The Most Annoying Things People Say on Social Media & Beyond

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It’s annoying, it’s out there, it assaults you on social media and even spills into actual “real” life outside the confines of your computer, it’s why people roll their eyes at you, de-friend you on Facebook, un-follow you on Twitter, and just generally dislike you. It’s the MOST annoying things you have to STOP doing on social media and beyond.


That’s what she said

DC Clubbing That's What She Said

This is on the top of the list, quite possibly the one I hear that sends a chill of hatred up my spine at the very mention. We can blame “The Office” and Steve Carrell for Michael Scott’s catchphrase, “That’s what she said”. It’s overused and poorly used.

“I watched Spiderman 2 at the theater today!” Response- “That’s what she said!”

And we all know people who say it after everything someone says, waiting for a high five or a fist pump. Just…don’t.



 DC Clubbing Hashtagging

Damn you Twitter! The hashtag symbol (#) is used as a virtual filing system on Twitter, and should NEVER be used in non-virtual conversations, or on Facebook.

“That hashtag ‘SoulCycle’ workout was hashtag ‘amazing’, but it totally hashtag ‘KickedMyAss’ and did you see that girl’s hashtag ‘BigButt’ in the hastag ‘FrontRow’? It was a total hashtag ‘Throw Back Thursday’ moment!”


Willy Wonka vs Dos Equis Guy

DC ClubbingDC Clubbing Willy Wonka
There needs to be a boxing match between Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder- 80 years old) and The Most Interesting Man in the World (Jonathan Goldsmith- 75 years old) to duke it out for who is the most OVERUSED photo on text graphic on the web! Who do you think would win?

[Enter choice debasing divider here] Problems

 DC Clubbing White Girl Problems

Everyone’s got problems these days! White girl problems, black girl problems, rich people problems, poor people problems, gay boy problems, and all kinds of problems. Talk about segregation, I thought we were all moving towards equality? But at least there’s one thing people agree on, no matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation we all love to bitch about our issues! Blog bitching #WhiteGirlProblems


I Run [“your” city here]


But do you really? Are you an elected official? Can they even do anything? What exactly do you run? Because by the looks of the people who typically say this, including, but not limited to at least one reality show character on every reality show ever (especially the Bad Girls Club), you don’t run sh*t! The only thing you’re qualified to run is your own bad decisions right into the ground. Not even the counter at Burger King or maybe a forklift, but probably not. No definitely not heavy machinery.


Sunday Funday

DC Clubbing Sunday Funday 

Sunday really made a comeback from the latter known “Lord’s Day” when you’d get in your Sunday’s Best, this may even include a bonnet and head to church or at least grab some cheap pancakes at IHOP. Now’s it’s done a total 180, and reemerged as a booze fueled day of debauchery and lard dripping brunching. Basically an extension of Saturday night, a day you’ll commonly see nightclub zombies roaming the streets in last nights clothes, shameless to the fact they are wearing black pleather pants to the Waterfront. We have no problem with this, but ‘Sunday Funday’ as a term is stupid. It’s right up there with ‘Tuesday Boozeday’ and ‘Winesday Wednesday’, and you know who uses the term ‘Winesday Wednesday’? Kathie Lee Gifford=not cool!


Ninjas and Wizards

 DC Clubbing Ninjas

These are words that should never leave the roundtable where you play Dungeons and Dragons in your mom’s basement.

I’m a “Computer Ninja”, “or a PR Wizard”…

Ninja- A ninja (忍者?) or shinobi (忍び?) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, and open combat in certain situations.

Wizard– A man who has magical powers, especially in legends and fairy tales.

That’s all.


Food Porn


DC Clubbing Food Porn

Food porn, or the doubly annoying #FoodPorn is the pits! Posting pictures of food on social media is acceptable for anyone in the food service industry. We’ll even let it fly for non-industry folk who post a meal they had in a food service establishment, or if you can actually cook something presentable. But the worst is when people cook a homemade meal that consists of boiled chicken, cream corn and a piece of white bread and they think the all greyish beige blob on a paper plate is worthy of a five-star restaurant. Food is not porn, nobody wants to see a banana and a grapefruit doing the nasty, and if you do, you’re sicker than we thought.



DC Clubbing Eargasm

Which leads us to foodgasms…adding “-gasm” to pretty much any noun doesn’t make sense.

