Summer Bucket List

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Only a few precious weeks of Summer left and the swampland-turned-city is taking it’s final sweaty grip on everyone. We know it’s easy to just stay cool indoors and ride the rest of the season out from the comfort of your couch, but what do you do when that cheap fan you bought from Target isn’t cutting it anymore? What happens after your preferred binge-watch show on Netflix runs out? We have a few ideas. This list ranges from the calm and copacetic to the adventurous and awesome. Pick none or pick ten, but you should add at least a few of these to your own Summer bucket list and finish the season off the right way. Time to get up and get out there.


See a Nats Game


Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, this still makes for a fun day. Nationals Park is home to more than just a baseball field and DC’s home team – there’s great food, multiple bars, and fun stuff to do whether you’re 7 or 71. They also have “Theme Games” during the Summer that add a bonus fun factor, but there are only a few left so if you’re going to go to one you better decide now.
When: Home games are played through September.
Price: Depends on who’s playing and how hard you want to go – left field nosebleed section? $10. Lexus President’s Box superseats where you can tell the batter’s religion? $350


Jazz in the Garden


Head to the Pavillion Cafe in the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden and take in some music and culture. Every Friday evening they feature new local artists that put on a free show. Con: you can’t bring your own alcoholic beverages in, pro: they offer a really great special menu.
When: Every Friday evening from 5:30-8:30 as weather permits. These heroes will cancel due to inclement weather (obviously) but also due to excessive heat because they know how real it gets out there.
Price: Free! Plus drinks if you choose to go that route.


Georgetown Sunset Cinema


The best way to enjoy this weather is to enjoy it at night, with cooler temperatures that won’t melt your face. The best place: Georgetown Waterfront’s Sunset Cinemas. For a few select Tuesdays this Summer, they offer free outdoor movies. And not lame movies, either: Burn After Reading and The Exorcist are on the upcoming list.
When: Tuesdays through August at sundown (roughly 8:30)
Price: Free! But BYOBlanket – they don’t like chairs, but if you want a spot for your blanket the best time to snag one is around 7pm.


DC Restaurant Week

For one week in August (beginning the 17th), restaurants around the DC metro area will offer chef-selected menus of the best food they offer. Go in for either lunch or dinner and get a preset three to four course menu that was designed to impress you. (For those of you wondering: the above photos are from Barcode and yes they are a participating restaurant). Tip: some restaurants ONLY offer these menus during DCRW, so if this doesn’t seem like your thing, check with the restaurant before going.
When: August 17-23
Price: Universally decided on, so no guessing! Lunch $22, dinner $35



Hike Billy Goat Trail


Get off your ass and go for a walk through a National Park. Located in Montgomery County, the Billy Goat Trail is known for it’s amazing scenery and finale view of the Great Falls on the Potomac River. There are a couple different trails ranging in difficulty, so if you aren’t a gung-ho trailblazer you have options.
When: When you stop being so lazy. Although get moving before sundown – like most national parks, it closes when it’s dark out.
Price: $10 to park. But you should be prepared and pack a bag of essentials (water, snacks, first aid) for the more experienced trails which could potentially set you back a little also. If you are a morning person, get on the trail by 8am to miss all the crowds.



Kayak the DC Waterways


What are you afraid of? It’s not like it’s the Hudson (CALM DOWN JERSEY AND NEW YORK. That water is nasty, it is a widely known fact). Not only is it an amazing workout for your arms (by “amazing” we mean “good luck lifting a fork to your face for the next few days”) but it’s a cool way to see the city from another perspective. Literally.
When: All day everyday during the warm season. Depending on what starting location you go you (there are 3), they generally open late morning (10-11) and send the last boats out in the evening (5:30-7). Check the website for location specifics.
Price: $15-30/hour depending on the mode of transportation you want to rent.



Moonrise Festival


Glow DC takes over the Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore for a weekend in August for the annual Moonrise Festival. Two days of epic performances and amazing music: this year boasts performances by Bassnectar and the heavy-hitting trio Above & Beyond. Think Coachella just for EDM, but Coachella in it’s pre-commercialized golden days when it was more about the music and less about who was in attendance wearing godknowswhat (although, to be honest, the fashion will probably still be pretty awesome). Complete with iconic ferris wheel.
When: August 8-9
Price: $100-$160. The two-day pass is obviously on the higher end of the price spectrum, but is totally worth it. Have you seen the daily lineups they announced?



