Felony domestic battery and child neglect charges have been filed against 20-year-old Amber Portwood of MTV’s “Teen Mom.”

Police began investigating after a September episode showed her slapping, choking and kicking the 24-year-old father of her daughter.

Portwood was arrested Monday and jailed under a 24-hour hold.

Detective’s commented that the child neglect charges were the result of Portwood’s then-1-year-old daughter being present during two filmed instances of domestic violence.

Anne Houseworth of the Indiana Department of Child Services said dozens of viewers called the state’s child abuse hotline to report Portwood’s outbursts.

source: Yahoo News

One Response to “Apparently Not Everyone Enjoys Being a Reality Star”

  1. katherine says:

    Child “Protection” (and I use the term very loosely) Services caseworkers showed up at Tiger Wood’s doorstep as well. Any excuse to meet a celebrity. Caseworkers also scan police reports of domestic abuse, CPS is johnny-on-the-spot to remove the children – always looking for an reason to poke their nose up the parent’s a___s. Then they stick their entire head up there. Its a crappy job but those busy-body feminazis love it.

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