Getting Ready for Spring Break - A Guide for the Girls

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Spring Break: Prepping, Partying and Post
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz • @getWITZit

Spring break is finally here! You’re probably going to some island with a weird spelling that includes an X. And it’s probably sponsored by a trip company. If not, I am very sorry to hear that. Hope you have fun with your endeavors.

This is the toughest thing ever to prepare for. Ladies, this is mostly for you. You’re about to be wearing a string bikini and nothing else in front of countless males. That is slightly frightening. OK, it’s horrifying.

Getting in Shape:

Cue spring break diet, or also known as the hardest, bagel-less few weeks of your entire existence. This diet takes a lot of willpower, absolutely no drunk eating and one too many crunches.

Think of this few week period as a Passover diet, absolutely no carbs. Some may call this the anorexia diet, but hey, that’s not fair – lettuce definitely counts as a food group!


You have to work hard and play harder. All those hours spent at the gym in your lulus WILL pay off. The time spent dissecting your dinner plate and eating around all but the vegetables WILL pay off. Your hours spent chiseling your abs WILL pay off. Just picture your chiseled physique sippin’ a marg on a beach recliner.


Packing for anything is difficult. Packing for seven nights may just be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. You have to pack enough to have options, but not so much that you have to check your bags and risk losing everything.

cute girl suitcase

Ladies, go shopping. Leave yourselves plenty of time to plan every outfit for every moment of your trip. You probably will not recall this plan once your margaritas have taken control, but it’s nice to feel like you’ve prepared.

We suggest lots of high-waisted Levi’s, plenty of maxi skirts and tons of cute tanks and cover ups… for those moments you don’t feel like wearing an itty bitty bikini in public. The most important thing to remember? Bathing suits. Just, duh.


Worried about the airport? Fear not. Keep your outfit trendy, cool and most importantly comfortable. Wear leggings, a flowy tank, a light jacket (we suggest jean) and a fedora. The fedora is fresh and you avoid having it bend in your suitcase. Lastly? Some fly kicks. Wedge sneakers will provide comfort as well as the kickass factor.

hot chicks airport

Bring a tote bag or backpack for the plane. Just remember the liquid ounce limit. Having airport security take your most prized liquid possessions is very unsettling.

Don’t forget to bring headphones and download some movies on your cell. The most important item to pack? Advil. Lots and lots of Advil.

Upon Arrival:

Let me paint you a picture. I am one of the palest chicks around. Like the only way I appear tan is because my freckles begin to attach.

If you have pale skin, wear sunscreen. It’s not hard. Yes, everyone looks better tan, that’s great. But have you thought about what you’d look like as a lobster? Probably not.

suburn hot chick

Here’s another story. I went on a cruise, didn’t wear sunscreen and got sun poisoning. The end. Moral of the story? If you wear sunscreen you will be protected and look good. If you don’t, you will get chlamydia and die. Everybody take some rubbers. Get it?

Next… remember your room number. Nothing is more embarrassing than stumbling into someone else’s room in the state you’ll be in.

Lastly… don’t be an idiot. Well, yes be an idiot. But don’t be too much of an idiot. Catch my drift? Just be enough of an idiot to enjoy yourself without losing all your energy. You do not want to miss any moment of this trip.

Once You’re Home:

Take a nap, or two, or three, or four or sleep until you can’t sleep anymore. Perhaps detox with a juice cleanse.

juice cleanse

And just when you’ve begun to regain your humanity, you may want to check your syllabus. Not tryna burst any spring break bubbles, but you may very well have a paper due tomorrow.

Most Annoying Things Girls Do

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Saturday, March 2, 2013, 3:56pm. (Updated: 4/09/13 at 2:40pm) Add comments

Cut the crap ladies!

There wouldn’t be so many memes about the annoying shit we do if it wasn’t true! If your’e still watching Sex & The City  with the only men in your life Ben&Jerry every night.. maybe you should look over this list and make some changes in your life.

1. Blab Attack

If you haven’t realized it yet, he isn’t listening. Ladies admit it, we talk way too much and usually about useless crap he doesn’t even care about. Unless the words food or boobs are involved, his attention is elsewhere. I mean who really cares about which TriDelt got with all the new Pike pledges anyway, just shut up!