“That DJ, like totally gave me an ‘ear-gasm’!” ßSTUPID

The same goes for foodgasm, travelgasm, and shoegasm, thus the only acceptable is gasm is an Orgasm. I think we can all agree with that one.


Watergate it

DC Clubbing Watergate

And lastly, here’s one for the DC nerds. Nixon’s 1970’s f*ck up with the Watergate scandal, has boomeranged it’s way back into pop culture, social media, and political journalism. Get over it!

“Someone broke my back gate and took my shovel. Scandalous. GateGate?”

Nipplegate, Antennagate, Monicagate, Troopergate, #Weinergate, Puppygate

Watergate is a hotel in Washington DC, this makes no sense used in any other way.



The Most Expensive Drinks in the World

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We’ve all heard this conversation before:
 OMG $14 for a drink, that’s crazy, like you could buy a whole bottle of vodka for what 2 drinks cost!


Yes, yes you can, and that’s appropriate for a house party, or an alcoholic homeless person, but when you’re at a nightclub, lounge or restaurant in any major city from Tokyo, to London, and NYC to LA, you pay up, because let’s face it, your friend and his iPod don’t stack up to the big time entertainment clubs are pumping through their doors every week.
BUT, if you think your tab is expensive when you hit the clubs, check out some of these ridiculous prices for some of the most expensive drinks and bottles in the World and get ready to max out your credit cards.


Armand de Brignac Midas

DC Clubbing Armand de Brignac Midas

The “Ace of Spades” as it’s called is a 30-liter bottle (that’s equal to 40 regular sized bottles) of Armad de Brignac Midas, which doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Moet (pronounced “mow-ette” not “mow-eh”), or Veuve, but for that price nobody’s judging. Weighing in at 99 pounds (probably the weight of your cocktail waitress) this bottle’s going to need some muscle to get to your table.

Diva Vodka
$1 Million

DC Clubbing Diva Vodka

Blinged out in Swarovski crystals that run through the middle of the bottle, and can be used as a garnish for the drink, push this Scotland-based Vodka to the Million-dollar mark! Plus, this alcohol wasn’t made in a prison toilet. It’s ice filtered and then it is passed through Nordic birch charcoal then filtered through sand that contains precious and semi-precious gems.

Legacy by Angostura

 DC Clubbing Legacy by Angostura

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Or some major credit card debt.

From the same company that brought you ‘Angostura Bitters’, which you may only know as some nasty sh*t your great grandmother may have given you to settle your stomach, now lay claim to the ‘Most Expensive Bottle of Rum in the World’. The bottle is housed in an Asprey crystal decanter with a sculpted silver stopper, created and designed by the jewelers to Prince Charles and limited to a minuscule 20 bottles worldwide (a mere three in the U.S).

Tequila Ley
$3.5 Million

DC Clubbing Tequila Ley Sterling

When you hear about an astounding 6,400 diamonds, weighing in at 415 carats, set into an 8-pound pure platinum setting, you’d probably think some really rich and famous guy just proposed to a really large woman with huge hands, but in this case, it’s the actual bottle this ridiculous tequila comes in. And here we thought Gran Patrón Burdeos, at just $649, and Don Julio Real at $350 was a treat!

Vieille Bon Secours Ale

DC Clubbing Vieille Bon Secours Ale

For this brew, you’ll have to take a trip across the pond. The 12-liter bottle can only be purchased at a bar in London called Bierdrome. This beer has been described as having a complex taste with citric, caramel and toffee flavors with an undertone of licorice and aniseed. It should at least come with an engraved beer koozie for that price.


DC Clubbing Flawless Cocktail

The world’s priciest drink, launched in London in 2007 at Modiva nightclub- It consisted of a large measure of Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne, some brown sugar, angostura bitters and a few flakes of 24-carat edible gold leaf. Oh and an 11-carat white diamond ring.

Stars spotted at the club have included Prince and Beyoncé. Partygoers who ordered the drink were rewarded with a floorshow, with the drink mixed in front of them, and two security guards.

