The Ultimate Birthday Experience in DC

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Monday, April 22, 2013, 7:18pm. (Updated: 5/17/16 at 5:31pm) Add comments

Ridiculous Weekend Birthday Special!

If you are celebrating your birthday, DC’s hottest nightlife spot has a birthday offer you can’t refuse!

For only $350, you get one bottle of each!

  • Stoli
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • House Champagne

Head to Ultrabar on your birthday for some serious PARTY TIME! We don’t just set you up bottle-wise, we set you up with an entire VIP experience!

  • Cut the line!
  • Free entry!
  • Great view of the dance floor!

It’s your birthday, so treat yourself to one of the best experiences money can buy!

To book your birthday reservation, call: 202-271-1171 or email

Please note: this deal is only valid for ages 21+

42 Responses to “The Ultimate Birthday Experience in DC”

  1. brittany smith says:

    does that mean that people under 21 are not able to attend or cant people 18 years and older just come. my niece is 19 and i would like foor her to come

  2. Domonique Banks says:

    I sent a contact request via the Fur link and received a call back from Brittney. When I returned Brittney’s call a gentlemen suggested I speak with Dave at Lotus as the size and nature of my event would be better hosted in one of your smaller locations. Below is the request, Q&A I sent to Dave last Tuesday but I have not heard back. Please review and let me know if one of your establishments would be able to accommodate my event. Thank you!


    Thank you for taking my call this morning.

    Dominick is turning 18 on Monday December 26th and we would like to host a surprise club base with all of his friends from George Mason High-school (around 100 in total – mostly seniors and some kids that graduated last year and the year prior). There are only a hand full of kids that are already 18 so as you mentioned due to ABC Law’s I’m sure this will have to be a private event with no alcohol served to minors. I will have some adults, not sure if you will be permitted to serve the adults?

    I have just a few questions:

    Will Security be required? I have an outside security company if need be.

    What are the rules and requirements for an outside DJ?

    I want to keep the decor simple, club like no extras… we want this to “feel” like the typical club night scene.

    I want to simulate a “red-carpet” entrance at the door; would this be permitted, are there additional permits and charges?

    What hours would we be permitted to run the party?

    Can we have some sort of themed non-alcoholic drinks for the kids as well as H20 and soda.

    Last but not least what cost am I looking at?

    I have some other ideas and request but I will discuss once you are able to determine if your venue is suitable for this type of event. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Domonique L. Banks
    (202) ***-****

    Alfonso Banks III
    (202) ***-****

    • Hi Domonique,

      I removed the phone numbers from your message so they wouldn’t be published online. Hope that’s okay. Regarding the event, if you wanted to have it at FUR then you would need to contact FUR directly. If you’re thinking that you may want to have the event at another location feel free to give us a call. 202.271.1171.

  3. Lexi says:

    is it $500 total for both places? or $300 extra at ultrabar for bottle service? how long does this promo last? celebrating a bday dec 17.

  4. Ben says:

    For the bottle service at Ultrabar, which level will the table be located?



  5. Brenda Santos says:

    I would like more info please

  6. Jovon McDougal says:

    Is this deal still valid? How many people can be put on the guest list at the club?

  7. Norm says:

    Is there transportation service included?

  8. natalie says:

    Is this deal include the VIP spot?

  9. christian says:

    How about the Birthday Cake? If you guys are interested I can make you a great deal on cakes and cupcakes. You dream it; we bake it!

  10. Deneen says:

    Hello im interested in knowing do you get a table with this package?

  11. Karly says:


    I’m looking around now trying to find the perfect place to have my birthday party that deal sounds pretty good, I would like to know more about it.

  12. Enya says:

    so how many bottles you get at ultra bar ?

  13. Tee says:

    K. Just curious how much is it for a bottle of grey goose? Absolut?

  14. Caroline Kaniaru says:

    Are there any birthday events for 18+ that are a package like this one, but suitable for 18 and over?.

  15. Tyesha Henderson says:


  16. danielle says:

    ok say i get the birthday package,,, Do that include a tables as well? Do i get to pick which floor i want the table to be on? and What kind of bottle comes with it? or is that my choice… if it is my choice do it cost more or its the same price?

    • Ravi says:

      yes it includes a table.
      yes you can choose what floor you’re on.
      as for bottles, you have $300 to spend on bottles. anything over that comes out of your pocket.


  17. Renna says:

    Is this deal still going?

  18. Renna quashie says:

    Is this deal still going

  19. Taja Alston says:

    I’m doing a day party I’m looking for the best dc club with the best group deal for 18-22 ppl

  20. Britni says:

    So how exactly does this work?

  21. katherine says:

    Can i combine 2 packages if i want to invite 12 people? Thanks!

  22. Khyrii says:

    How many people can be in this package deal?! If i wanted extra people would it cost more?

  23. Nichole says:

    In regards to the birthday special I plan on going to ultrabar on 4/4/14 for my birthday, but I see you have 3 drinks to choose from. Do I have to get all 3 for $300 or can I just have 1 for 3? Also for VIP where do we sit at in the club?

  24. Damian says:

    Is this deal still valid? I would like to do the birthday special tomorrow. Also, are we aloud to have people under 21 at the table? I understand the policy stated they would not receive free admission, so what would that cost be and would they have to wait in line?

  25. Yury says:

    Birthday is on Saturday. Wanna get a table an bottles

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