Graduating soon and want a new city to call home?

We’ve all seen and heard of the typical post-grad stories of looking for a job and waiting tables until you can find one. As most college grads will be leaving with a huge chunk of debt, no one wants to enter the real world without a job.Forbes recently put out their list of the best cities for recent college grads to work and live in. Here are just a few of them and why they made the list!



The median price for a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta is only $800, that’s cheaper than some Universities cost for housing! The cost of living is also 1.6% below the national average so you can get more bang for your buck! Not to mention Chattahoochee Hills near Atlanta will be bringing in the new Tomorrow World location this September!




Rated #2 Best Cities for singles and #4 America’s Safest cities, if you can tolerate a Boston accent this is the place for young college grads to be. Boston has the most 18-24 year olds of any city and the fourth highest amount of bars per capita. The cost of living is pretty high but a low unemployment rate of 4.9% makes the odds of snagging a job to jump-start your career much higher than some cities.




This city has a low cost of living, moderate unemployment rate and boasts the most bars per capita so there is plenty of affordable options for night life. Many parts of Colorado that are famous for their amazing scenic views and mountains are just a short drive away from the city and just southwest of Denver is the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheatre which hosts a wide array of artists each year.




The West Coats vibes of many residents here is very inviting. Because the city’s surrounded by water there are plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy while watching the water with mountains in the background. When the weather finally warms up you can just find a friend with a boat to go for a ride and drink on the water!



Washington D.C.

With so many clubs, bars and amazing restaurants in every district there is plenty of fun to be had here. It has the second highest population of 18-24 year olds. Although there is the metro most things are not too far of a walk away. Cost of living is a bit higher than the average in America but the unemployment rate is lower than the national average making it a little easier to afford living here.

Boris Releases New Album "Believe In Me"

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Techno Legend Releases Major Double Album


Many of the world’s greatest house and techno labels have found inspiration from Boris and his new album Believe In Me will surely not disappointment either. This is a double album comprised of two discs, the first consisting of his original productions and remixes, the second will be a DJ mix of all of Boris’ favorite tracks right now. This incredible showcase of Boris’ many talents as a producer, remixer and DJ will show EDM fans everywhere why his “Believe” brand is one of the most popular and influential in dance music from the last decade. Believe In Me will be released May 6 on Nervous Records.


The first disc is very techno and features Boris’ original tracks and remixes, many that have already been released or are soon to be released on some of the genres best labels including Great Stuff, King Klong, Krone, Octopus, Sci+Tec, Toolroom and more. The first disc seems to be made with a darker side of techno to it. Following a brief intro, Didier Largemain “Pumoing Beats (Boris Edit)” starts things off with thumping beats and heavy drones. Then Sydney Charles “Bid Badda Boom (Boris Edit) comes in with a tribal vibe as his “Funky Bells” fades into the mix bringing some real heat. Boris & Chus feat. Roland Clark “Sould Of A DJ” has a little more funk right before Boris goes into the distorted vocals in his hit “Out The Door” followed by his dark sci+tec favorite “Foul Beats.” Moving to a slower pace and unique effects, “2 Me” is more than just a beat it demands multiple senses and it is just the right segue into the chaos that begins in the huge Octopus Records release, “Control.” Then its time to take a breather with Boris and Oscar L’s “Begin” and a funky side of techno with the track suitably named, “Funky Beat.” Boris then winds down the first disc with two versions of his track, “For You.” Saab compliments Bori’s original with a smooth shot of throbbing techno house that offers a perfect comedown from the madness.


Disc Two captures the essence of Boris’ treasured “Believe” events. A short intro of Boris’ hit “Foul Beats” sets the mood for the soundscape techno that is Gaga’s “Musk” moving into the choppy beats in Richie Santana’s “If You Came To.” Tony Dee “The Queen” comes out guns hot and right into the groovy Peter Bailey “Jungle Kisses” and the thundering “Baloo” by Redhead. Techno don Marco Bailey takes the next one to a more upbeat level with “Horny Tiger” then Mr.Bizz dives into the deep end on “Flash.” Tomy DeClerque’s clangy “Room Full of Tools” bangs right through to Scottish legends Slam and Gary Becks’s remix of their pulsing “Harlem” leading intoCatz & Dogz mix some Detroit sound into Handycraft’s “Le Bal Masque.” The set calms down with the sounds of tech house from Chus & Nuno Clam feat. Velvet Voice “Between Us (Hollen Remix),” Mr.Bizz “Dancin’ In The Streets” and Sinisa Tamamovic “Tips and Tricks.”


