Downtown DC Date Spots

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We’ve all been there. You found someone awesome to hang out with, but you’re clueless as to where to go and what to do. First thing’s first: calm the f down. We’ve got you covered. This list of daytime and nighttime date ideas will give you all you need for a great time. At the very least, it’ll give you a jumping off point. So forget the old “dinner and a movie” and get ready, slugger: time to hit this first date outta the park.


Day Dates

Smithsonian Museums


Why: It’s such an obvious option, but it really is one of the best. Not only are all the museums free, but there are so many options that you’re bound to find some common ground and similar interests between any of them. And that includes the zoo. Who doesn’t want to go to the zoo?
Where: All over DC, but our favorites (besides the Zoo) are centralized around the National Mall. Side note: we suggest double checking the Smithsonian website to make sure you’re top choices are open as some museums’ hours change with the seasons.
How much: Free!


Paddle Boats


Why: Yes, we are aware of how lame this sounds, but have you ever tried it? So much fun. And you get to wear matching embarrassing life-jackets! Plus you can not beat the view – the dock is located smack dab in the middle of the cherry blossoms and you can paddle around the Jefferson Memorial.
Where: 1501 Maine Ave, SW
How much: $15 per hour for 2 people, $24 per hour for 4.


Grab a Weekend Brunch


Why: It’s the perfect idea for people who prefer day dates, but want to drink alcohol without judgement.
Where: Do you have a favorite restaurant or bar? Odds are they’ll offer some great brunch specials. Check out ones in an area you like where there’s potential for a second activity afterwards so you can make a whole day of it. Our favorites include Barcode around the K Street area, anything in Adams Morgan, and H Street.
How much: Depends where you go and how hard you go: bottomless pitchers of Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas are gonna cost ya.


Go to a Park


Why: They’re free and they’re just about everywhere. Find one close to you and pack some lunch or just go for a walk.
Where: Like we said: just about everywhere. The one pictured above, though, is the Georgetown Waterfront, and we like it the best. The bonus with this park is if you get bored there’s a ton of stuff nearby to walk to. Feeling hungry? Hit up the famous Georgetown Cupcake shop. Wanna be creepy? Go see the Exorcist House.
How much: Zero dollars. Plus the cost of cupcakes.



Date Night

Barcelona Wine Bar – 14th Street


Why: Some of the best tapas and wines in one of the coolest downtown areas to hang out. And you can sound like a connoisseur when they ask about a wine pairing you’d like to try. There’s a few Barcelona locations, but the 14th Street one has so much to offer when it comes to a date night. Head here for stop number 1 and see where the night takes you.
Where: 1622 14th Street NW
How much: Most dinners will run you around $25-$30 per person.    Photo courtesy of


Wine + Paint


Why: It’s so different than the normal date night crap you’re used to. Bring and drink your own bottle of wine (or purchase some there) and take home a personal work of art to commemorate the night. Hang it and show it off in your living room – regardless of how the night goes, it’ll be a great story.
Where: 1512 U Street NW
How much: $35-40 per person. The price is dependent on if you plan on bringing your own bottle or not, but the art supplies are included either way.   Photo courtesy of


Kennedy Center


Why: You’ll look impressive and cultured. Also, it’s fun. Get dressed up and catch a show (which range from dance performances to comedy shows, music to art) after you hit the rooftop bar for some serious, hand-crafted cocktails and an amazing view.
Where: 2700 F Street NW
How much: Depends on the show.




Why: It’s beautiful and swanky. This Asian-fusion restaurant/bar/lounge comes complete with delicious good, fancy chandeliers, great sushi, a full bar, and a fireplace that’s somehow both contemporary and cozy.
Where: 777 9th Street NW
How much: Dinners can cost upwards of $30 per plate and their a la carte sushi starts at $8, but they often have specials for happy hour during the week.  Photo courtesy of


Coco Sala

Valentine's Day in DC

Why: Five words: Chocolate and Bubbles Happy Hour. It’s alcohol and chocolate expertly matched for maximum drinking satisfaction. BONUS: If this date goes well, it’s the PERFECT Valentine’s Day “Back to our first date spot” date.
Where: 929 F St NW
How much: Their Happy Hour is just one reason to go and it’s only $8 per dessert-y drink.  We didn’t even mention the bacon mac ‘n’ cheese or strawberry flatbreads in their appetizer section on their amazing dinner menu (starting around $10-20 per person).


