweating as much as possible!










Okay so there’s no change of pace here, wedges are pretty much always a must for summer. They’re the easiest form of heels to walk in and show off your toned legs you’ve been working on all winter.






High Risers:

You used to think pants coming any higher than 3 inches below your belly button was for moms only but this trend from the 70’s has been on the rise for a while. They’re perfect for hiding love handles or that muffin top you are still working on getting rid of. These shorts are a must have for all those summer festivals coming up when you want to keep it casual but still look hot.

colour block trend


Okay time to get rid of all those drabby browns, greys and blacks and put some color into your wardrobe. No better way to get that guys attention you’ve been eyeing all semester than to throw on some obnoxious neons and bright colors.


What Not To Wear!


Sneaker Heels:

The look is just too hard to pull off for most plain Janes considering that most of them are poorly designed and have way too much going on. The “wedge” in most of them is so insignificantly small, why even bother?




Patchwork Shorts:

Dear God if you ever fell for this trend a few summers back, I surely hope that you’ve had the sense to trash or burn them by now. This pattern isn’t even flattering on the hottest girls there are.



Camo Print:

The phrase “getting down and dirty” is not to be taken literally. Unless you are crawling in the mud like a little Army man, do not wear camo!





Paisley Prints:

Lily Pulitzer is crazy for trying to make females think this design looks good on anything but folders. Paisley is meant to be reserved only for your grandmother’s ugly tablecloth, not your body.


Club Etiquette for the Ladies

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It doesn’t matter how hot your outfit is or who you know at the door…if your grand entrance involves a face plant because you’ve had one too many on the ride over, maybe it’s time for a brush-up on your club etiquette. We’ve all seen her, so don’t be “that girl.”

coco-dressSometimes short is just too short. Ladies, revealing your all in a club is not sexy. In fact, it is just the opposite. We can all agree that if you got it, flaunt it, but you’re more likely to attract good (non-rape) attention if you leave a little to the imagination.

What’s with the shirts? Those white jeans go so well with the “I F**** on the first date” T-shirt. It does nothing good for you to wear that in public.

Pushing like you own the place. Clubs get crowded, go figure. Pushing and shoving people who are in your way is just mean. Everyone is there to have a good time, and you’re most likely in someone’s way, too. No one is above the crowd, so leave the prima donna attitude at home.thumb-530x274-design-photo2686-1263

Public Displays of…what you should be doing in a bedroom. We get it: you look good, he looks good, the music is good. What isn’t good, however, is crossing the line and forgetting that you’re in a public place. It’s dark, but it’s not that dark.

Starting a Fight. It’s much easier to leave the room or the situation than show off your mad fighting skills that will result in getting escorted out by security or cops. Your outfit probably wasn’t made for chic fights, so the chance of something popping out that shouldn’t is high.

Nicole+Polizzi+Snooki+Falls+Down+Leaving+Eleven+MM9rYI9SYWvlCan’t shuffle in those shoes, baby. If you can’t walk in them, you don’t look good stumbling in them. A 6-inch heel looks good only when you can pull it off, and that includes dancing. Pick your shoes wisely.

Be an independent woman. You only came to the club with $20? Don’t go around asking guys to buy you a drink if you have no intention of speaking to them. First, it’s rude to use anyone for gain, and second, if you’re classy, you should wait for the guy to offer a drink. Good things come to those who wait.

Refuse politely. There is always a creeper who wants to dance, and while sometimes you have to bring your inner bitch out to tell him no, most of the time, a polite refusal will keep you in the clear.

girls night out dancing

Handle your liquor. Time and time again, we have seen girls get ridiculously hammered to the point where they can’t walk or talk. Falling down steps or falling down anywhere is not attractive and it makes you look like “that girl.” This also goes for crying and boyfriend drama while intoxicated. If you’re breaking up with him in a club AND you’re drunk, he can’t hear you or understand you. Drink responsibly, it’s on every bottle everywhere…made for situations just like these.