Some other pricey cocktails you can go in search of are the ‘Diamond is Forever Martini’ (Ritz Carlton, Tokyo- $22,600), ‘The Proposal’ (The Purple Bar, Sanderson, London- $5,293), ‘The Ono Champagne Cocktail’ (XS, Encore Wynn, Las Vegas- $10,000), ‘Martini on the Rock’ (The Blue Bar, Algonquin Hotel, NYC- $10,000), and one more diamond laced cocktail for $50,000 (Reka Restaurant, Moscow).


What DJs Have the Best Hair

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Saturday, April 26, 2014, 9:24pm. (Updated: 5/07/14 at 8:38pm) Add comments
From the mop tops of the Beatles to the teased and torture manes of 80s hair metal bands, the mullets of Billy Ray Cyrus, the long locks of rock gods, and punk music’s Mohawks, hair has defined genres and generations of music since the beginning of time. 
Disc Jockey’s are usually heralded for their mad skills behind the decks, and perhaps their hard-core partying ways as they zigzag the globe from club to festival to celebrity studded events, because now more than ever the DJ has reached star status themselves.  But what about their hair…who’s got the best coif in the EDM DJ scene?


With his long locks and deep side part juxtaposing the half shaved to the bone side of his head, Skrillex’s do was at the forefront of this now trendy look, which is worn by copycats of celebrity status, and that hipster girl sitting next to you at your local dive bar.

David Guetta  

David Guetta vs Jennifer Aniston

Since his start in clubs in the 1980’s Guetta’s signature locks have not changed, which has resulted in a cross between John Denver (who most of you are probably too young to know) and the cult status style ‘the Rachael’ made popular by Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki Hair Style

“Long hair don’t care!”  On April Fools 2013, the electro house DJ and heir to the Benihana chain, pranked fans with a tweet –“I JUST CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR!!!” which was met with 1,180 re-tweets.  Even with all the acrobatic crowd surfing stunts, throwing cake at fans, spraying champagne bottles, and riding rafts on the dance floor, things just wouldn’t be the same with a bald Aoki.

Pauly D

Pauly D Best DJ Hair

The MTV’s Jersey Shore made Pauly D as a DJ rise from local Rhode Island clubs to a stint in Vegas and gigs across the US.  He is perhaps equally known for his often imitated but never duplicated super gelled, sprayed, blow-dried mane.   Without the massive amounts of hair product this DJ is virtually unrecognizable.


Nervo Hair

The uber blonde twin DJ duo Nervo who co-wrote the Grammy Award-winning single, “When Love Takes Over”, performed by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland are white hot both musically and well just hot.  Whether you like it short or long these twins and their blonde locks are bringing major estrogen into an otherwise male dominated world.

Tommy Trash

Tommy Trash Hair

You know you’ve got a famous mane when your hair has it’s own Twitter-

Tommy Trash’s hair @TommyTrashsHair – Silky…….Smooth……..Flawless

Also in a DJ Mag interview the following pretty much sums it up:

Best known for: “Hair, hair and more hair.”


Deadmau5 Hair

Usually ‘mousy’ is a term to describe a drab, pale brown hair color, almost gray (ish).  But not here- is it animal magnetism Deadmau5 projects?  This mouse’s hair changes color by the show! Some accessorize with a hat or scarf, but Deadmau5 is committed to his ever-evolving mouse head and there’s something to say for originality.

Carl Cox

Carl Cox Hair

Holding it down for the Q balls is Carl Cox.  Nobody quite does a baldhead like this British house music DJ and producer.  Nothing is worse than a man going bald and doing nothing, leaving the ring around the head, gapping holes, or a constant 5 of clock head shadow.  Cox keeps his dome to the razor’s edge- smooth and shiny!


Axwell Hair

Not every man can pull off a super slick style, but Axwell pulls it off.  Most men over do it with the super gelled slicked back hair and instead of looking suave look like creepy greasy haired old perverts.  So kudos to you Axwell for successfully pulling off a sexy slick back without the sleaze!

Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold Hair

This Brit has been mixing it up for over 30 years and his hair has not missed a beat.  Even MixMag made the following comment to Avicii in a recent interview, “Aside from Paul Oakenfold you must have the best hair in dance music.” From semi short to his signature bob, Oakie’s locks are always super smooth and leave men and women alike wondering, “Who does his hair?”

Like the tracks these mega DJs produce, EDM won’t be confined to one hairstyle, yet uniquely makes it’s mark with some major gossip worthy hair all it’s own. 