Now go get ’em, tiger.

Get Fit in DC

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You just spent all Spring and Summer perfecting your beach bod – why let it go to waste? Just because the season is coming to a close doesn’t mean your workout mentality should. Join a gym, drop in on an outdoor class, or find a studio: with this list on hand there are no more excuses.




Where: 2 DC locations: Downtown and DuPont
Why: It’s not just a gym, but also a studio and day spa. Get sweaty then get pampered.
When: Open weekdays from 5am-10/11pm, weekends 7/8am-8/9pm.
How much: Basic Training membership is upwards of $138 a month, but you get everything from unlimited classes to spa access and free passes for friends. If you want to downsize a little because you spent all your money at Seacrets this Summer, they have a $98 All-Access membership that’s still pretty inclusive. The spa, however, does not require membership. But it does cost to be pampered, so check ahead. Photo courtesy of @mintwellnessdc




Where: 5 DC locations so there’s bound to be one at least semi-convenient to you (but the one in Thomas circle looks the coolest). Each location offers slightly different workout options, including but not limited to: cross fit, personal training, whatever Piloxing is, and “total body wellness”.
Why: They have everything and they have it for a reasonable price (see below).
When: Each location varies their hours of operation, but you can check out a full schedule online of everything they offer and where.
How much: $64 a month can get you passes to just about every class and huge discounts on personal training and other options. Don’t want to commit just yet? They also offer free trial classes – just fill out an online registration form.  Photo courtesy of


Yoga in the Park with Lululemon


Where: DuPont and Logan Circles
Why: It’s FREE. It’s also run by the pros at Logan Circle’s Lululemon, so not only is it awesome that you don’t have to pay, but you get an expertly directed all-levels class plus the bonus of the great outdoors.
When: Every Wednesday at 6pm
How much: Again, totally free. All you have to do is bring your own mat (and wear workout clothes), so if you’re already a yoga person you’ll have no problem with this one. No? Still okay. A decent yoga mat will only run you 5 bucks.


Capital Bikeshare


Where: EVERYWHERE. There are over 3,000 bicycles at your disposal with hundreds of drop-off/pick-up locations. Get where you want to go, and leave it there.
Why: Because driving in DC is the worst and walking takes too long (let’s not get started on the fiasco that is the Metro). It makes it easy to not only commute, but get some exercise while you’re at it.
When: Whenever. It’s based on hourly rates and you can rent one at any time.
How much: $8 for a day pass, but if you plan on using it more than twice a week, definitely invest in the month or year pass, it’s way more economical.




Where: 4 studios in the DMV area.
Why: It’s a high energy, high calorie burning, highly trendy exercise. And it’s fun! It’s not just sitting on a bike for an hour; it’s core training, weight training, and cardio all wrapped up in one neat little 50-minute package.
When: Timing varies by location, but many of the instructors are really active on social media and make it super easy to find a time and location that works for you.
How much: One class is $22, but if you plan on trying out more than that you should go for one of their multi-class packages.  Photo courtesy of @zengocycle




Where: 4 DC locations
Why: It’s an amazing core strengthening class that will leave you full and satisfied after just 50 minutes. Michelle Obama does it. Look at her arms.
When: Almost all day everyday. They have a complete schedule on their website and lists of awesome instructors – you can find your ideal location and a time you can attend with no problem, even if you want to attend a class today.
How much: New clients get great deals and after that they vary in price based on timing. An off-peak class, for example, is less expensive than one that everyone attends right after work. Photo courtesy of



Pilates in the Park


Where: Farragut Square (next to the Farragut North Metro station at Connecticut & K)
Why: The Golden Triangle – an area marked by it’s savvy businesses and over 550 bars, shops, parks, and more – hosts this bi-weekly gathering in the midst of the DC rush hour. It’s the calm eye of the storm.
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30; you can drop in before you hop on the metro a Bikeshare home.
How much: Free! All they ask is to bring your own yoga mat. We suggest going a little early to grab a spot – a good 100 people have been said to come out for each class.  Photo courtesy of