Visit the Beach


Grab some friends you don’t mind sitting in a car with for a mini road trip and enjoy some time next to the waves for a weekend that’ll not only cool you off, but relax you. Get some sun, pay the obligatory visit to Seacrets, and chill the hell out before school starts back up. Because we all need to get away once in a while.
When: When can you take a day or 2 off work?
Price: It varies to be honest. Want to stay in an ocean-side resort this weekend? Okay. Prepare to pay for it. If you want to save a few bucks, look on Groupon for deals or call up hotels directly. And, as much fun as spontaneity may be, planning ahead helps.



Visit The BEACH

Don’t feel like being in the car for 3 hours? Understandable. Can you make it to the National Building Museum? Their latest exhibit, The Beach, has DC residents going nuts because it’s literally a giant ball pit for grown ups. Bonus: they’ve recruited some seriously delicious kitchens to provide food and drink options for guests. Our suggestion? Go on a Wednesday – they stay open later for Beach Late Nights, with extended food and beverage hours. (photo by Daniel Arsham)
When: Now through September 7th
Price: $16 for a non-member (if you’re asking “Member of what?”, you aren’t one), and $5 for students – so definitely bring your student ID if you have one.



Life in Color


RFK hosted last year’s rager and it did not disappoint. This year features fan favorites Adventure Club and Seven Lions. And, since it’s the largest paint party DC has ever seen, we suggest wearing an all white ensemble for some festival-dyed memories you can show off at more shows later. (We also understand that this is technically not during the Summer, but the weather is still going to be hot and sticky so we’re counting it.)
When: September 12th
Price: $50 for general admission, $75 for the VIP Un-leashed ticket.





Go big or go home. And if you want to go big, this is the way to do it – because why not check something off your life’s bucket list while you’re at it? It’s the best time of year to get it done, so wo/man up and make a reservation. What’s the worst that can happen?
When: Destiny
Price: Book online and get a $50 discount: $249 for a weekend jump, $209 weekday.



Obviously you don’t have to do ALL of these, but you should. Whether you go to small events around the city or mount an expedition across treacherous MoCo terrain, there’s no better time than the Summer to make things happen. And hey – worst case scenario, you at least get a decent story to tell at the next party.

9 Alternatives to Starbucks in DC

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Mornings can be the worst. The sun is shining, faces are smiling, well-dressed business people are judging you for maybe being a little hungover on a weekday. Adding a cup of caffeine to your work commute helps to deflate the disappointment of hearing your alarm clock go off too early. And, believe it or not, there are actually places besides Starbucks to get your AM-boost in DC.


See that? No one wants that. Spend your money on something that’s not advertising costly concoctions and extensive lines on every street corner and explore a little: it’s time to expand your coffee drinking horizons.

Pret A Manger


Location: It’s a chain so there are a few locations throughout DC, but most are strategically placed around Metro stops.
Wifi: Free!
Price Range: $1.50 for straight coffee, $2-4 for something fancier, $0 if the barista likes you (not a joke)
Food: The name translates to “ready to eat” – they’re full of daily-made sandwiches and salads you can grab and go. Some choices are a little pricey, but for freshness you can’t find in most chains it’s worth it.
Seating: Yes, although in some locations it’s a little compact or hidden in the back.



Au Bon Pain

Location: Everywhere, but not Starbucks-everywhere.
Wifi: Free!
Price Range: Similar to Pret, but their cups are HUGE. Get an extra-large iced coffee labeled “medium” for $2.10
Food: So much. It’s first and foremost a bakery so they have a wall of pastries to choose from, but it also has a decent selection of soups and made-to-order sandwiches and salads.
Seating: Yes, but it varies by location.





Location: 4 of them: Dupont, McPhereson Sq, the Reagan Building, and Georgetown.
Wifi: Free!
Price Range: Pretty cheap. Their extensive list of 30+ specialty drinks (which include some innovative and delicious options) range from just $3-4
Food: Breakfast, froyo, blended coffee drinks, and smoothies are offered everywhere, but some locations have bonus options like fresh sandwiches.
Seating: Small cafe setting with a few tables and stools – the shops are self-described as “cozy and relaxed” if that tells you anything.





