Reasons to Celebrate Fall

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Time to stop living in denial and flip flops and accept that the Summer is officially over: today marks the first day of Fall. We don’t know about you, but this fact bums us out more than the Redskins’ opener. But just like their second game, we’ll turn it all around: here’s our list of reasons to be excited for the upcoming change in scenery.


Pumpkin Spice everything

Hang on to your Uggs because Pumpkin Spice season is back! But Starbucks isn’t the only one in the pumkin parade, so branch out a little and try something new. Our favorites include M&M’s new pumpkin spice flavored chocatate, Krispy Kreme’s dangerously delicious doughnut version of the classic fall treat, and DC’s Hellbender Brewery’s Pitchfork Pumpkin Ale.


Change in Scenery


When we said “change in scenery” we meant it. Literally. The change in colors in all of the gorgeous public parks throughout DC are enough to make anyone happy that Autumn is here. We suggest going for a brisk walk around the National Mall, in Rock Creek Park, or the Georgetown Waterfront before the psycho DMV weather decides to suddenly dump 8ft of snow on us. The real bonus here: it’s a totally free activity.


Fall Concerts


We’ve already made a whole list of our favorite shows coming up in the next few months, and it is incredible. The Fall music scene is LEGIT. If you missed that one, you can check it out here.


Cooler weather


“What! No way! I love Summer weather!” LIAR. You and anyone else who has walked more than 50 feet through the district this Summer have been secretly-but-definitely dying for the heat to take it a bit easier on you. No more sweaty Metro seats, no more confusing outfits that have to somehow accommodate both 100 degree outside weather and -30 degree full-blast indoor AC, and no more cars you can bake cookies in after leaving it in the sun for an hour. Rejoice.


Football is back


F*** YES. Who ISN’T excited about this? It may have technically started a few weeks ago, but we’re super excited because it’s now officially in full swing everywhere. Get your fantasy team in order or set your Terp tailgate up: Fall means it’s officially football season and we could not be happier.



Best Halloween Parties in DC 2014

Costumes, candy, crazy parties – you can’t ask for a better combination. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because it gives you an excuse to party ALL WEEKEND without judgement of any kind – especially this year when it falls on a Saturday. Break out your best slutty [insert occupation], lamest pun, or awesome face paint: the best part about Halloween is the prizes, so start planning now and bring your A-game wherever you decide to go.




It’s the time to gather with friends and/or family to show the love and gratitude they’ve shown you over the years (while simultaneously downing a plate and a half of everything on the table in front of you). And remember to go out the night before – it’s the biggest drinking night of the year next to New Year’s, so don’t miss out. Reunions galore.




We just missed them a lot, and it’s finally cool enough out that we can wear them again.


Apple cider based drinks (and other warm cocktails)


If you haven’t jumped on the hot-cocktail train, now is the perfect chance to try something new. Try a Hot Hard Apple Cider on H St at The Pug, A warm Bourbon Cider at Garden District on 14th, or a classic Irish Coffee from Tryst in Adams Morgan – they’ll warm you up from the inside out.




If you don’t host or attend at least one bonfire this Fall, you will be severely disappointed. There’s nothing like keeping warm next to a fire while roasting marshmallows and throwing a few back, so gather your friends and build a pit. It not only makes for a cheap night of drinking, but a really fun one.


We’re THISMANYDAYS closer to Christmas


As of the start of Fall, there are only 92 days until everyone’s favorite holiday. That means decorations are going to start taking over aisles everywhere, awesome deals at your favorite stores will start popping up, and your neighbor’s lights from last year are basically back in season. School breaks, time off from work, and the promise of a New Year – the countdown begins!




See? Fall’s not so bad.


Best Late-Night Eats in DC

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So you’ve just finished downing that last Tito’s and soda when the blinding house lights go up and it’s time to go. Now what? Go home? Please. If you’re like 99% of drinkers in DC on any given weekend (or weekday, let’s be real), your first thought is that you TOTALLY NEED FOOD RIGHT NOW. You probably don’t really need to eat, but hey – you’re hammered, craving something delicious, and have just enough stamina and coordination left in you to shove a plate full of goodness into your face before finally calling that Uber home. So here are the best late-night options the city has to offer: open until 3am or later and rated amazing by everyone.