Nike Run Clubs


Where: Run Clubs have been popping up all over DC, but the Nike ones we’re featuring here all end up at the Nike Georgetown, so you can reward yourself with some sweet workout swag when you’re done.
Why: Running can get boring by yourself. Run with a friend or 20 and now you’ve got something to get excited about. You also have a built-in support system you don’t get from working out by yourself. With this group, they’ll all help keep you going when you want to give up.
When: A weekly calendar is put up every Sunday afternoon, and just about every day has a run scheduled.
How much: Free! Just reserve a spot online.


Barre3 at Union Market


Where: There are a ton of Barre studios in the DMV area, but this one is a free community class held at Union Market.
Why: MOTHER OF GOD who knew such tiny movements could hurt so much? Barre combines essential positions of ballet, yoga, and pilates with weights and props to concentrate on isometric strengthening. And it works.
When: Every Tuesday at Dock 5 above Union Market at 6:15pm
How much: Free! RSVP online via Eventbrite and enjoy your last moments with muscles that don’t hate you.  Photo courtesy of


Mountain Training


Where: Stanton Park in DC, sponsored by The North Face.
Why: Working out using Mountain Athletics is just an awesome way to use the environment as your gym. It’s like parkour, but you won’t end up on an “Epic Fails” list. It’s also lead by two The North Face trainers who vow to help you achieve your outdoor goals, whatever they may be. Want to get your ski game stronger? They got you. Summit a mountain? No problem. Want to feel a little less lazier than you did yesterday? Still on your side.
When: Every Tuesday at 6:30pm from now through December.
How much: Also free! Again, RSVP with Eventbrite and show up a few minutes before start time to get warmed up.  Photo courtesy of


Go Kayaking

Where: There’s 3 locations: the Key Bridge, Ballpark, or National Harbor.
Why: We’ve mentioned doing this before on our Summer Bucket List, but it’s still relevant: hang out in a self-powered boat for half a day and you’ve burned off more calories than you’d have eaten if you went to happy hour instead. And you’ll have so much fun doing it you won’t even notice.
When: All day everyday while the warm season sticks around. Each location has different specific hours, but they generally open late morning (10-11) and send the last boats out in the evening (5:30-7). Check the website for location details.
How much: Depending on your preferred flotation device (they have other options besides Kayaks if that’s not what you’re into), rentals can be anywhere from $15-30 per hour.



Working out isn’t the hard part, it’s getting yourself out there to do it that is. You don’t necessarily have to go right for the ass-kicking memberships or the intense core classes, you can hit up the easy meditations or just take an extra set of stairs somewhere. Every little bit counts when it comes to fitness and just because the fall season is coming up doesn’t mean it’s time to start slacking. With all of these options there are no exceptions: so quit your bitching and get that body burning.

Hidden Gems: Amazing DC Restaurants You Should Know About

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Did you know there are nearly 12,000 places to grab food and drinks in DC? Because we just found out. And if you are a perpetually indecisive diner (not unlike ourselves), that makes life so much more complicated. We’ve gone ahead and done you a huge favor and listed the best of DC’s hidden gems. The 1 in a million 12,000 kind of establishment worth going a little out of your way for.


Fast Gourmet


Where: 1400 W St NW
Why: The phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” comes to mind. This little gas station (yes: gas station) has an insane menu consisting of everything from classic sandwiches and plates (chili dogs, burgers) to latin-infused meals (plantains, empanadas). Crawling out of the bar at closing time with a craving for fries and fish tacos? Fear not! These champions are open until 5:30am on the weekends.
How much: $5-$17 depending on how hungry you are and what you feel like eating.