Location: Scattered. But odds are you already have one in mind.
Wifi: It’s free, but you have to sign up for it.
Price Range: Don’t underrate this coffee underdog: their self-serve cups of coffee (available in dark roast,  light roast, flavored, decaf, etc) are $1.10 for a medium, including self-serve creamer flavors and sugar and whatnot.
Food: What doesn’t 7-11 have? Okay, maybe they don’t have the freshest food, but they do have all of your basic snack necessities, hot-rolling taquitos, and random condiments you probably have in your fridge but don’t remember.
Seating: Nah. Just grab your drink and go. This option is best for those of us who are perpetually running late.



Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Location: Formerly Caribou Coffee, there are five in DC, all located within 5-6 blocks of the White House.
Wifi: Free!
Price Range: Similar to Starbucks, actually. But with normal names for sizes. They also pride themselves on their history of finding the best roasts from around the world and offer other seasonal and rare options for all of you coffee connoisseurs out there. They also offer a unique drink called “The Black Tie” (pictured above right) which layers cold brew coffee with condensed milk and simple syrup. Actually, you should go just to try that. Then come back and thank us because you’re welcome.
Food: A few baked goods and sandwiches made locally and delivered daily.
Seating: Indoor mostly, depending on location and season.



Filter Coffee House & Espresso Bar


Location: Three – Dupont, Foggy Bottom, and Brookland.
Wifi: Free!
Price Range: Moderate, but appropriate. They “craft” their cups of coffee.
Food: Pastries for the most part. Although they have joined up with other local businesses to cross promote other items like more coffee, baked goods, and pizza.
Seating: Yes! Filter is popular among locals so it’s a really friendly place in the morning if you have the time to sit and hang out, although some say it morphs into a quiet, laptop-laden lounge during the day if you prefer to sit, work, and be antisocial.



The Wydown Coffee Bar


Location: 1924 14th St NW
Wifi: Nope, so if you plan on being there for an extended period of time make sure you bring something to do besides stare at your screen.
Price Range: Low. Especially for a place that has such rave reviews on their cappuccinos and vegan pumpkin muffins.
Food: Baked goods made on site.
Seating: Limited communal tables.



Chinatown Coffee


Location: 475 H St NW
Wifi: Yes, but the connection is notoriously weak.
Price Range: Depends on the complexity of your order. Want a cup of black coffee? $1.82. Want a hand-poured french-press cafe latte extra foam turbo shot whiplash? $7.50.
Food: Pastries and gelatos and whatever “specialty toasts” are. But this place ups the ante by adding alcoholic options to the list.
Seating: Most definitely. This a prime spot to sit and enjoy your beverage with a friend.



Peregrine Espresso


Location: Three of them: Eastern Market, Union Market, and 14th Street
Wifi: Nope.
Price Range: $2-3 for your average cup. Almost all reviews attest to the fact that they serve quality coffee, espressos, and latte art.
Food: Small snacks – mostly biscuits and cookies.
Seating: Outdoor and indoor, depending on location.


When all else fails and you can’t (a) find any of these other options fast/conveniently enough or (b) just can’t let go of your precious seasonal latte:



Location: Walk 1 block in any direction.
Wifi: You know it does.
Price Range: $2 for a plain coffee, $5+ for something swankier, $87 if you want to try to beat the world record (still not joking).
Food: Mostly cookies and snacks, some fruit, a couple fancy breakfast sandwiches they reheat in a less-than-fancy industrial microwave.
Seating: Always indoors, sometimes outdoors. Depends on the location and season.


There you have it. Options. Honestly, we couldn’t care less if you go to one of these awesome places or end up going back to the ‘bucks, but we highly advise against going with the latter. Save your money for more important things like food, travel, and alcohol. Shit, save even a dollar and you’ve paid for a drink at ONE at Barcode. What really matters here is you find something you like that helps you make it through the morning (and possibly the day – there’s no shame in going back for seconds or fourths).


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Robin Thicke with David Karim, courtesy

If a serious nightlife fanatic in the Washington, DC area, over the past three decades you’ve more than likely spent a night (or ten) in at least four (or more) restaurants or nightclubs which the Capital-based nightlife impresario David Karim has managed, curated or owned. With such a long and proud history, one may find that the George Mason University graduate with an Economics degree would be content with wanting to rest on his laurels. However, that’s far from the case.

“I was out every weekend anyway,” Karim says regarding his early days in DC nightlife in the late 80s and early 90s. “I was bartending to get through college, and somebody offered me a job at club called OPERA in Adams Morgan.” The hiring proved to be the catalyst for his future aspirations, as he continues, “[working in nightlife] was the same environment that I was in every weekend –  but I was making money, which is better than spending money (laughs).”