Best April Fools Pranks

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Nothing like a nasty little prank to put a spring in your step and get your loved ones, or enemies’ heart’s racing.  “Honey, I have crabs!” It’s not bad karma, when you <eventually> follow it with an “APRIL FOOLS!”  Tap into your juvenile side and put some naughty fun into your week, since we certainly are not getting any pleasure out of the winter that won’t quit! Time to review some classic, some cruel and some downright genius pranks for this April fools.

Unplanned Pregnant

Like a whoopee cushion the good ol’ “I’m pregnant” works for anyone without the man parts.  Freak out your parents, your boyfriend, that guy you’re cheating on your husband with; this hoax has endless possibilities and will surely instill fear! Insert evil chuckle!

Unplanned Pregnancy

Secret ShowSecret Show

These type of shows happen all the time. Remember when Club Glow did those secret Sunday sessions? Send a mass text to all your friends telling them their favorite recording artist or DJ will be playing a super exclusive one night only, not advertised night at the venue of your choice.

Death Becomes HerDeath Becomes Her

This one surely crosses the line. But don’t get your panties in a twist, it you could ‘will’ things this easily; you’d already have a yacht full of cash and a golden unicorn.  Take out a fake obituary ad in your local paper or spread the news via social media.  Get your best friend involved. It’s a great way to see who really cares! Awe, you’re so loved, or maybe not.

STD ScareSTD Scare

Nothing scares the pants off like an STD.  Or maybe you shouldn’t have taken them off in the first place.  Place a call to your partner posing as their doctor saying they have new findings from their latest tests.  Try the app “Sly Dial” to hide your digits on the caller id.  Or call your past lovers and let them know you are just giving a courtesy call to alert them of your fire crotch.

On the MoveOn the Move

Tell anyone who cares about you that you’re hitting the road.  Moving to Spain! Freak the kids or the wife out with a nice “For Sale” sign in the yard.  Say goodbye to your friends kids we’re moving to the South Pole.


If you’re crafty, draft a fake parking ticket, which you can adorn on all your coworkers cars.  Or run into the office and tell that uptight guy in the adjoining cubical that you were just outside and their car getting towed or saw a boot on his car.  Fun for all!

Under CoverUnder Cover

Let someone you know you are confiding in them about your past.  You’re been in the witness protection program and you are not who they think you are.  If you can’t keep a straight face with this one, an eloquent email works.

Kitchen DisastersKitchen Disasters

-Fill a 20 oz plastic coke bottle with Sprite and soy sauce.

-Make a yummy caramel apple treat switching out the apple for an onion.

-Be the office hero and bring in morning donuts filled with mayonnaise instead of custard.

Online InfidelityOnline Infidelity

Create a fake profile and chat with your lover online posing as a secret admirer. This is also a great way to find out if your gf/bf is really into you.  Plus you can totally get away with it when they find out it was you, April Fools; we’re breaking up you cheating pig!

Jail BirdJail Bird

Place a collect call to anyone who would care.  When they accept, let them know you are in jail and using your one phone call.

Polygamy PranksterPolygamy Prankster

This one would go a little something like this, after you sit your family down.

I hate to have to tell you this guys, but I have another family in Ohio, a wife and 2 other kids.  Sorry, it’s time you knew. Who wants to meet your new siblings!

Face it, you’re evil, you have no soul! But it’s April fools, so it’s the one-day you can get away with being a prankster.  Make sure to fill us in on how your April Fool’s day hoax goes. 


The WTF in DC Fashion & Style

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 3:32pm. (Updated: 4/02/14 at 5:28pm) Add comments

Unlike, NYC or Los Angeles, DC isn’t exactly known for it’s trendy fashion sense.  Though it does have a unique style all it’s own.  From Capitol Hill, to Georgetown to the DC Club scene and beyond, let’s explore some of the iconic, ironic, and horrific styles that scream Washington DC.


Sear SuckersSear Suckers

Take a stroll around Georgetown and you cannot escape a warm afternoon without seeing some Kennedy wanna-be sporting this look, which they probably picked up at the Gtown uber preppy attire hub Vineyard Vines.

The US Senate even held Seersucker Thursdays in June from 1996-2012.  Nerds.