Lupo Verde


Where: 1401 T St NW
Why: Their charcuterie and antipasto apps are unmatched. Located in the fabulously hip 14th Street corridor, Lupo Verde offers great brunch, dinner, and dessert menus in addition to extensive meat and cheese plate options. Definitely go if you’re into authentic Italian, but want a more casual atmosphere.
How much: Could be upwards of $30-$40 a person depending on what you order (and how much), but it’s completely worth it. And if you have any questions, their staff is supremely knowledgeable and will help you make any food and drink decisions.


Panda Gourmet


Where: 2700 New York Ave NE
Why: This unassuming Szechuan restaurant has repeatedly been named the best in the district by Instagram foodies and Zagat raters alike. Don’t be fooled by its location or lack of official website, this gem is hailed as the most authentic Szechuan cuisine the city has to offer. Try the lamb with cumin or the double cooked pork: you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will probably definitely be hooked.
How much: The same as any run-of-the-mill Chinese take-out restaurant, but this one is the best and is amazing. Totally worth it.



Barcode Restaurant DC

Where: 1101 17th St NW
Why: This little lounge packs a big punch: not only does it host great late-night parties, but its constantly-changing menu with fresh, daily prepared ingredients will keep any foodie happy. “But do they have drinks?” you ask. Why yes, they do! Their drink menu is larger than their food menu: it consists of 12 beers on tap, 25+ beers in a bottle or can, a seasonal rotating cocktail menu, and a list of over 50 wines available by the bottle or glass.
How much: Relatively inexpensive for a restaurant of this caliber. Definitely call ahead and reserve a table, they fill up fast for dinner.




Where: 1063 Wisconsin Ave NW
Why: If the rolled-in-front-of-you pastas aren’t enough, then go because the founder is a sweet woman who wants you to enjoy some great food at “a place where dinner [is] more than just a meal and a trip home.” The menu is full of old favorites and creative new dishes and the place is decorated with a heartwarming, homey flair.
How much: Pretty pricey, but you can taste the 33 years of tradition and experience in every bite.


Perry’s Restaurant


Where: 1811 Columbia Rd NW
Why: Rooftop happy hour sushi. End of argument.
How much: About what you’d expect of any Japanese restaurant, but you can get really good deals on drinks and sushi during their happy hours. We suggest you go while the weather allows you to fully appreciate the chic rooftop atmosphere they’ve cultivated.


Sixth Engine


Where:438 Massachusetts Ave NW
Why: It’s great food with awesome specials and a cool history. Engine Company No. 6 is one of only 11 buildings left in DC that were built in the late 19th century. According to their website, “The kind of fires we’re putting out have changed a bit, but the original helmet still hangs above our door.”
How much: Freshly purchased and prepared appetizers, sandwiches, and cocktails are around $7-$15, bigger plates and meals are $19-$27. Bonus: they have happy hours with even better deals if you go on the right day.


Georgia Brown’s


Where:950 15th St NW
Why: It’s classic southern comfort with an upscale twist. Georgia Brown’s has homemade ice cream, fried chicken that “will compete with your grandma’s”, the best peach cobbler you may ever taste, and a Kentucky Lemonade that is dangerously delicious.
How much: This one will cost you (upwards of $40 per person), but if you are down to splurge a bit then go for it.


The Carving Room


Where:300 Massachusetts Ave NW
Why: If the name isn’t enough of a hint as to why this place is amazing, let us enlighten you: not only do they hand carve all their meats for sandwiches and plates fresh everyday, but they also make their own pickled in-season veggies, their own sauces, rotating side options, and offer an insane brunch menu that includes outdoor curbside cornhole (if you choose to play).
How much: $6-$15.


Thai X-ing


Where: 515 Florida Ave (no alcohol) | 2020 9th St (bar or BYOWine with a $5 corkage fee)
Why: If you aren’t normally someone who tries new things (but want to be) and aren’t sure what the best items to try are, this is the place for you. Thai X-ing takes the guess work out of ordering adventurous food with a pre-fixed chef-selected menu every night consisting of 5-7 “home-style Thai” courses including dessert.
How much: Generally around $30 per person, but prices vary with the menu so call ahead to be sure. If you plan on going with a bigger group, you should note that usually the price goes up per person to accommodate.