Boris has been one of New York City and Miami’s most beloved DJ/ producers for more than a decade now.

His “Believe” parties at Pacha New York and Space in Miami are two of the most popular events in dance music and he is constantly packing clubs in cities all over the US. His legendary “Get Wet” pool parties in Miami for WMC are usually running until the next day. Just as any great DJ has, Boris has had to adapt to the changes in music and has found his niche in techno. Boris has recently released tracks on some of the world’s finest techno labels and the genre’s other DJs have taken note of it.



The NYC “Believe In Me” release party will take place at Pacha NYC on May 4, 2013 with tour dates to follow.


Businesspeople Holding HandsWe’ve all been there. That oh-so-handsomely scruffy guy in HR or (for guys) that new girl who just moved to the cubicle next to you. While many company policy handbooks, which are mostly unread, discourage employees from engaging in office relationships, human nature leads us astray–perhaps even in the right direction. Whatever you decide, here are a few rules to keep in mind, lest you find yourself in the unemployment line.

Be discreet in how you express your emotions. Grown adults don’t like to come into the office to find you smooching your co-worker boyfriend; they also don’t appreciate finding themselves in the middle of a love launch. This means keep the love notes, love emails, or cheesy nicknames to a bare minimum. A relationship at work thrives on subtlety.

office affairThink before you do. This rule is twofold. One, if you’re thinking of dating your manager, it’s not horrible to think of what could happen to you as an employee if the relationship should break. A good guess is that the general atmosphere between you two could become overly awkward, resulting in a possible transfer to a different department or worse…your resignation. Second, can this romance affect your career? Sometimes you have to accept that there are better fish in the sea, which is far enough from your place of work.

Keep the social media personal and maybe even private. Almost everyone these days displays their job on their Facebook page. If you are dating a co-worker, it might be a good idea to keep that relationship semi-private. As hard as it may seem to avoid that tempting little button of “In a Relationship,” going private will work out better long-term. And isn’t that what you want out of this relationship? Long-term…exactly.

Honesty is always the better choice. So you and your office honey have to consult the company handbook. There’s nothing wrong with that! You both know what you’re getting into, and it’s only helpful if you openly talk about it. Also, if either one of you has concerns about the security of your job if your romance is forbidden, it’s good to come to a compromise on what you both want out of the relationship. That way, no one gets hurt.

jim-pam-300x224Do realize that you have a job. It’s terrific to have a partner, and especially one that you can flirt with at work. However, you are at work to do work, and slacking on the job because your romance is getting in the way is one sure way to have it end quickly. As with everything in life, prioritize.

If it looks promising, let it happen. On the other hand, work doesn’t have to equal hiding like a hermit behind a pile of folders. Discreet flirting at work can raise your self-confidence and give you that extra boost you need in the day. It also has great romance potential. If it is appropriate and promising, go for it!

If things get shady, abort mission. Yes, this is all about sexual harassment. Apart from the obvious, this is ugly, immature, and unnecessary. No one needs or deserves this, especially not at work.sexual-harassment-624x431




Summer Fashion Trends

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Okay so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the weather has finally just taken a giant leap towards beautiful weather and away from those cold breezy days, now what to wear?!



Hi Lows:  This trend has become big recently. Its like the dress form of a mullet, but reversed; Business in the back, party in the front. Nothing better to cover up your cellulite that a sheer long layer in the back but still showing off your legs in the front!





ciara-rihanna-emma-cutout-dressCut Outs:

This trend has been around for a while now but still always a must for warm weather. When the sun heats up shirts and dresses with cut outs is the best way to show off a little skin and avoid sweating as much as possible!










Okay so there’s no change of pace here, wedges are pretty much always a must for summer. They’re the easiest form of heels to walk in and show off your toned legs you’ve been working on all winter.