Amsterdam Falafelshop


Locations: One in Adams Morgan and one on the 14th Street corridor
Hours: Open until 3am on Thursday, 4am Friday-Saturday
Price Range: $5-8
Drunk Score: Falafel wrap and fries for $5 and change plus a plethora of other Mediterranean options (chick pea salad, pickled veggies, baba ganoush, etc) – we give this place a solid for being not only delicious, but unique. Not many places like this are open late-night in the district. Can we change that? Photo courtesy of




Locations: A lot! But the ones open late are located on K Street, Dupont Circle, and U.
Hours: The stores mentioned above are open until 4am on weekends.
Price Range: Under $10 for everything unless you want a beer or something on the side. Did we mention that? They also serve beers on tap and wine.
Drunk Score: It’s basically like Chipotle but for PERSONAL PIZZAS: Choose your dough, 8 different sauces, 20 different toppings, fresh oven baked, and even more cold topping options on top of that. A+. Actually, add another + for the bonus late-night alcohol. A++  Photo courtesy of




Location: Chinatown, near the Metro
Hours: 3am during the week, 5am on weekends
Price Range: Average for Chinese take out, expect to spend $8-15
Drunk Score: Besides the fact that the name makes us all giggle, the food is delicious. We’d give it an A- for it’s awesome downtown location around the corner from the Gallery Place Metro, but dropped it down to a B+ because of how full of grease and regret we feel after eating it.  Photo courtesy of


Oohh’s & Aahh’s


Location: 1005 U Street
Hours: Open until 4am on weekends
Price Range: Slightly pricier than the normal late-night food, but totally worth it. Their late night menu features combos that will run you anywhere from $12-30 depending on how hard you want to go.
Drunk Score: Soul food that genuinely feeds your soul. Get homemade mac and cheese, fried chicken, cobblers, greens and more at this little spot that was actually featured on the Food Network. A+ for sure.  Photo courtesy of


Ducinni’s Pizza


Location: 1778 U St NW
Hours: Open till 3am during the week, open until 5am on the weekends
Price Range: $9-17 for slices or whole pies, but they also have wings, subs, fries, etc.
Drunk Score: For the oldest pizza delivery in DC (since 1988), we give Ducinni’s an A. Credit to these guys for staying strong through the years with great pizza and awesome service.  Photo courtesy of


Fast Gourmet


Location: 1400 W St NW
Hours: Open until 5:30am on weekends
Price Range: $5-$17 depending on how hungry you are and what you feel like eating – they’ve got amazing options that range from sandwiches to empanadas.
Drunk Score: We’ve already discussed this place in our Hidden Gems article, but it definitely deserves another bout of recognition. A+ not only for the fact that they stay open so late but also because they keep a full menu running while doing so.




Location: 2453 18th St. NW
Hours: 24/7
Price Range: $7-15 – and that includes stacks of buttermilk pancakes or the classic steak and eggs. Get your favorite diner staples here and for great prices.
Drunk Score: Anything less than an A+ would be doing this glorious retro-style diner a disservice. Full menu available all hours of the day and night, just like a diner should be.   Photo courtesy of


Osman & Joe’s Steak ‘n Egg Kitchen


Location: 4700 Wisconsin Ave
Hours: 24/7
Price Range: $8-16
Drunk Score: For it’s awesome burger-centric diner menu and it’s 24/7 hours of operation, we gave Osman and Joe’s a B+. But then we found their website and a quote that gave them a few extra points: “If you can think of it, we can probably make it.” Challenge accepted. APhoto courtesy of


Dangerously Delicious Pies


Location: I Street Chinatown and H Street – but H Street is the night owl.
Hours: Fridays and Saturdays they stay open until 3:30am
Price Range: $6.50-7.50 for a handsomely sized slice, $30-35 for an enormous whole pie.
Drunk Score: Oh man. Sweet, savory, or quiche – they’ve got everything your drunk self could ever want and it’s all wrapped up in an impossibly perfect looking slice. Dangerously Delicious pies really lives up to their name. We’ve had the pleasure of a visit from one of their food trucks and let us be the first to tell you: A+.  Photo courtesy of


Jumbo Slice


Location: 2341 18th St NW
Hours: Every day from 11am to 3am
Price Range: $5-6 for a slice of pizza that’s far too large for anyone in a stable state of mind. Intoxicated, however…
Drunk Score: A lot of their slices’ taste comes from how drunk you are. Have you been there sober? No? Exactly. But it’s RIGHT THERE if you’re out in Adams Morgan. Our drunk selves say A, but our sober selves say C. Let’s just go with B.