Ladies Keep Calm - And Get Your First Date On

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He Asked You Out… Now What?
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz • @getWITZit

So, ladies (guys, pay attention): If you are living in this century, one that lacks chivalry and kind men, you probably don’t go on many dates. But if you’ve taken to heart everything your mom says about the “good old days” and talking to guys on the phone, perhaps you’ve been asked on a date or two.

So let’s say the boy of your dreams asks you on a date. What are you gonna do? Hopefully you’ll respond to his request with an answer (yes). Then you’ll start to panic a little bit.
girl freaking out

If you are anything like me, slightly irrational, the following things will cross your mind:

  • What the hell am I going to wear? I need to be casual cute, but like, a little dressier than normal, but like also not look like I’m trying too hard.
  • What will I order? Everything on the menu is gonna be so weird to say aloud. Will he think I’m fat? Will he appreciate that I eat and am not anorexic?
  • Are we gonna kiss hello? Are we gonna hug? Are we gonna awkwardly hug and bump our heads?
  • What about the bill? Some people are so weird with money. Do I offer to pay? Do I insist if he says no? Do we split the bill? Do I just whip my wallet out?
  • Will he kiss me goodbye?

awkward kiss

Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock you can strategically plan the perfect outfit.

  • Go for something trendy casual: Nice dark wash jeans and a comfortable, oversized sweater. Maybe go with jeggings, to ensure maximum comfort. Pair with combat boots or tall riding boots.
  • Try J Brand Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in the Pure hue. Or try a high rise option. Pair the dark jeans with a Free People sweater, like the Windows to My Soul Pullover. You can never go wrong with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Boots.
  • Go for a subtle face of makeup; there is no need for cake on your face, girls. Apply some blush, eyeliner, mascara and a little tinted lipbalm for emphasis. Take it easy on these applications, you still want to look like yourself!

good first date outfits
The appearance, unfortunately, is the only thing you have complete control over. All you can do after that is take a deep breath and have faith that he’ll kill it, the conversation will flow and that with any luck, no food will get stuck in your teeth. Bring floss just in case.

Above all else: BE YOURSELF! There’s a reason he asked you out. Rock your trendy outfit, fresh face and personality. There will be nothing not to love. If all goes well, maybe he’ll even ask you out again.

Why Chicks Love Pinterest

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Some people say it is just like Tumblr but to a true “pinner”, Tumblr doesn’t compare to the amazing website that is Pinterest. It is basically a dream come true for people who like to plan and keep their thoughts and plans organized.


So first, you can make as many “boards” as you want and label them with different categories: food, clothes, dream homes, drink recipes, vacation spots, whatever you please. Then, if you are on any website and see something you like or if you search Pinterest, you just “pin” them to your boards to remember for later. Every pin has a link to the website it’s from so if you want to know more you can just follow the link. Here are the most common things girls use Pinterest for.

To feel like domesticated females

Chicks love finding fun little recipes of gourmet meals and pretending that they’ll actually be able to cook it themselves. I mean who doesn’t love looking at food?

To plan their “Dream Wedding”

Most girls start planning out every little detail of their weddings when they are young so being able to find even better ideas from fellow pinners is like paradise. Nothing better to scare off a boyfriend than telling him every detail of your future wedding you’ve already planned out!


To plan their appearance

Pinterest has it all in the beauty department. From outfits to crazy nails and impossible hair dos Pinterest is the perfect way for girls to give themselves the make over they have been waiting for!


To fuel their alcoholism

If men had the patience to look through all the great drink recipes on the site they would love Pinterest too! You wouldn’t believe the great ideas and wacky ingredients people come up with to mix with alcohol for a fun way to get a buzz.


To try their hand at crafting

 The ideas people come up with for DIY projects are unbelievable and without Pinterest no one would know about any of them. From necklaces made of Pistachio shells or scarves made from T shirts, this site brings life to the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

To get themselves into shape

For some people, exercise doesn’t come easily, but Pinterest is here to help. There is hundreds of workout plans to do whether it is before you shower, when you wake up or before you go to bed and there are special workout routines to target every part of your body you wish to change.