As a fresh college graduate, the current nightlife standard bearer saw his friends making “good money for being just out of college” with their business and economics degrees, but he wanted more. “I loved music and meeting people. I got into promoting (at Zei Club in downtown DC), as I felt like I knew as many people as guys like Masoud [Aboughaddareh, current owner of Lima Nightclub] and Antonis [Karagounis, current owner of Echostage] and thought I would be successful.” Karim’s roots with Karagounis are strong. “Antonis was doing Spy Club across the street.  When it closed, he moved the party to ZEI Club. A year later, the weekly event happening at ZEI, changed with the Grand opening of GLOW with Pete Kalamoutsos as the resident DJ.  The promotion changed to cater to an EDM sound and crowd, mostly with Trance music.”

Karim’s tastes extend far past just music these days, as his pairing of quality dining options and premium nightclub experiences across the city has become a staple of his brand. Regarding his twin interests, he offers a unique and honest opinion. “[Nightlife and food] are apples and oranges. The restaurant business is so much more detail-oriented than the nightclub industry. Nightlife is more trend-based and all about having your finger on the pulse of the trends. If you make a great steak, a steakhouse can be around for 50 or 60 years. [Comparatively] music changes. In the food business, if you have the best quality and the best service, the people will come, no matter what. [Insofar] as nightlife, it’s all about what’s “in,” and that’s what people go after.”

U Street bars Washington DC

Lost Society sits at the corner of 14th and U Streets, NW

Staying competitive in a revitalizing Washington, DC is clearly of importance to Karim, too. In regards to how he has remained vital, he offers this summation: “DC’s a little concerning. I’m 44 years old now and have been doing this for 26 years. The population is booming. You have areas like 14th Street and U Street. I have two locations there [14th Street’s Policy and U Street’s Lost Society] that are thriving, but downtown is not about bottle service anymore – it’s all about business lunches and happy hours.” With respect to serving this new demographic, he has a plan. “The late night is disappearing. People want to go to bars. The economy has boomed here, though, with defense contractors and IT companies locating here, and they want that hybrid experience of a restaurant and bar with a late-night aspect to it.”


The interior of The Gryphon.

David Karim’s plan has seen him open a series of nightclub/restaurants which he sees providing a sustainable solution for the evolving state of the DC party scene. “Lost Society and Gryphon [blend] a cool steakhouse with a DJ. I believe that’s a concept that was needed in DC. I love food – especially steaks – and enjoy having a party scene in the same venue, too. We do the same concept with a different menu at a second location with Gryphon. I want to grow the brand, do something on H Street in DC, or maybe something in Arlington. I thought of it, I executed it, and it’s doing well.”

With a seemingly ever-growing plethora of nightlife locales under his control and vision, David Karim blends a sharp awareness of history with an eye on his customer’s happiness and a curiosity about the future to create a blueprint for success. Regarding said success, Karim – as always it seems – keeps his ultimate motivations simple, possibly only to hide the complexities in execution. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do what we do in the nightlife business. There’s a balance between business savvy and partying. However (clearly in more ways than one), I’m always hungry.”


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Courtesy Hooman Pedram

Photo courtesy of Hooman Pedram

“I haven’t thought about this in forever!” exclaims Hooman Pedram, award winning club owner, entrepreneur and current owner of TripAdvisor’s top-five rated Tap and Still Restaurant of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. What he had not thought about in forever? The five years that he was a key member of the ownership group behind influential Northwest DC nightclub Club Five (now where Public Bar is located near Dupont Circle), and his role in the development of the current boom era for nightlife in the Nation’s Capital.

Fifteen years ago, North America’s love of dance music – similar to right now – experienced some of it’s most significant commercial growth in Washington, DC. When Pedram was based out of Washington, DC and the General Manager of now closed Northwest DC nightspot Club Five from 2003-2008, it was quite the amazing era.

“I started off going to clubs, then I got into passing out flyers, promoting, management, it was a chain of events and it really took off from there. Originally, I was just into the music. I’d go to Fifth Column [located at F Street NW, closed in 1996] on Monday nights, and it was a little more commercial. Then, I’d go to Tracks [then located on First Street SE] on Thursday night, which had a goth side of the room and an industrial side. At that time, rave DJs like Scott Henry and Charles Feelgood would play at Tracks. Those were my two places that I used to go to. Then I started going to Zei Club [near downtown’s McPherson Square], too.”