Yum’s II Carryout


Location: There’s a few Yum’s out there, but the one we like is at 1413 14th St NW
Hours: Open until 4am every night
Price Range: The same as your ordinary Chinese takeout ($9-17), except this one not only has huge portions, but also offers American fare and late-night delivery. Want some General Tso’s with a side of crinkle-cut fries and mumbo sauce? You got it.
Drunk Score: You really can’t go wrong with Chinese food after a night of drinking – it’s delicious and soaks up all the alcohol you just consumed. A-   Photo courtesy of




Location: 1800 N St NW
Hours: 24 a day
Price Range: $4-7
Drunk Score: This heavy hitter comes in a small package. Surfside is located in a little shack in the middle of Dupont and serves up a killer 11pm-11am menu of tacos, quesadillas, chips, and guacamole that will satisfy even the drunkest of palettes. A+ for their breakfast burritos alone.   Photo courtesy of



Give every one of these spots a medal for dealing with your obnoxious 4am-hungry ass and tell your drunk self we said “You’re welcome.”



10 People We're Done With

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Famous or not, we all know them. And we all hate them.


1.  Miley Cyrus

tired-mileyWE GET IT MILEY. YOU LOVE POT AND YOU WEAR CRAZY CLOTHES AND YOU’RE SO INSANE ZOMG. Except your excessive pot references made you look like a desperate freshman at orientation week, the “unique” clothes you wore were blatant ripoffs of an awesome Australian clothing label, and you’re craziness is no more than a painfully scripted series of very uncomfortable moments at this point. The 2015 VMAs were like watching someone try really hard to be the “cool mom” in a group of eye-rolling kids with forced smiles. You aren’t funny, you definitely aren’t cool, and the only thing going for you is that your career’s definitive dive-bomb was nationally televised.

2. Justin Beiber

tired-justinWhy. WHY do people still care about this kid? (Okay, the song with Skrillex isn’t bad, but that’s thanks to Skrillex, not the Beibs) When you Google yourself and see that 90% of the hits include the word “douche” or some variation of it, you’ve got to know that you’ve taken some wrong turns in your life. Also, who told him that haircut was a solid choice? He should speak to his manager about it. Dear Justin Beiber, you are the worst. Love, everyone minus the screaming tweens who refuses to believe the internet.

3.  The Metro

tired-metroMother of god. Get your sh*t together, Metro. We get it – it’s not a person, but it raised all the rider rates, promised us some swanky new cars, and built new stations to extend it’s reach. What did we get in return? “Good morning passengers! Please note that there will be indefinite delays in all directions on every line due to permanent single tracking for track work that will never get done. There are no working elevators at most stations, so godspeed to all our handicap friends riding today. Also, apologies for the lack of a/c in any capacity while the Summer humidity hits its peak. Have a great morning explaining to your boss and/or teacher why you’re 45 minutes late and dripping with strangers’ sweat!”

4.  Kanye West

tired-kanyeFew people can piss off the masses with the finesse that Kanye does. Every time he gets in some sort of spotlight (or when someone else does, but he takes it anyway), he wastes precious minutes of our lives that could have been better spent getting hit by a truck. Who keeps giving him a microphone? We miss Late Registration-era Kanye, when the music hit home and it didn’t come with terrible fashion sense and a presidential campaign.

5.  Meek Mill

tired-meekHA. We almost feel sorry for him. Almost. You can’t get superdissed by Drake and then come back with a response that causes a hashtag frenzy making fun of you. #MeekBeLike DCClubbing aint even write its own blogs tho. The one bonus about this guy still desperately trying to keep afloat on twitter are the awesome burn jokes that have come out of it.

6.  Iggy Azalea

tired-iggyJust give up, Iggy. After you spat gibberish and tried selling it as a “freestyle” verse during one of your awful concerts, the world stopped paying attention to your music and more to the fact that you sound like Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys.

7.  Dan Snyder & RG3

tired-skinsIt says a lot when the worst thing about your franchise isn’t its abysmal record on the field. Between Snyder being Snyder and RG3 failing spectacularly at the one job he had to do, Skins fans have fallen to the lowest pits of fandom hell.

8.  That one kid in class who, when the teacher asks “Before we end early, are there any more questions?”, asks an obnoxious question with a very complicated answer

tired-onehandEat sh*t, kid. We could have made it to Happy Hour if it wasn’t for you. It’s probably the same person who reminded the teacher to check last night’s homework you didn’t do.