Where: 2441 18th St SW
Why: The best ramen in the city, hands down. Right in the middle of Adams Morgan’s biggest collection of other amazing bars and restaurants, it’s situated in the basement of a shop under a catwalk with a small sign, so it’s easy to walk past. Those who know about it and have been there can attest to their delicious options, great appetizers, and “fireball” bowls. Our advice? Get there before or after the dinner rush, it’s a small place and it fills up fast.
How much: Ramen bowls are $11-$15, appetizers are $7-$8.



Not sure about you, but we’re going to break for lunch now.

Obscure Holidays: August Edition

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Just in case you need a good reason to go out or need to give a good reason to get someone out (we all know THAT guy), we’ve gathered the funnest, weirdest holidays that August has to offer. Here is our comprehensive list of the best obscure holidays coming up that deserve some observation.


Aug 2: Friendship Day


This is the day to appreciate the ones who not only share your weirdness, but love you for it. So what should you do? Turn around and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF. Find a friend and put a drink or two on your tab for ’em, they deserve it. Every day should be Friendship Day, which is why we’ve put it on the list.


Aug 5: Work Like A Dog Day


It doesn’t sound like much to celebrate, but you know how the saying goes: “Work hard, play hard.” So work like an animal and then party like one – you earned it, after all.


Aug 7: International Beer Day


How can you NOT celebrate this? It would be a travesty to let such an occasion go unnoticed. Pick up a six-pack or pick up a tab: today’s the day to appreciate one of man’s greatest creations.


Aug 10: Lazy Day

<insert explanation here>


Aug 13: International Lefthanders Day



Okay sure! Buy your favorite lefty a drink. They have to go out of their way to find scissors they won’t fight with, desks that aren’t oriented to the right, and ways to cover up the forever-inked side of their palm after smudging everything they wrote for so many years. High [left] five!


Aug 15 – Relaxation Day


Ahhhhh – time to sit back and sip on something sweet. However you want to enjoy it: with friends, alone, on the beach, at a bar – as long as it puts you and your mind at ease, you’re golden. We suggest an outdoor happy hour so you can take in some breezy, warm evening weather along with a delicious cocktail.


Aug 16: Issue #1 of Sports Illustrated was published


All hail Sports Illustrated for bringing us the infamous Swimsuit Issue. 61 years ago on this day it all started and we think that is most definitely worth celebrating. If that’s not enough for you, it’s all because of said Swimsuit Issues (first published in 1964) that bikinis became a mainstream summer staple. You. Are. Welcome.


Aug 16: Tell a Joke Day


Because a well-balanced diet is a drink in each hand – ba-dum-chhh!

(Now it’s your turn)



Aug 20: National Radio Day


What better way to appreciate the songs on the radio than by dancing along to them at the club? Honestly, if you think about it, you would be doing the radio and Walk the Moon a disservice if you didn’t Shut Up and Dance tonight.


Aug 24: MTV airs music videos


Did you know that MTV stands for Music Television? I know! You wouldn’t guess it nowadays. 34 years ago on this day MTV began airing music videos (FUN FACT: The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star was appropriately the first one played ever). Let’s celebrate the days before Catfish put Chris Hansen to shame and music was not only on television but also worth watching.



Aug 25: Kiss and Make Up Day

No one likes being in a fight, much less losing a friend over one. Bury the hatchet with a couple of beers and get past it – no grudge should last longer than a pint.


Aug 25: Whiskey Sour Day

It’s pretty clear that there’s really only one way to celebrate, so grab a bar stool and observe accordingly.



Aug 26: National Dog Day


Dogs are apparently big this month. Lucky for you, it just so happens that Dog Happy Hours are a thing in DC. Show yours the unconditional love it gives you by bringing them to a place where both of you can make friends!



Aug 27: Just Because Day


“Why should I go out tonight?”

You can’t argue with logic.


August 2015: Romance Awareness Month


Most PDA-proud couples will probably make you pretty aware of this before August, but that doesn’t change the fact that you should show that special someone a little extra love this month (and yes: bromances totally count).


Don’t be LAME. Go out and celebrate what deserves celebration!