To find ideas for their future home

Think of it as MTV Cribs but with way more cribs and pictures of all the cool features in one great site. The organization and gadgets people think to fill their homes with is incredible and the pool designs some people can afford.. it is a dream, but a very costly one!


To get a good laugh

Everyone loves a good meme to laugh at but it gets annoying when your whole newsfeed on Facebook is overflowing with memes that aren’t exactly your sense of humor. If you’re having a bad day you can just go to your humor board, scroll through the funny things you’ve pinned and be in a better mood instantly.

What Does Your Ink Say About You? Top 10 Most Common Tattoos

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Getting inked–a cheesy phrase, but a cultural phenomenon that attracts and hooks people instantaneously. Whether for artful expression, grievance and moving on, or an eternal skin declaration of love, tattoos have different meanings for everyone. Similarly, where there is good, there is bad…and the ugly. A one-of-a-kind tattoo idea takes imagination and creativity, and deciding on placement is even harder. Before you join the ranks of upper-arm crosses or butterfly “tramp stamps,” read on and educate yourself.

10. Chinese Symbol–It’s everywhere, including every tattoo book in every shop across America. It can be assumed that, for the most part, you spontaneously decided to get tattooed, and in what better way than representing your “love” for Asian calligraphy. Worse, there is a high chance that your “I love you, Mom” symbol actually means…well, nothing.

987546_f5209. Fairies–Colorful, girly creatures sitting on mushrooms or holding flowers whilst elegantly “flying” through the air. For most people, a fairy doesn’t provide the deep meaning they are looking for in a tattoo, but oddly, this is an extremely common piece of skin art that is chosen simply for cuteness rather than something concrete.

8. Butterflies and Flowers–Usually a combination of light blue butterflies and peachy-pink, open flowers swirling together along the ribs, ankles, or back. A common tattoo idea for the females, as it accentuates their summer tan and new bikini. That is pretty much all.

cursive-font-tatoo87. Overly-Cursive Lettering–This is seen on both guys and girls. Meaningful quotes are a great tattoo idea. Not being able to read them because the S’s and R’s are out of control is not a great idea.

6. Skulls Galore!–Any way you can think of them: on fire, flames coming out of the eyeballs, wrapped in roses, wrapped in barbed wire, etc. Creativity counts, of course, but a word to the wise: it doesn’t make you a bad ass.

5. Rosary Beads–Where? Around your ankle, with the cross neatly positioned on the top of your foot. We’ve all seen it, and if you’re absolutely not religious, it’s just a waste of good skin real estate.

1_dragon4. Dragons–If you’re a guy, find a chick with a fairy tattoo and you’re set! Unless you’ve invested mounds of cash and session time into creating an entire-body dragon beast (for whatever reason), sporting a small, green lizard above your pecs is something you’re probably going to regret later.

3. Crosses–This is the guy’s version of the Rosary Beads. Crosses are almost always tattooed on the upper arm, with lettering or a ribbon and black and white shading.

2. Nautical Star–Do you know what it means, or are you getting it because you’d love to fill the spot around your elbow?

1. Tribal–There is only one way you can make this tattoo stand out–think intricately! There are a million different tribal designs that take detail and uniqueness to another level. If all you want, and can take, is 10 thick lines on your upper arm and shoulder blade, then congrats! You can audition for the Jersey Shore. Lastly, this tattoo idea is no stranger to the overwhelming female epidemic of tramp stamps.


       VS.      New dragon and tribal tattoo designs

Best and Worst Pick Up Lines

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“You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line.” Check out some of the best and the worst!


10 job interview questions that will confuse and infuriate you.

See all your favorite DJs in one weekend.

Getting Ready for Spring Break - A Guide for the Girls

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spring break 2013

A list of key things to keep in mind when getting ready for spring break!

Most Annoying Things Girls Do

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Saturday, March 2, 2013, 3:56pm. (Updated: 4/09/13 at 2:40pm) Add comments

Okay we all know guys do tons of annoying things that piss us off, but let’s be real, we’re just as annoying… if not more.

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