Presenting: DC Clubbing's Top 50 DJs

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Sunday, March 25, 2012, 7:42pm. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 6:00pm) Add comments

DC's Best DJs

Presenting Washington, DC’s top 50 DJs as determined by the DC Clubbing Top 50 DJ Poll

DC’s Top 5 DJs listed alphabetically:
DJ Benny C
DJ Benny C
DJ Geometrix
DJ Geometrix
DJ Lookz
DJ Lookz
DJ Saam
DJ Saam
Sean Falco
Sean Falco

DC Clubbing’s Top 5 DJs to be announced in official order Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at an award ceremony at Lima Lounge. Stay tuned for details! Congratulations to all the DJs of Washington, DC who placed in the top 50 and specials thanks to all those that participated as well as Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center for providing the prizes. Below are DJs 6-50 in official order.

  1. Chris Styles
  2. Danny House
  3. Epoch
  4. Roberto Gonzalez
  5. DJ Pootie
  6. DJ Kid Lucky
  7. Sicarii
  8. Aluko
  9. Crowdrocker DJ Kam
  10. Flounder
  11. Phlipz
  12. Tektronics
  13. House Tribe
  14. DJ Quicksilva
  15. DJ Mixalis
  16. DJ Spinser Tracy
  17. George Tsakiris
  18. Big Tigger
  19. Chest Rockwell
  20. Pauly van Doorn
  21. DJ Suelto
  22. DJ Alizay
  23. DJ Sountrax
  24. DJ Lovely
  25. DJ Gemini
  26. DJ Vicious
  27. Brad Piff
  28. LJMTX
  29. DJ Explosive
  30. DJ Cuban
  31. Matt Goldman
  32. DJ Analyze
  33. DJ Neekola
  34. Jon Deke
  35. DJ Ramzy
  36. Max Rewak
  37. Sabeel Chohan
  38. DJ Piojo
  39. DJ Joe
  40. DJ Khaleel
  41. Boris Gluck
  42. Alex Bernal
  43. DJ JD
  44. DJ Groove
  45. DJ Mario

DC Clubbing Top 50 DJ Poll

6 Responses to “Presenting: DC Clubbing’s Top 50 DJs”

  1. Towanda says:

    Quicksilva # 19 on this list but Voted in Source mag and XXl as #1 in Mid Atlantic region in clubs and radio and # 11 in the Power 30 which are the top 30 DJs in the USA.this list gets a hahahahahaha just for that LOL.Not to mention only DJ in DC to have a syndicated morning show mix in 30 cities and on BET 106 and Park? and we not going to even talk about the amount of parties he does a week in and out of town hahahah ok BYE

    • It’s a popular vote. I think if you took a minute to read over the details you would realize that. We didn’t simply make up this list.

      • Towanda says:

        so your actually saying that 18 DJs in DC are more popular than QuickSilva who is not only the top DJ in DC but 1 of the top DJs in the USA ? thats even funnier hahahahahahahaha .He has won #1 DJ in every award ceremony last 5 years straight in DC from Fab awards,DMV awards,Elite DC awards and won East Coast #1 DJ at the mixshow power summit in 06 and 07 not to mention he was #12 in Source mag Power 30 amongst the top 30 djs in the US in 2011.ok now im really done

  2. YA says:

    I can’t take this serious Dj Rob Mista DMV been on a world tour before he even was 18 got songs with major recording artist… Even has a single out w/ Gucci Mane & Three 6 Mafia and ain’t even on here…

  3. DMV says:

    It does not matter how many signles/world tours you’ve been on or where you were voted in another poll via another medium. This was a public Vote for DC, by DC and surrounding areas. These are the results of what ~5K people voted in this area for. is what it is

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