9.  That person who doesn’t seem to understand escalator etiquette

THE LEFT SIDE IS FOR WALKERS, THE RIGHT IS FOR STANDERS. If you’re going to stare at your phone to play Candy Crush at full volume you need to stop trying to walk at a glacial pace and step aside. We lost track of how many trains were missed, how many curse words were uttered, and how much time was wasted because some butthead decided to block the fast lane on the escalator while a rage-filled line formed behind them. MOVE.

10.  All of the Kardashians

tired-kardashEight years. EIGHT. That’s how long America has let the travesty of “Keeping Up” with them go on. If you haven’t caught the IQ-dropping show, no worries: their faces are everywhere anyway. Take a look at any tabloid, odds are at least one of them is plastered across the front page with some kind of new “scandal” to keep them in the spotlight they so desperately cling to. OMG A KARDASHIAN HAS BLUE HAIR NOW SEE PICS POSTED TO THEIR INSTAGRAMS THEY DEFINITELY DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE. Stfu.


Fall Concerts in DC

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End-of-Summer blues? We all have it, but the Fall music lineup is definitely going to cheer you up. Don’t get us wrong – Summer concerts are awesome, but the Fall ones are taking the music scene to a new level. Don’t believe us? Pshh…


Blues Traveler


When: Friday, September 11
Where: Fillmore Silver Spring
Tickets: $38 through Ticketmaster

Blues Traveler may be physically smaller than when he first started out, but his vocal reach and harmonica talent is not. And the Fillmore in Silver Spring is a great place to get the run around up close and personal.


Life in Color


When: Saturday, September 12
Where: RFK Stadium
Tickets:$65 through Ticketmaster

Man, where do we start with this one. We could begin with the lineup, which includes bass favorites Adventure Club and Seven Lions as headliners. Or we could talk about the fact that it’s the East Coast’s largest paint party. But honestly? You should just trust us when we say buy a ticket and get ready to have an insane time. We suggest wearing an all-white ensemble that’ll get dyed while dancing so you can show it off at future shows.




When: Saturday, September 12
Where: Verizon Center
Tickets: $55-$200 depending on where you choose to sit, tickets are still available through Ticketmaster

This woman REFUSES TO QUIT. And that is not meant to be a slight at her because the more she does, the more she amazes. It’s your chance to see the queen of pop and reinvention at the Verizon Center for what’s sure to be an incredible show. Yeah, we said it. Don’t be a hater. We dare you to rock tights and a leotard on an arena stage when you’re pushing 60.




When: Friday, September 18 – Saturday, September 19
Where: Really?
Tickets: $30 per show, but if you want to go to both it’s only $50 for a joint ticket (via Wantickets).

For three years this place has been on the forefront of bringing EDM to the nation’s capital, and for three years it has succeeded in doing that and then some. Named the #2 club in the country and #18 in the WORLD, Echostage continues to bring epic acts and amazing shows of all kinds to the DMV. Two nights worth of celebrating isn’t enough, in our opinion.


Ed Sheeran


When:Tuesday, September 22 – Wednesday, September 23
Where:Verizon Center
Tickets: $90 via Ticketmaster (if they haven’t sold out already)

The soft spoken, sweet talking Irishman himself is going to be in DC for 2 days! Just thinking out loud here, but you should go.

GET IT? But seriously. Go.


J Balvin

with special guest Becky G100315-echo-IG-jbalvin_beckyg-2

When: Saturday, October 3
Where: Echostage
Tickets:Ticketmaster has a few left for $42 and change

Put some latin flavor in your Fall music journey with J Balvin and Becky G. As we said before, “J Balvin is known for beat-heavy performances that feature a troupe of talented female backup dancers, and his high-energy renditions of fan favorites like ‘Tranquila’ and ‘Yo Te Lo Dije’ always get fans moving!” Get ready to get down, mi amigos.


Weekend in the Country


When: Saturday, October 3 – Sunday, October 4
Where: Merriweather Post Pavilion
Tickets: $55-$75 but apparently sold out

For you country lovers out there, this is your mecca. It’s also probably the best way to send-off the Summer as Merriweather is the epitome of Summer music celebrations and this marks the end of their 2015 season. If you were lucky enough to grab a ticket before they sold out, it’s time break out the cornhole, pack your your travel grill, and put all your favorite tailgate drinks on ice, because this weekend will be one for the books.


Ricky Martin


When: Friday, October 9
Where: EagleBank Arena (formerly Patriot Center)
Tickets: $66 via Ticketmaster, but prices appear to be going up.