Summer Bucket List

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Monday, July 27, 2015, 11:00am. (Updated: 8/04/15 at 2:08pm) Add comments

Only a few precious weeks of Summer left and the swampland-turned-city is taking it’s final sweaty grip on everyone. We know it’s easy to just stay cool indoors and ride the rest of the season out from the comfort of your couch, but what do you do when that cheap fan you bought from Target isn’t cutting it anymore? What happens after your preferred binge-watch show on Netflix runs out? We have a few ideas. This list ranges from the calm and copacetic to the adventurous and awesome. Pick none or pick ten, but you should add at least a few of these to your own Summer bucket list and finish the season off the right way. Time to get up and get out there.


See a Nats Game


Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, this still makes for a fun day. Nationals Park is home to more than just a baseball field and DC’s home team – there’s great food, multiple bars, and fun stuff to do whether you’re 7 or 71. They also have “Theme Games” during the Summer that add a bonus fun factor, but there are only a few left so if you’re going to go to one you better decide now.
When: Home games are played through September.
Price: Depends on who’s playing and how hard you want to go – left field nosebleed section? $10. Lexus President’s Box superseats where you can tell the batter’s religion? $350


Jazz in the Garden


Head to the Pavillion Cafe in the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden and take in some music and culture. Every Friday evening they feature new local artists that put on a free show. Con: you can’t bring your own alcoholic beverages in, pro: they offer a really great special menu.
When: Every Friday evening from 5:30-8:30 as weather permits. These heroes will cancel due to inclement weather (obviously) but also due to excessive heat because they know how real it gets out there.
Price: Free! Plus drinks if you choose to go that route.


Georgetown Sunset Cinema


The best way to enjoy this weather is to enjoy it at night, with cooler temperatures that won’t melt your face. The best place: Georgetown Waterfront’s Sunset Cinemas. For a few select Tuesdays this Summer, they offer free outdoor movies. And not lame movies, either: Burn After Reading and The Exorcist are on the upcoming list.
When: Tuesdays through August at sundown (roughly 8:30)
Price: Free! But BYOBlanket – they don’t like chairs, but if you want a spot for your blanket the best time to snag one is around 7pm.


DC Restaurant Week

For one week in August (beginning the 17th), restaurants around the DC metro area will offer chef-selected menus of the best food they offer. Go in for either lunch or dinner and get a preset three to four course menu that was designed to impress you. (For those of you wondering: the above photos are from Barcode and yes they are a participating restaurant). Tip: some restaurants ONLY offer these menus during DCRW, so if this doesn’t seem like your thing, check with the restaurant before going.
When: August 17-23
Price: Universally decided on, so no guessing! Lunch $22, dinner $35



Hike Billy Goat Trail


Get off your ass and go for a walk through a National Park. Located in Montgomery County, the Billy Goat Trail is known for it’s amazing scenery and finale view of the Great Falls on the Potomac River. There are a couple different trails ranging in difficulty, so if you aren’t a gung-ho trailblazer you have options.
When: When you stop being so lazy. Although get moving before sundown – like most national parks, it closes when it’s dark out.
Price: $10 to park. But you should be prepared and pack a bag of essentials (water, snacks, first aid) for the more experienced trails which could potentially set you back a little also. If you are a morning person, get on the trail by 8am to miss all the crowds.



Kayak the DC Waterways


What are you afraid of? It’s not like it’s the Hudson (CALM DOWN JERSEY AND NEW YORK. That water is nasty, it is a widely known fact). Not only is it an amazing workout for your arms (by “amazing” we mean “good luck lifting a fork to your face for the next few days”) but it’s a cool way to see the city from another perspective. Literally.
When: All day everyday during the warm season. Depending on what starting location you go you (there are 3), they generally open late morning (10-11) and send the last boats out in the evening (5:30-7). Check the website for location specifics.
Price: $15-30/hour depending on the mode of transportation you want to rent.



