Is Instagram the Only Positive Social Media Experience?

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Sunday, July 21, 2013, 5:39pm. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 6:01pm) Add comments

InstaPLUR. But is it even real?
Commentary by Antonis Karagounis (The Boss) • @antonisdc

Looking through my social media channels, I can’t help but feel slightly nauseous. Everyone, and I mean everyone on my Instagram feed is posting photos of their amazing lives.

Beautiful people. Amazing locations. Expensive Cars. Mouthwatering food. Wild parties. Couples in love. And happy families. It’s disgusting.

swaraovski sunglasses

I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but let’s be honest – your food cannot be that amazing… every time. You did not wake up in that new Bugatti. You do not live in that amazing home with the ridiculous pool. All those kids at those wild parties are probably 19 and wasted. No you’re not a model, so for the love of god please stop posing as if you are.

It all just seems a bit fake.

food instagram pic

Twitter can at least give us a real time feed of real life event like politics, crime and the occasional celebrity drama. Even Facebook has the occasional social responsibility-call to action (see Kony 2012) or an up-to-the-minute world news break.

But Instagram seems to have found a purpose beyond making iPhone pics look cool.

Imagery is in and of itself a universal language. No matter what you speak, you can always understand an image.

Every photo I see on Instagram depicts some sort of ‘feel good’ experience, moment or sense. And they get more interaction than anything you post on Facebook or Twitter. A picture is worth 1000 words and there’s not one negative thing to be said about any you find on Instagram.


Maybe Mark Zuckerberg was on to something when he spent a billion dollars on a two-year-old company.  The Social Media Generation (ya I just called it that) is tired of negativity and bad news. Instagram is the perfect social media escape.  It has created a Utopia where beauty, peace, abundance and love are the only things you see. And the occasional person bragging about something. But hey – they’re just trying to feel good, right?

Does it entertain?  Most definitely.  Is it real? No. But I know about 130 million users who seem to enjoy their daily escape from reality!

Instagram is utopian happiness.
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The 100 Best Songs To Bang To

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Friday, July 12, 2013, 3:31pm. (Updated: 7/12/13 at 6:48pm) Add comments

The Best Songs to Bang to
Some are for banging. Some are for making babies. Some are for doing freaky shit with jumper cables, a kangaroo and an industrial-sized tub of mayonnaise. We’ll let you decide.

100 – 91

100. Sisqo – Thong Song

99. Peace Division – Blacklight Sleaze ft. Pleasant Gehman

98. My Darkest Days feat. Ludacris – Porn Star Dancing

97. U2 – So Cruel

96. Cassius – I Love You So

95. Goodwill & Hook N Sling – Take You Higher

94. Beyonce – 1+1

93. Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps

92. Def Leppard – ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’

91. Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You

90 – 81 | 80 – 71 | 70 – 61 | 60 – 51

50 – 41 | 40 – 31 | 30 – 21 | 20 – 11

The Top 10 Best Songs to Bang to
(coming soon!)

Are E-Cigs a Public Inconvenience?

Two D.C. council members are proposing the ‘Electronic Cigarette Parity Amendment Act of 2013
It would ban electronic cigarettes in restaurants, mass transit, bars and public places including sidewalks.

DC e cig ban
Blue Cigs, one of the leading manufactures of E cigs, said “from misinformed lawmakers to scared big tobacco companies, actions are being made to limit the sale and use of electronic cigarettes.” They maintain that it is an act of bullying by the tobacco industry on the ever-popular e-cig industry.

According to, “sales of e-cigarettes in 2012 are estimated up to $500M, which has doubled each year for the past two years, and should double and in 2013. Although sales for analog cigarette topped $80B, e-cigarettes sales could surpass them in a decade.”

Council member Yvette M. Alexander (D-Ward 7) stated that e-cigs, “may encourage more people to start smoking.” She goes further saying, “you are getting that same nicotine derivative, and it’s just attracting more, younger people.”

Lawmakers believe e-cigs are bothersome and may pose health risks. The FDA, however, has not come to a conclusion on the potential health risks. It state that, “further research is needed to assess the potential public health benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes and other novel tobacco products.”


Electronic cigarettes have become an increasingly popular alternative to those trying to transition off tobacco. Coming in a variety of flavors, the battery powered inhalers heat nicotine into vapor, allowing a similar stimulant effect as the typical cigarette. However, unlike regular cigarettes, they do not produce smoke. This has allowed e-cigs to be classified differently than cigarettes, until now.

*Editors note: I discussed potential health risked associated with e-cigs with my doctor. He said for the time being, they are a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. No tar, no paper, no tobacco, no carcinogens. His only concern was the concept of heating nicotine. Only time will tell.