It’s been a long time since she banged, but the songs are still pulling crowds! Gotta give credit to the guy who knows what made him famous and is still willing to capitalize on it (and poke a little fun at himself in the process). For instance: The “Livin La Vida Loca Meet and Greet Package” is in existence along side the “Shake Your Bon-Bon Party Package”. Well done, Ricky.


Marc Anthony & Carlos Vives


When: Sunday, October 11
Where: EagleBank Arena
Tickets: $78 via Ticketmaster

YEAH. This guy. He’s still kicking. And not just kicking – the actor, dancer, and [obviously] singer still proves he can put on a great show. This time, he’s performing alongside Carlos Vives – a long time friend and fellow performer who’s vocal stylings will get you up and at ’em.




When: Wednesday, October 21 – Thursday, October 22
Where: Echostage
Tickets: The second night’s show is $45 via Ticketmaster but they’re SUPER close to selling out

In case you hadn’t heard: Disclosure is great. So great, in fact, that a second show had to be added to accommodate for the demand. They initially gained mainstream popularity thanks to a collaboration with Sam Smith on “Latch” and did it once again with the recent “Omen”. Their cool, soulful electronic vibes are everything right now. Odds are both shows will sell out before you finish reading this post, so get on it.




When: Halloween!
Where: Echostage
Tickets: Just $25 through Wantickets

Honestly – and we aren’t just saying this because it’s Echostage and we love it – Halloween + Echostage = Spectacular. Take a venue where some of the greatest shows have come to life and combine it with one of the most colorful and crazy holidays of the year? Have mercy. AND Chainsmokers are there with a crazy tour lineup? I need to sit down. At a computer. To buy tickets.


Cedric Gervais


When: Thursday, November 5
Where: Soundcheck
Tickets: $20-25 via Wantickets

Can you think of a better cure for your Summertime sadness than an Echo-favorite playing the intimate, new, high-tech studio sound club on K street? We can’t either. If you haven’t found time to check out the new spot, Soundcheck, this night is definitely the time to do so.


The Weeknd


When: Sunday, November 15
Where: Verizon Center
Tickets: Start at $50 on Ticketmaster

If you haven’t heard of the Weeknd, it’s time to crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under and pay attention: this Canadian born artist began his career at the peak of the YouTube generation after dropping his mixtapes online back in 2011. Obviously, said mixtapes were FIRE because he’s now selling out the Verizon Center this November. His Beauty Behind the Madness tour will more than likely feature the recent radio-favorite hits “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face”, take a listen if you’ve managed not to yet.


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

with New Politics, the Griswolds, and LoLo


When: Tuesday, November 17
Where: Echostage
Tickets:$38 and change through Ticketmaster

Andrew McMahon is an inspiration. You’ve probably heard some of his musical influence courtesy of Jack’s Mannequin back in the day, but he has made a name for himself all on his own thanks to a few Emmy nods and a heartfelt song written for his new baby girl Cecilia about the impermanence of life (did we mention he beat cancer?) and his vow to protect her. We’ll give you a minute to gather yourself –sniff-theyrejustallergies-sniff– before you buy a ticket.



Still a non-believer? This is only a fraction of what the Fall music scene has to offer. Head over to our friends at Club Glow and Echostage to see even MORE shows coming to you this fall (and get a head start on your Winter plans as well).

Downtown DC Date Spots

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We’ve all been there. You found someone awesome to hang out with, but you’re clueless as to where to go and what to do. First thing’s first: calm the f down. We’ve got you covered. This list of daytime and nighttime date ideas will give you all you need for a great time. At the very least, it’ll give you a jumping off point. So forget the old “dinner and a movie” and get ready, slugger: time to hit this first date outta the park.


Day Dates

Smithsonian Museums


Why: It’s such an obvious option, but it really is one of the best. Not only are all the museums free, but there are so many options that you’re bound to find some common ground and similar interests between any of them. And that includes the zoo. Who doesn’t want to go to the zoo?
Where: All over DC, but our favorites (besides the Zoo) are centralized around the National Mall. Side note: we suggest double checking the Smithsonian website to make sure you’re top choices are open as some museums’ hours change with the seasons.
How much: Free!


Paddle Boats


Why: Yes, we are aware of how lame this sounds, but have you ever tried it? So much fun. And you get to wear matching embarrassing life-jackets! Plus you can not beat the view – the dock is located smack dab in the middle of the cherry blossoms and you can paddle around the Jefferson Memorial.
Where: 1501 Maine Ave, SW
How much: $15 per hour for 2 people, $24 per hour for 4.