Moonrise Festival


Glow DC takes over the Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore for a weekend in August for the annual Moonrise Festival. Two days of epic performances and amazing music: this year boasts performances by Bassnectar and the heavy-hitting trio Above & Beyond. Think Coachella just for EDM, but Coachella in it’s pre-commercialized golden days when it was more about the music and less about who was in attendance wearing godknowswhat (although, to be honest, the fashion will probably still be pretty awesome). Complete with iconic ferris wheel.
When: August 8-9
Price: $100-$160. The two-day pass is obviously on the higher end of the price spectrum, but is totally worth it. Have you seen the daily lineups they announced?



Visit the Beach


Grab some friends you don’t mind sitting in a car with for a mini road trip and enjoy some time next to the waves for a weekend that’ll not only cool you off, but relax you. Get some sun, pay the obligatory visit to Seacrets, and chill the hell out before school starts back up. Because we all need to get away once in a while.
When: When can you take a day or 2 off work?
Price: It varies to be honest. Want to stay in an ocean-side resort this weekend? Okay. Prepare to pay for it. If you want to save a few bucks, look on Groupon for deals or call up hotels directly. And, as much fun as spontaneity may be, planning ahead helps.



Visit The BEACH

Don’t feel like being in the car for 3 hours? Understandable. Can you make it to the National Building Museum? Their latest exhibit, The Beach, has DC residents going nuts because it’s literally a giant ball pit for grown ups. Bonus: they’ve recruited some seriously delicious kitchens to provide food and drink options for guests. Our suggestion? Go on a Wednesday – they stay open later for Beach Late Nights, with extended food and beverage hours. (photo by Daniel Arsham)
When: Now through September 7th
Price: $16 for a non-member (if you’re asking “Member of what?”, you aren’t one), and $5 for students – so definitely bring your student ID if you have one.



Life in Color


RFK hosted last year’s rager and it did not disappoint. This year features fan favorites Adventure Club and Seven Lions. And, since it’s the largest paint party DC has ever seen, we suggest wearing an all white ensemble for some festival-dyed memories you can show off at more shows later. (We also understand that this is technically not during the Summer, but the weather is still going to be hot and sticky so we’re counting it.)
When: September 12th
Price: $50 for general admission, $75 for the VIP Un-leashed ticket.





Go big or go home. And if you want to go big, this is the way to do it – because why not check something off your life’s bucket list while you’re at it? It’s the best time of year to get it done, so wo/man up and make a reservation. What’s the worst that can happen?
When: Destiny
Price: Book online and get a $50 discount: $249 for a weekend jump, $209 weekday.



Obviously you don’t have to do ALL of these, but you should. Whether you go to small events around the city or mount an expedition across treacherous MoCo terrain, there’s no better time than the Summer to make things happen. And hey – worst case scenario, you at least get a decent story to tell at the next party.

9 Alternatives to Starbucks in DC

By amelia in Get in Style
Monday, July 20, 2015, 11:00am. (Updated: 7/27/15 at 10:42am) Add comments

Believe it or not, there are actually places besides the famous chain to get your AM-boost in DC! These are just a few of our favorites.


By Marcus Dowling in DC Nightlife, Get in Style
Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 11:41am. (Updated: 4/16/15 at 3:32pm) Add comments

Pay attention, entrepeneurs: David Karim is someone you should take notes from. Best summed up in his own words: “I’m always hungry (in more ways than one).”


By Marcus Dowling in DC Nightlife, Get in Style
Monday, February 16, 2015, 1:00pm. (Updated: 3/04/15 at 11:42am) Add comments
Courtesy Hooman Pedram

DC nightlife would not be the same without him: read how nightlife entrepreneur Hooman Pedram helped launch the industry in our nation’s capital.

The Best of Valentine's Day in DC

By Peach in Get in Style, Uncategorized, Whats hot in DC Nightlife
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 5:51pm. (Updated: 2/23/15 at 4:08pm) Add comments
Valentine's Day in DC

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck and it doesn’t have to suck you dry, but it may… Check out some of the best events DC has to offer this V-Day.

Guys to Avoid at Nightclubs

By Peach in Get in Style
Monday, December 15, 2014, 2:31pm. (Updated: 1/28/15 at 5:52pm) Add comments
Guys to Avoid in Nightclubs

The crackhead, the intern, and the countless others you’re bound to run into.

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