Nowhere does khakis; pastel colored dress shirts, Lacoste everything, bow ties and sear suckers quite like DC.  That’s why if you ever planned to leave DC due to the Polar Blast, you may find yourself out of fashion next to the casual Southern and Western styles, just see our Polar Blast Pushing People out of DC and the Northeast- FOREVER?

24_7 Power Suits24/7 Power Suits

Summer in DC is a sweaty swampy mess and you know the Washingtonian highbrow crew will not give up on their power suits, even in 100% humidity.  To be clear, we are not talking casual summer office wear.  It’s the ever traditional, wool or cotton blends.  Break out the clinical strength deodorant.


DC DragDC Drag

Recently voted the “Gayest City in the US”, DC counters the uptight and boring looks of the Hill with flamboyant cross dressing madness.  Just join in on the DC Drag Queen High Heel Race during the Halloween season and you’ll see tons of Chers, Madonnas, Britneys, and more.


Working Girl Power SuitLady Suits

Remember Working Girl with Melanie Griffin?  While many cities across the US have embraced a more casual office dress code, Washington women love their lady suits.


Kitten HeelsKitten Heels

Why bother?  If you’re going to wear a heel, go for it, these low set heels are like training bras, useless and unattractive.  Plus wearing a kitten heel is a slippery slope, you’re one step away from wearing a pair of running shoes with your power suit to run to the metro.


Saggy AssSaggy Bottoms

Just head down to Adams Morgan or South East DC and you’ll see some major ass, but not the kind you may want to see.  Some DC peeps can’t be bothered to even pull up their pants.



Fanny PacksFanny Packs

While riding awkwardly upright on your Segway, how else will you hold on to your disposable camera and metro card?  Take a stroll by the White House or the by any of the monuments and museums and the haute couture is the fanny pack.


Cardigans & PearlsCardigans & Pearls

The female answer to the sear sucker and pastels is a matching women’s twin sweater set and a set of pearls.  Though this look is often updated and made edgier, DC prefers the traditional look.


Gold Cup HatsDerby Hats

Attend the Virginia Gold Cup, which is like the bastard son of the Kentucky Derby and your look won’t be complete without a giant obnoxious wide brimmed hat, which hide the shame your face should be showing.


Body Paint

Washington DC certainly has something for everyone.  One minute you’re passing by the political types, and the next you’re in full force in one of the most insane DC nightclubs, being covered in paint or passed by dancers in nothing but paint.

Body Paint

Spring Breakers: What You Will ALWAYS Regret This Spring Break

By Peach in Get in Style
Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 11:42am. (Updated: 3/11/14 at 2:46pm) Add comments
The Spring Break that Never Was

Before you toss your winter duds for that skimpy banana hammock, prepare yourself with the knowledge of those who came before you. Those proud alumni of spring break who have tested the waters, and ate the slimiest of shell fish.

The Best in Spring Breaking EDM Style

By Peach in Get in Style
Thursday, February 27, 2014, 12:03pm. (Updated: 2/27/14 at 12:05pm) Add comments
Puerto Vallarta

Ahhh, spring break, sunshine, alcohol, debauchery, and now some of the best in electronic music, which will ultimately leave you, broke and poisoned, but it’s all worth it.

Why Valentine’s Day is the Most Annoying Holiday

By Peach in Get in Style, Lifestyle
Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 1:11am. (Updated: 2/24/14 at 11:22am) Add comments
Valentine's Day Conspiracy Theory

Valentine’s Day is one of those BS holidays. What is so romantic about this holiday anyways? Let’s find out.

10 Things Everyone is Sick of Seeing Posted on Facebook During a Snow Storm

By Peach in Get in Style, Lifestyle
Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 3:20pm. (Updated: 2/27/14 at 5:39pm) Add comments
the snow posts are coming

Snow sucks, winter sucks, blah blah blah…you know what sucks even more? -These annoying posts that litter Facebook and Twitter during these polar blasts.

7 Ways to Stay Warm during the Winter Storm

By Ben Lek in Get in Style, Lifestyle
Sunday, January 5, 2014, 5:58am. (Updated: 1/29/14 at 3:24pm) Add comments

Winter Storm Ion is ready to unleash its will on us this upcoming week. Here’s a quick guide on how to stay warm during the coldest week we will have since the 1990’s.

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