Girls Going Out Guide Part 1: Dress Code

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Get Past the Velvet Ropes

What to Wear to Make it into the Finest of DC Nightlife

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Since the beginning of time (as far as nightclubs go) dress codes have been the secret language of getting past the burly bouncers and velvet ropes. Nothing dresses up a room, like the clientele, so nightclubs across DC and every major city use dress codes as a way to sift through the serious club goers and the lack luster crew better suited for a house party. This will give club hoppers some guidelines before heading out for the night, and save all from a night waiting in line only to be sent packing.


  • Show Some Skin – No need to dress like a street walker, just choose your best asset and show it off, but leave something to the imagination.
  • Break out the heels – Lengthen your legs while adding the necessary height to scope out the crowd.
  • Wear Underwear – Don’t want to pull a Britney Spears in the night’s party photos that will wind up all over Facebook.
  • LBD – When all else fails, wear a little black dress. Classic looks can never go wrong.
  • Get Colorful – People’s ‘go to’ color is black for the clubs. Stand out with a colorful dress, top, or accessory.
  • Wear One Trend at a Time – Wearing a zebra dress, with a neon belt, a fedora, knee socks, and a metallic purse will get people’s attention, but it won’t be the good kind.
  • Take Off One Item–  CoCo Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”  Or risk the chance of being overdone and tacky.


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Do Not

  • Carry a Giant Purse – Pack the essentials. Leave the diaper bags to the Octomom.
  • Dress Like a Safari Animal – Animal print is stylish in moderation. Try one item at a time. Think Snooki, then do the opposite.
  • Have Bra Straps Show – Wear the appropriate undergarments. There are very few instances where showing bra straps can pass, best not to attempt.
  • Wear Clear Bra Straps – They are clear, not invisible and often look worse then a big black bra strap playing peek-a-boo. Try the Perfect Strap to conceal straps.
  • Wear Stripper Heels – Clear heels may make it in the door, but it won’t be the right door.
  • Have Clown Makeup – Caking on your makeup looks more like a costume. Plus as the night wears on and your makeup wears off, you risk leaving the club looking like a melted candle.
  • Wear Undergarments as Clothing – Leave the undergarments to the go-go dancers. Bras are not shirts and booty underwear cannot double as a bottom.

Do Not

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5 Responses to “Girls Going Out Guide Part 1: Dress Code”

  1. Y-it says:

    This should only have one “Do”


    then you can wear whatever you want and get in the club just fine.

  2. Common Sense says:

    If people don’t know this on their own they have no business leaving their house let alone trying to get into the club this is all common sense.

  3. Steven Dickerson says:

    Let not forget, a size 12 shouldn’t wear a size 6!!! (Just because they make it in ur size, doesn’t mean u have to wear if)

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