Read more at The Washington Post

10 of the Weirdest Shots Ever

By Ravi in Get in Style, Lifestyle
Saturday, June 15, 2013, 11:00am. (Updated: 6/14/13 at 7:15pm) Add comments

So you say you like to drink?
We found some of the craziest shots from around the world to see if you’re really the alcoholic you claim to be. From reptiles and insects to mayonnaise and more.

1. Liquid Steak

steak liquor liquid steak

Well done? Medium rare? No matter how you take it, a shot of this surely doesn’t taste like steak. A mixture of rum and Worcestershire sauce… sounds better on your steak than in your stomach.

2. Snake Wine

liquid snake shot

A shot of this Vietnamese delicacy is sure to make you squirm. Made by letting primarily venomous snakes ferment in wine, this stuff is thought to possess medicinal qualities and increase sexual performance.

3. Bacon Vodka

bakon liquor vodka

This is for the bacon fans out there. Usually when you combine two good things, you get something great, right? Well this is honestly a hit or miss. You’ll probably find it one of more appetizing selections on our list though.

4. Scorpion Vodka

insect liquor

The drink itself doesn’t really taste like scorpions, so you don’t have to worry about that. The idea here is that it’s a shot of vodka with dead scorpion placed like a lemon garnish. While its probably safe to eat, you’ll probably be going home alone.

5. Cement Mixer

cement alcohol

This shot is known more for its aesthetic than its awful taste. This shot is comprised of Baileys Irish crème and lime juice. It gets its name from how the lime juice curdles once added to the Baileys. Yum.

6. Lizard Wine

chinese wine lizards

As strange as it may sound, Lizard Wine is a very popular drink in China. Supposedly it tastes a lot like Brandy, so that’s a plus. It is also thought to improve eye-sight and ward off evil spirits. What about your ex?

7. Pizza Beer

pizza beer liquor shot

This beer is brewed with basil, oregano, tomato and garlic. Okay so you’re probably wondering if it tastes good. Well you’re in luck. This stuff saved its inventor from having his housed foreclosed.

8. The Greasy Mexican

greasy mexican shot

This stuff might look good, but its taste lives up to the drink’s queasy name. A shot of this includes Tequila and mayonnaise. Not sure why anyone would want mayonnaise in their shot…

9. The Eggermeister

jager drink options

If you’re thinking there might be some Jager in this bad boy, you’re right. But hold up, you gotta add a whole pickled egg first. You end up having to hold the jager in your mouth while you chew the egg.

10. Mac & Cheese Jell-O

different jello shots

Yes, there is such a thing, but it’s probably not what you’re looking for on a Saturday night out. It is definitely worth trying a shot of it though. Come on, its mac and cheese brooooo!

Sip, Sip, Pass?
You might be asking yourself, how can one possibly smoke alcohol?

You’d think college bros would stick to smoking pot, but in college nothing ever appears to be a bad idea. But this new trend that has hit college campuses across the states isn’t the smartest thing. Taking a bong rip of alcoholic vapor may sound pretty sweet, but it also gets you wasted dangerously fast.


There are two ways to smoke alcohol:
(but we’re not trying either of them)

  1. Pumping pressurized air into a partially filled plastic bottle. This is achieved by placing a cork in the top and using a pump with a metal needle. Do not do it.
  2. Pouring your favorite alcoholic drink over dry ice and then inhaling the vapor. But dry ice can f*** you up if you handle it improperly. So just don’t do it.

College kids are attracted to excitement and the thrill of doing something a little differently. This new fad allows you to get drunk faster and avoid those empty calories. Of course, college kids don’t realize the serious health risks at hand.

Smoking alcohol can be dangerous.

  • Inhaled vapor goes straight to your lungs – the alcohol enters your blood stream faster. It’s not filtered by your liver and goes straight to your brain.
  • This method of drinking can’t upset your stomach. Instead, you will likely pass out from being too intoxicated.

According to an ABC News article, Dr. Brett Roth, medical director of the North Texas Poison Center in Dallas “concedes there is no definitive data to explain how breathing alcohol vapor is bad for your health.” Except for the whole bypassing your liver and going straight to the brain, thing. But hey, whatever it takes to cut calories, right?

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Two different and highly effective ways to get into shape for the summer. And no, you don’t need to just run (and run, and run)

What's your yoga?

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Recently, a new wave of hipster-yogis has emerged.

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We can smell your awkward fear a mile away. If you’re uneasy around the ladies, don’t think you can hide it.


A list of cities rated as the best for recent college grads to live and work in!

Boris Releases New Album "Believe In Me"

By Carmen in Electronic Dance Music, Get in Style, Listen to DJ Mixes
Thursday, May 2, 2013, 4:39pm. (Updated: 10/13/13 at 9:17am) Add comments

A legend in techno and house finally releases a new album for the first time in ages!

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