“Just before [me and my partners] got involved with Five, we were throwing parties where the [Washington Nationals] stadium is now, at a club called Edge (located in Southeast DC, closed in 2006).” Regarding his promotional strategy, he also offers advice for new promoters, too. “ I knew people in DC. It was an easy place for me to do something. I had roots there. People knew me, I had friends and connections, too. It’s all about building a database. It’s all about numbers and knowing a lot of people.”

Photo via

Photo via

“The club [we initially were using for parties] was near Capital Ballroom and Tracks, too. We got into a partnership with the owner at Five, as he didn’t want to run it anymore, so we came in as promoters, and then had the chance to buy into the club down the line. [Club Five] had a comfortable feel, it was non-pretentious and mostly about the music.”

In regards to the bridge between, say, Club Five to Fur Nightclub and Antonis Karagounis’ Echostage, Pedram tells a most entertaining tale about his involvement. “The DJs we were getting, nobody else was really getting at that time. We were more house, and the Buzz vibe was more techno. It’s intriguing, trace didn’t really come around until Antonis [Karagounis] and them started Panorama Productions. Actually, here’s a great story. Back then, I worked at a travel agency with my friend Jason Martin, and we used to fly DJs around the country. Right before I bought into Club Five, I was working with starting Red Bull. I lived in Colorado for a winter, and I took this energy drink that I saw out there, and I had it shipped across the country to my house. I used to go to Zei Club when Antonis and his crew had their Panorama parties there. I was the guy who was selling the Red Bull there. [Of course], in the daytime, I was still a travel agent for DJs for tours.”

He continues, “at that time [Buzz resident DJ] Scott Henry had the lockdown for DJs. You couldn’t get a DJ into DC that was worth a lick if you weren’t Scott Henry. Antonis [and Panorama] were doing great parties, but they had no big-name DJs. They did have a big crowd, though, and they wanted to take it to the next level. [Ultimately], I helped them book Christopher Lawrence, who was the first “big name” DJ that they booked. Once they booked him, they hit the ground running, and you see what it is now, right? (laughs)”


Tap and Still Restaurant, photo courtesy of Hooman Pedram


After leaving Club Five in 2008, Pedram relocated to the US Virgin Islands, where after a stutter-step, has truly found success and happiness with the Tap and Still Restaurant. Reflecting, he says “I opened a nightclub down here and it did good for two years, but this wasn’t the right market for it. I sold the club, regrouped and now I have a restaurant open in the marina.” Insofar as his restaurant’s success, he’s extremely positive. “It’s a great life down here. As a restaurateur with promotional experience in nightclubs and events, I’m more than able to compete. I can run the restaurant, have the party, and run a series of events, too. I’ve certainly used my Washington, DC pedigree to my advantage down here. We still do DJs [at the Tap and Still]. I’ve taken it back like 100 steps, though. There’s no DJ booth. We set it up every week. We pull up a table, have some speakers set up in the corner and we’re ready to party. It’s packed every weekend!”

For as influential as Hooman Pedram was to the current massive success of DC as a nightlife destination city, his thoughts about where DC is headed in the future certainly can’t be surprising at all: “I’m still close to the East coast! Keep an eye out for me [in DC] in 2016!”


Follow Hooman to get all the latest updates on his nightlife ventures:

The Best of Valentine's Day in DC

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Whether you’re a die hard lover of Valentine’s Day, you know the type who troll around town in the ugliest color combo, red and pink, want to be romanced with chocolates and rose petals, or you’d rather go casual this year, like running around the nation’s capital in your thong, we’re running down the list of the best V-day options in DC.   If you’re single and ready to party, we’ve got events for you nuts jobs as well. Unless of course you’re the type that just wants to sit at home and cry, then the least you could do is stop being a complete shut in and have some fun with our anti- Valentine’s Day options.


Night Crawlers

These options will keep you party people up all night with some of the city’s hottest DJs and best nightclubs. Whether you’re single or just trying to liven up a dull and boring relationship, this will do the trick.

Ultrabar- 911 F St. Northwest, 20004

Every Saturday at Ultrabar is Ladies Night and Valentine’s Day really is all about the ladies after all isn’t it? Have a Date Night this year and take your woman out for a night on the town!

