Ultrabar resident and New York City Native DJ Chachi goes on camera to tell all about his adventures and experience deejaying around the world. From NYC to DC, Spain, LA, and just about everywhere in between Chachi has been there and done that. From private parties to Britney Spears’ birthday to mega pool parties he can be found there as well.

One of the great things about Chachi is that he usually comes bearing gifts. In the video you can see his shorts, shirts, beach balls, and more. But free gifts can’t buy everyone. When DJ Chachi gets into the booth you know it’s going to be one of those crazy nights. Girls flying everywhere, house music colliding with hard-hitting rock, and all the mashups you know him for always lead to an experience you won’t forget (unless you party a little too hard and don’t remember it to begin with).

Check out his newest mixes below and make sure to catch him next time he’s in DC.

Latest tracks by DJ Chachi

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