Grab a Weekend Brunch


Why: It’s the perfect idea for people who prefer day dates, but want to drink alcohol without judgement.
Where: Do you have a favorite restaurant or bar? Odds are they’ll offer some great brunch specials. Check out ones in an area you like where there’s potential for a second activity afterwards so you can make a whole day of it. Our favorites include Barcode around the K Street area, anything in Adams Morgan, and H Street.
How much: Depends where you go and how hard you go: bottomless pitchers of Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas are gonna cost ya.


Go to a Park


Why: They’re free and they’re just about everywhere. Find one close to you and pack some lunch or just go for a walk.
Where: Like we said: just about everywhere. The one pictured above, though, is the Georgetown Waterfront, and we like it the best. The bonus with this park is if you get bored there’s a ton of stuff nearby to walk to. Feeling hungry? Hit up the famous Georgetown Cupcake shop. Wanna be creepy? Go see the Exorcist House.
How much: Zero dollars. Plus the cost of cupcakes.



Date Night

Barcelona Wine Bar – 14th Street


Why: Some of the best tapas and wines in one of the coolest downtown areas to hang out. And you can sound like a connoisseur when they ask about a wine pairing you’d like to try. There’s a few Barcelona locations, but the 14th Street one has so much to offer when it comes to a date night. Head here for stop number 1 and see where the night takes you.
Where: 1622 14th Street NW
How much: Most dinners will run you around $25-$30 per person.    Photo courtesy of


Wine + Paint


Why: It’s so different than the normal date night crap you’re used to. Bring and drink your own bottle of wine (or purchase some there) and take home a personal work of art to commemorate the night. Hang it and show it off in your living room – regardless of how the night goes, it’ll be a great story.
Where: 1512 U Street NW
How much: $35-40 per person. The price is dependent on if you plan on bringing your own bottle or not, but the art supplies are included either way.   Photo courtesy of


Kennedy Center


Why: You’ll look impressive and cultured. Also, it’s fun. Get dressed up and catch a show (which range from dance performances to comedy shows, music to art) after you hit the rooftop bar for some serious, hand-crafted cocktails and an amazing view.
Where: 2700 F Street NW
How much: Depends on the show.




Why: It’s beautiful and swanky. This Asian-fusion restaurant/bar/lounge comes complete with delicious good, fancy chandeliers, great sushi, a full bar, and a fireplace that’s somehow both contemporary and cozy.
Where: 777 9th Street NW
How much: Dinners can cost upwards of $30 per plate and their a la carte sushi starts at $8, but they often have specials for happy hour during the week.  Photo courtesy of


Coco Sala

Valentine's Day in DC

Why: Five words: Chocolate and Bubbles Happy Hour. It’s alcohol and chocolate expertly matched for maximum drinking satisfaction. BONUS: If this date goes well, it’s the PERFECT Valentine’s Day “Back to our first date spot” date.
Where: 929 F St NW
How much: Their Happy Hour is just one reason to go and it’s only $8 per dessert-y drink.  We didn’t even mention the bacon mac ‘n’ cheese or strawberry flatbreads in their appetizer section on their amazing dinner menu (starting around $10-20 per person).


Now go get ’em, tiger.

Get Fit in DC

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Monday, August 17, 2015, 11:00am. (Updated: 8/24/15 at 11:17am) Add comments

You just spent all Spring and Summer perfecting your beach bod – why let it go to waste?

Hidden Gems: Amazing DC Restaurants You Should Know About

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Monday, August 10, 2015, 11:00am. (Updated: 8/17/15 at 4:10pm) Add comments

We’ve gone ahead and done you a huge favor and listed our favorite DC hidden gems.

Obscure Holidays: August Edition

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015, 3:02pm. (Updated: 8/11/15 at 12:44pm) Add comments

Just in case you needed a reason to go out this month.

Summer Bucket List

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Monday, July 27, 2015, 11:00am. (Updated: 8/04/15 at 2:08pm) Add comments

Only a few precious weeks of Summer left and we want you to make the most of them!

9 Alternatives to Starbucks in DC

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Monday, July 20, 2015, 11:00am. (Updated: 7/27/15 at 10:42am) Add comments

Believe it or not, there are actually places besides the famous chain to get your AM-boost in DC! These are just a few of our favorites.

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