2. Makeup Overload

Unless you’re going to the club, do you really need an hour just for makeup everyday? If the rain ruins your face or your face doesn’t match your neck.. you should probably tone it down. It isn’t sexy and takes way too much time so just stop. No guy wants to get stuck to your lipgloss and that should’ve stopped in high school anyway.

3. Stupidity isn’t Sexy

The only reason a guy would ever pretend to not be annoyed by your ditziness is if he is hoping you’re dumb enough to sleep with him. Seriously girls, if you’re not stupid why would you pretend to be? Smart is sexy. But if you want to keep getting with the same losers that never call you back, go ahead, I’m sure that’s going well for ya.




4. Clingy Creepers

There are too many memes to describe this one. It’s simple, give him space. No two people should spend every waking minute together, soon everything about them will just annoy you. If he hasn’t texted you in an hour.. relax, he is probably  showering. And besides, everyone knows the old phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.






5. There’s No Crying In Baseball

Just stop complaining: “I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m hungry, I wish I looked like her” WAH WAH WAHHH! Guys don’t care about every little thing you’re feeling so don’t bother voicing them.



6. Eating Rabbit Food

Eating a salad in front of him isn’t going to magically make you look like Kate Upton so just get the freaking burger. Guys like meat, end of story. If you plan on spending time with him that means you’ll probably be cooking for him so cut the whole crash diet crap and just eat some meat!

5Ks Worth Running For

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Get off the couch people!

Those New Year’s resolutions aren’t going to solve themselves. Here are 5 awesome runs that can help you get started on your summer bod.

1. Neon Splash Dash

Lace up your tennis shoes and get ready for a great night! That’s right this 5K takes place at night so you can glow in the dark! As you run through different  “Glow Zones” you get sprayed with a different color of their U.V. Glow Water. There is music playing the whole way and an After Glow Party with music, black lights and performers.

2. Cupid’s Undie Run

Hasn’t everyone always wanted to run around in their undies without being judged? Well at Cupid’s Undie Run you can! Get ready to strip down to your bedroom-best every Valentine’s weekend and raise money for The Children’s Tumor Foundation.

 3. The Color Run

This 5K has two simple rules: you must be in a white T-shirt at the starting line and you better look like the aftermath of Willy Wonka’s factory exploding by the finish line! At each kilometer the tons of volunteers and staff are waiting to hit you with a new color!

4. Marathon du Medoc

If you love wine then this run’s for you, if you can make the trip to France that is! This run is in the Medoc wine region near Bordeaux, France and takes runners through wine vineyards stopping at 23 drinking posts. There is also plenty of local foods at the stops as well including oysters, cheese and fruit, so come prepared with an empty stomach!

5. Warrior Dash

Daredevils this is for you! Get ready to get a little dirty at this 5K. There are 12 challenging obstacles at this race including jumping over fire, climbing 12-foot rope walls and crawling through many other muddy obstacles.Ladies, leave the fake nails and weaves at home, this is the Warrior Dash.. not the Princess Trot.

5 More Things Guys Should Stop Doing. Like, Now.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 4:15pm. (Updated: 3/14/13 at 6:01pm) Add comments

Really guys? REALLY?!
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz • @getWITZit

So, fellas, we presume our first post about everything you do wrong found you well. Unfortunately for you, there’s so much other shit you do wrong. Fortunately we can help! Here are five more things you should stop doing, like, right now.

1. Asking girls to dance & Dance floor sneak attacks

creep guys dancing

OK so yes… it’s slightly creepy (by slightly we mean very) to just go behind a chick and start grinding on her like nobody’s business. We can and will use our weapon-adorned clothing to harm you. Ya know what’s more awkward than not asking a girl to dance? Asking:

“Hey, wanna dance?”
“Like, no, I don’t, and since you asked, get away.”

2. Getting all clingy

clingy boyfriend

We get it, we’re AHMAZINGGGG and you always wanna hug and kiss and love us. But like, chill a little. Tell us you love us and wanna be with us in small doses. We’re not saying don’t tell your girl how amazing she is… because she is. But relax. Too much together time is never a good thing. Too much of anything is never a good thing.

