Guys Going Out Guide Part 1: Dress Code

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Get Past the Velvet Ropes

What to Wear to Make it into the Finest of DC Nightlife

(Check out the Girls Guide)

Since the beginning of time (as far as nightclubs go) dress codes have the secret language of getting past the burly bouncers and velvet ropes. Nothing dresses up a room, like the clientele, so nightclubs across DC and every major city use dress codes as a way to sift through the serious club goers and the lack luster crew better suited for a house party. This will give club hoppers some guidelines before heading out for the night, and save all from a night waiting in line only to be sent packing.


  • Wear a Dress Shirt – Keep it classic. Wear a nice button down dress shirt. But keep it buttoned to an acceptable level. Nobody wants to see your entire chest complete with gold chain and burly chest hair.
  • Accesorize – A nice piece of jewelry, stylish scarf, or trendy hat can be a nice way to add style to a boring outfit, but some clubs have a no hat policy, so check before you rock your fedora.
  • Save the Suit for Work – DC is uptight enough, when at the clubs, loosen up. If coming from work, at least ditch the tie.
  • Keep the Chain Wallets at Home – A chain wallet is better suited for the skate park, and can be considered a weapon at some night spots.
  • Wear a NICE Pair of Jeans – Jeans are a staple, but pick a clean pair that is not torn and tattered or acid washed.
  • Keep it Simple – No need to wear a bow-tie, red pants, an umbrella, and a fedora. Try one stand out item per outfit.
  • Iron Your Clothes – A nice outfit can go terribly wrong if it’s a wrinkly mess. Have your mom teach you how to iron over Christmas break, or spend the extra bucks on dry cleaning.


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Do Not

  • Wear Metallics– Steer clear from the ‘Night at the Roxbury’ costumes. Shiny, glittery, silky shirts scream “I have not updated my wardrobe since the disco era!”
  • Wear Timberlands – Unless you’re going hiking, chopping wood, or on set on a rap video, these boots will keep you farther away from the velvet ropes then you were by staying at home in your own bed
  • Wear Baggy Pants– These pants make it look like you are either smuggling children across the border or just had gastric bypass surgery and didn’t adjust the size of your wardrobe.
  • Wear Ed Hardy – Glittery dragons and graffiti clad beef cakes can only roam freely at the Jersey Shore.
  • Wear Loads of Man Bling – Loads of jewelry layered haphazardly weigh you down and look cheap.
  • Wear Athletic Jerseys – Jerseys reek of sweat and beer from a plastic cup. Save these for sports bars and stadiums.
  • Wear Sunglasses – It’s nighttime. That means it’s dark outside. Shades will bring the wrong assumptions your way.

Do Not

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9 Responses to “Guys Going Out Guide Part 1: Dress Code”

  1. Ben says:

    These are great…for the guys and gals!! Big DONT is the Sunglasses in the club…people hate being bumped into by someone wearing sun glasses!!!

  2. graham says:

    this would be hilarious if you were joking. sadly, you aren’t.
    i feel for you guys. i really do.

  3. R5 says:

    For the most part if there is a dress code, the staff is generally snobby and the crowd is even worst, i understand not looking like a bum when you go out, but for me at least all the bottle service- elitist clubs can keep their codes and their crowds.
    Ill come out lookin fresh and go to a low-key venue with accesible standards and go enjoy myself… Its not about who looks he best or who spends the most money its about who has fun the most without worry bout others….

  4. Ben says:

    I dont have an iron, what should I do??

  5. Y-it says:

    If you have to do that much just to go out and sweat your ass off dancing, then you are doing it wrong.

    BUT then again, people that attend those type of clubs are just about “being seen” and not about the music.
    so this article would help the Top 40 mainstream club attendees.

    Dress codes are whack.

  6. andy says:

    i wear my sunglasses because i’m on drugs. duh…

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