Details: Ladies 21 & over get in FREE all night! Ladies 18+ reduced admission all night! 9:30PM – 3:00AM, $300 table special: Stoli, Bacardi, and House Champagne


The Huxley- 1730 M Street NW, DC 20036

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

Valentine’s Day “Stupid Cupid” party presented by LX Group. Whether you’re taken or single and ready to mingle, The Huxley is throwing a Valentine’s Day celebration that is guaranteed to leave you smitten.

Details:  Friday, February 13, 2015 from 10PM-3AM. Open-bar access from 10-11PM. Music by DJ Philipz. Ticket packages starting at $15.



If you want a little more than dinner and a movie, or you don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day bumping and grinding next to a thousand strangers, than these sexy DC lounges might be just what Cupid had in mind.

Barcode- 1101 17th Street NW

Want a special evening for you and your significant other? Barcode’s Valentine’s Day menu has everything you need:  4 delicious courses hand-picked by the chef himself, including a decadent Valentine’s Day dessert available for a limited time.

Details: $45 4-course menu hand picked by the chef – call ahead to make sure you get a table! (202) 955-9001

Dirty Martini- 1223 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20036

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

Dirty Martini is offering up a 4-course prix fix dinner for an interesting choice of price, $69.99. Then head upstairs to the venue’s Dirty Bar to keep the party going for Ladies Night, where ladies enter free on Saturdays.


All Nighters

If you’re ready to wow your date with a night out in the nation’s capital and aren’t afraid to lay down some big bucks and maybe spend the night at one of the coolest hotels in DC, these options will be a good start.

Gaylord Hotel- 201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, MD 20745

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

Heat up your night at the National Harbor. Whether it’s date night or ladies night, take a ride on the Capital Wheel, grab dinner, head to Bobby McKey’s, Cadillac Ranch, Public House, or the Gaylord’s two-story rooftop Pose Ultra-Lounge. Then cozy up at one of their 2,000 guest rooms.

Details: See the Gaylord’s website for rates and reservations.

The W Hotel- 515 15th Street NW, F St. Between 14th and 15th Street, 20004

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

The W Washington DC is a one stop shop for Valentine’s Day, grab a room in one of their sexy suites, catch dinner at the W’s Pinea restaurant, hit up the Root Cellar Whiskey Bar located in the lower level, then get up where the nation’s most important monuments and spectacular landmarks surround you in their 11th-floor rooftop terrace.

Details: To enjoy POV after 5 PM, you must be 21 and over. Seating at POV is first come first serve. POV offers bottle service reservations on Friday and Saturday evenings beginning at 9 PM.

The Mansion on O St.2020 O Street Northwest, 20036

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

Love is in the air at the Mansion, where a three-course meal topped off with their exotic banana split erection (yes you read that right) and sweet tooth display. They then offer a lover’s treasure hunt through the Mansion where you explore 100’s of rooms and 70 secret doors. If you attend the dinner you’ll also score 20% a hotel room for the night.

Details: Dinner tickets are $69 each and runs from 5PM-11PM. For more details and to get tickets, see their website here.



Being alone on V-Day can be just as much fun as hanging out with some random date or the person you’ve been meaning to break up with for months but don’t have the balls to do it. Being alone is cheaper, easier and probably a hell of a better idea.

Barcode- 1101 17th Street NW

Barcode’s newest Thursday party, ONE, has taken DC by storm – pay them a visit on Thursday the 12th for Singles with Singles and get even better specials than ever – with a $1 Progressive Bar starting at 9pm, how can you go wrong?

Details: 18+, music by DJ Kam, $1 Progressive bar starting at 9pm, and table specials – call (202) 271-1171 for reservations.

Singles Seated Speed Dating and Valentine’s Day Party at Capitale- 1301 K Street NW 20005

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

What better than Valentine’s Day to meet your new match, so get off the couch and stop pouting and head to Capitale for their seated speed dating, which was even featured on the Today Show.

Details: Price: $30.00 if purchased by 5 p.m. Friday, January 30; 7:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Cupid’s Bar CrawlDupont Circle

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

 If you really can’t stand going out on Valentine’s Day, get your partying in a week early. Celebrate the season of love with a Dupont Circle bar crawl, whether you’re single, taken, or just hoping to get shot by Cupid’s never failing arrow.