3. Not understanding high fashion

men's fashion don'ts
This one bothers me the most… Especially as your go-to fashion guru. Come on, guys. Get with the times and understand the trends. A little black dress while it does make a girl feel sexy, is not the only thing stores sell. Understand that sometimes high fashion forces women to dress like men, or like MC Hammer, or like Sandy from Grease. Whatever the trend – understand it, appreciate it, love it. Oh, and complimenting her on her sense will always get you extra brownie points.

4. Stop acting different in front of your friends.

guys being mean to girls
Again we get it. You have a reputation to uphold. You’re “the man.” You kill it with the chicks. You can get with anything that moves. Congratulations! Oh wait, I forgot I don’t care. If you like a girl show her off to your friends. Don’t put her down in front of them. In the end you just look stupid. You make her look like an asshole. And it’s gonna take you a long time to make it up to her.

5. Lead girls on when you really want nothing to do with them.

picture of emoji
Quit fucking with our emotions. Thanks!

Don’t worry, guys. Yes, you suck most of the time. But there’s still a chance to salvage yourself. Find the problem, and fix it. Otherwise, you may be alone forever.

10 Things You Don't Do at the Gym

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Top 10 Ridiculous Things People Do At The Gym

1. Fashion Show Fitnessgymgirl
Ladies, you know what I’m talking about, coming to the gym with your hair nice and curled, full makeup done clearly more focused on finding a man than finding the best workout routine.

2. Unconventional Gym Attire
From guys wearing their Ralph Lauren Polos to ladies in long flowy skirts with leggings under it, how can that be comfortable to sweat in..?

3. Talent Show Studs
Every gym has these, the guys trotting around thinking they’re mad cool singing Eminem’s Drop The World to feel like a real bad boy while they lift trying to look like they put in no effort and the self-motivating talkers are the worst, no one is listening so why are you talking, they might take you to the psych ward if you don’t stop!

4. Grunters
Okay, so some exercises may require more effort and have you struggling a bit, but do you need to grunt loud enough for the people in Zumba class down the hall to hear you?

selfabsorbed5. The Self-Absorbed Love Makers
You know those guys always staring in the mirror while caressing their muscles, its almost uncomfortable walking in front of them to grab some weights; don’t want to interrupt the intimate moment. But seriously guys, can you save the flexing for your own home, it’s a little weird.

6. No Effort Nelly
I don’t understand the people who show up just to sit on a bike barely pedaling while reading a magazine and doing homework or the ones walking a whopping 3MPH on the treadmill, why bother?

7. Nosy Busy Bodies
There are few feelings more uncomfortable than to have someone staring at you at the gym to see what speed, resistance or how much weight you’re lifting, mind your business!

8. Dropping Weights
It’s simple, if you aren’t strong enough to gently place your weights on the ground, do a lower weight, I don’t want to hear your weights slamming from the floor below you and wonder if there is an earthquake.

noeffort9. Machine Hogs
If you’re just sitting around listening to music or talking on the phone with an occasional set of exercises, get off, there are some people who want to do real work!

10. Lazy Lifters
This is probably everyone’s biggest pet peeve, not racking weights when you’re done, its common courtesy people!

How to look sexy this winter

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Saturday, February 16, 2013, 8:38pm. (Updated: 2/27/13 at 4:15pm) Add comments

Girls, if you hate looking like a snow man during the winter, maybe you should try these tips to keep your feminine edge while staying warm.

The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 12:00pm. (Updated: 2/16/13 at 5:10am) Add comments
valentine's ecard

Wanna f*** up your relationship? Here are some great Valentine’s Day gifts to get you started.

Bang With Friends?

By Garrett Blakeman in Get in Style
Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 5:14pm. (Updated: 2/12/13 at 5:25pm) Add comments

Are you down to bang (with friends)? If so this app may be for you. Bang With Friends is taking Facebook by storm and, not surprisingly, offending most in the process.

Fashion at the Gym: The Lulu Lifestyle

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Monday, February 11, 2013, 11:00am. (Updated: 2/08/13 at 1:50pm) Add comments
lululemon yoga pants

Fashion meets function at the gym with Lululemon!

Creepy Facebook Messages Guys Send to Go Go Dancers

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creepy guy gary busey

This is what happens when you send creepy, stalker-like messages to go go dancers. They send them to their douche co-workers who, in turn, make fun of you publicly.

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