High Risers:

You used to think pants coming any higher than 3 inches below your belly button was for moms only but this trend from the 70’s has been on the rise for a while. They’re perfect for hiding love handles or that muffin top you are still working on getting rid of. These shorts are a must have for all those summer festivals coming up when you want to keep it casual but still look hot.

colour block trend


Okay time to get rid of all those drabby browns, greys and blacks and put some color into your wardrobe. No better way to get that guys attention you’ve been eyeing all semester than to throw on some obnoxious neons and bright colors.


What Not To Wear!


Sneaker Heels:

The look is just too hard to pull off for most plain Janes considering that most of them are poorly designed and have way too much going on. The “wedge” in most of them is so insignificantly small, why even bother?




Patchwork Shorts:

Dear God if you ever fell for this trend a few summers back, I surely hope that you’ve had the sense to trash or burn them by now. This pattern isn’t even flattering on the hottest girls there are.



Camo Print:

The phrase “getting down and dirty” is not to be taken literally. Unless you are crawling in the mud like a little Army man, do not wear camo!





Paisley Prints:

Lily Pulitzer is crazy for trying to make females think this design looks good on anything but folders. Paisley is meant to be reserved only for your grandmother’s ugly tablecloth, not your body.


Club Etiquette for the Ladies

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It doesn’t matter how hot your outfit is or who you know at the door…if your grand entrance involves a face plant because you’ve had one too many on the ride over, maybe it’s time for a brush-up on your club etiquette. We’ve all seen her, so don’t be “that girl.”

coco-dressSometimes short is just too short. Ladies, revealing your all in a club is not sexy. In fact, it is just the opposite. We can all agree that if you got it, flaunt it, but you’re more likely to attract good (non-rape) attention if you leave a little to the imagination.

What’s with the shirts? Those white jeans go so well with the “I F**** on the first date” T-shirt. It does nothing good for you to wear that in public.

Pushing like you own the place. Clubs get crowded, go figure. Pushing and shoving people who are in your way is just mean. Everyone is there to have a good time, and you’re most likely in someone’s way, too. No one is above the crowd, so leave the prima donna attitude at home.thumb-530x274-design-photo2686-1263

Public Displays of…what you should be doing in a bedroom. We get it: you look good, he looks good, the music is good. What isn’t good, however, is crossing the line and forgetting that you’re in a public place. It’s dark, but it’s not that dark.

Starting a Fight. It’s much easier to leave the room or the situation than show off your mad fighting skills that will result in getting escorted out by security or cops. Your outfit probably wasn’t made for chic fights, so the chance of something popping out that shouldn’t is high.

Nicole+Polizzi+Snooki+Falls+Down+Leaving+Eleven+MM9rYI9SYWvlCan’t shuffle in those shoes, baby. If you can’t walk in them, you don’t look good stumbling in them. A 6-inch heel looks good only when you can pull it off, and that includes dancing. Pick your shoes wisely.

Be an independent woman. You only came to the club with $20? Don’t go around asking guys to buy you a drink if you have no intention of speaking to them. First, it’s rude to use anyone for gain, and second, if you’re classy, you should wait for the guy to offer a drink. Good things come to those who wait.

Refuse politely. There is always a creeper who wants to dance, and while sometimes you have to bring your inner bitch out to tell him no, most of the time, a polite refusal will keep you in the clear.

girls night out dancing

Handle your liquor. Time and time again, we have seen girls get ridiculously hammered to the point where they can’t walk or talk. Falling down steps or falling down anywhere is not attractive and it makes you look like “that girl.” This also goes for crying and boyfriend drama while intoxicated. If you’re breaking up with him in a club AND you’re drunk, he can’t hear you or understand you. Drink responsibly, it’s on every bottle everywhere…made for situations just like these.




Ladies Keep Calm - And Get Your First Date On

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crush box

He asked you out! Now keep calm and stop thinking so much.

Why Chicks Love Pinterest

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You hear them all talk about it so what’s the big deal?

What Does Your Ink Say About You? Top 10 Most Common Tattoos

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Before you join the ranks of upper-arm crosses or butterfly “tramp stamps,” read on and educate yourself.

Best and Worst Pick Up Lines

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 5:51pm. (Updated: 4/23/13 at 4:15pm) Add comments

“You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line.” Check out some of the best and the worst!


10 job interview questions that will confuse and infuriate you.

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