Details: February 7, 2015, 3-11 PM. Participating establishments include: The Huxley, The Mad Hatter, Sign of the Whale, Ozio, Public Bar, Kabin, Buffalo Billiards, Irish Whiskey, Cafe Citron, James Hoban’s and more.


Low Key

This one is for all those who have either been in a relationship so long, that nobody cares about this Hallmark holiday anymore; you know there’s love there. Or, for the singles that don’t want to be surrounded by A-holes making kissy faces all night long, yet it’s still Saturday night and you don’t want to be a complete shut in.

Fifty Shades of Grey- The Movie

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

No we are not telling you to get all kinky with some S&M, what you do behind closed doors is completely up to you, we’re talking the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. The highly anticipated movie is hitting theaters February 14, maybe you’ll even pick up some new moves you can try out later that night or your next date.

Details: See for Local Showtimes. P.S. We like the Georgetown Lowe’s Theater where you can sneak next door and get your sweet fix at the Hershey’s Ice Cream shop.

Ice Skating- 3 DC Locations

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

One positive thing about a DC winter is ice-skating and it can be super romantic. Take your date over to the National Gallery of Art’s Skating Rink on the National Mall, Canal Park Ice Rink on 2nd & M St. in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood, or the Washington Harbour Ice Rink.

Details: Most rinks are open through March, check the links above for dates, tickets and pricing.



If you’re sick of the whole boring dinner and a movie dates, or awkward Valentine’s Day encounters, these off beat options will get you up off your ars.

Capitol Standard Magazine Party- QLIKD: Not Another Boring Valentine’s Day- Jack Rose Dining Saloon; 2007 18th Street NW20009

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

Mingle with singles, toast with couples, and relax with a complimentary men’s grooming service provided by Roosters of Georgetown and a braid bar by Haute 202 Salon will be on site for women. VIP guests will enjoy specialty craft cocktails assembled by GQ Magazine’s featured mixologist of the year.

“Crimes of Passion” Experience at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment- 575 7th Street NW, DC 20004

Valentine's Day in DC 2015
Spend Valentine’s Day weekend visiting a special exhibit unlike anything else offered on this romantic holiday weekend. Get handcuffed to your date and view over 600 exhibits regularly featured at the museum, plus exhibits explaining various crimes of passion and hear true stories such as the “Valentine’s Vampire.”

Details: Friday February 13 and Saturday February 14, ticket start times between 6-10PM. General admission tickets are $80 and VIP tickets are $150; see here for all the goodies that come with the price of admission and to purchase tickets.

Cupid’s Undie Run- Stanton & Greene, Hawk ‘N’ Dove & Capitol Lounge, 319 Pennsylvania Ave SE, 20003

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

After a night of romance, one could use something a little lighter, so what better than an event that’s tag line is- Put the Hilarity in Charity. Cupid’s Undie Run let’s you around the U.S. Capitol Building in your Valentine’s themed undies to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Details: Sunday, February 15, 2015 Noon-4PM, register online here.



 For the quintessential Valentine’s evening, most buttoned up couples will do the classic Valentine’s Day, which consists of a romantic dinner out on the town, champagne, a heart shaped box of chocolates or maybe even a diamond if your man’s not broke. Here are some sexy restaurants that will impress your date, but you better make reservations quick before you get stuck with Chinese takeout.

 Fiola Mare- 3100 K Street Northwest, 20007

Valentine's Day Restaurants DC 2015

You’re just a reservation and a major paycheck away from a trip to the Italian Riviera by way of the Potomac at Fiola Mare. Expect sweeping river views, whole roasted fish, streams of bubbly—and a mega-bill to match.

Details: Check out the full Valentine’s menu here.

Little Serow- 1511 17th St. NW, 20036

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

With a limit of four people per table, Little Serow is an intimate spot is tailor-made for romance. The menu riffs on the meals the owners ate on their honeymoon and the open kitchen delivers a seven fiery, funky plates like Mekong whiskey-basted ribs with sticky rice. You may need to bring the tums for this one.

Details: Check out their full menu online here. Valentine’s Day offers a $45 prix fixe option.

Co Co. Sala- 929 F Street NW 20004

Valentine's Day in DC 2015

Forget the box of chocolates and whisk your sweetie away to Co Co. Sala, a chocolate-themed restaurant pairs decadent dinners with indulgent desserts. There are two main lounge areas as well as a patio garden, a private dining room, an art gallery and rooftop seating.

Details: Click here for hours and reservations

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