Bottle Specials:

  • $300 table special: Absolut, Bacardi, and House Champagne
  • $350 table special: Absolut, Jack, and House Champagne


  • Main Floor: Dance & Top 40
  • Bedroom (second floor): Latin & International
  • Chroma: Hip Hop & Top 40
  • Basement: Mashups

Discounted Admission: See Event Passes


Age Requirement and Dress Code:
Open to ages 18+, Proper ID and Attire is Required. Dress Smart: no Timberlands, no sneakers, no t-shirts, no grungy or athletic clothes, no camo. Keep it classy.

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Location, Info:
911 F St. NW Washington DC 20004. Nearest metro: Gallery Place. 202 638 4663
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A staple of DC club events, Ladies Night at Ultrabar Nightclub DC features 6 Bars, 5 levels and 4 DJs.

Hardwood floors, marble bartops, stainless steel accents and pounding subs have made Ultrabar a DC nightlife destination for years. With VIP/private table seating available on all floors, its a place to go reckless on the floor and party in style with your friends.

Take an inside look at Ultrabar!

Ultrabar Front Door

The front door at Ultrabar DC

Ultrabar Chroma Bottles

Racks of top shelf drinks

Ultrabar Chroma Going Crazy

Partying in Chroma (4th Floor)

Ultrabar Bedroom VIP Tables

VIP Tables in the Bedroom (3rd Floor)

Ultrabar VIP Table Service

VIP Tables in the Mezzanine (2nd Floor overlooking Main Floor)

Ultrabar Table

VIP Tables on the Main Floor

Ultrabar Vault Level Basement

Rocking out in the Vault (Basement Level)

Ultrabar DJ Mixer Pioneer DJM 800 Nightclub DJ Microphone Back Panel RCA Plugs

The best DJs use the Best Equipment at Ultrabar, like the Pioneer DJM 800 mixer and CDJ 1000 MK3s

Ultrabar Front Door Columbia National Bank

Ultrabar is actually housed in a historic turn-of-the-century bank building

Ultrabar Chroma VIP

The VIP in Chroma

118 Responses to “Saturdays: Ladies Night at Ultrabar Nightclub”

  1. Becky says:

    I do see that on Saturdays your 18 to party 21 to drink. Does this include gentleman as well to be 18 to party?

  2. Me says:

    The post says 21+ to party. Is it actually 18+ for both guys and girls?

    Also we have like 10 people. Where are the passes for this Saturday?

  3. candice says:

    how much is it to rent a table on a saturday? and is there a birthday special?

  4. aryn says:

    how much is it for ladies on sat? and what time do you open and close?

  5. nancy torres says:

    what if your license ID is expired? but its a real license, and it says you are 21?

  6. whitney says:

    So ladies night sat; what exactly are prices for reduced admission?

  7. Samantha says:

    Are there any special events happening on Saturday Oct. 30 2010?

  8. Jasmn_e says:

    So untill what time we need to get in if we re on guest list?

  9. wendy says:

    Do they play Latin music?

  10. Kay says:

    How much is the reduced admission?

  11. NR says:

    I’m throwing my sister an 18th birthday party on Nov. 20th. Her 18th birthday is November 21st. Can she still get into Ultrabar on Nov. 20th?

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      DC law strictly requires all nightclub patrons to be at least 18 years old, so she’d have to wait until midnight (the start of the 21st) to enter.

  12. Sandy says:

    hey, do you have to reserve a table in the VIP to get into chroma on saturday night? i really wanted a club that has international, arabic music on saturdays

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      No, you do not need to reserve a table. The music is quite varied up in chroma on Saturdays, but it does have a little international flavor as well.

  13. Keera says:

    My friends and i were photographed on Saturday night but i cant find the pictures. is there another album they could be in?

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      They’re only posted in one place, see the link for “photos” on the menu bar. If they’re not up on that page, the pic probably didn’t turn out right, so the photographer didn’t post it.

  14. Adrienne says:

    Can I still enter the club if my id is expired? Im not trying to buy drinks I just want to get in the club. Im 19 & I have my college id and my expired driving permit

  15. Euni says:

    Is there a special event this Saturday such as Latina night? My friends and I were wondering what the venue would be like this Saturday. Thanks

  16. Bonita says:

    hello i was interested in reserving a table in your vip section for this sat is their a fee and if so how much…thanks

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      There is no fee to book tables, however there is a $300 minimum purchase to get a table. Go ahead and call down to the office at 202 638 4663 between 12 – 6 to make your reservation, or fill out the table request form online (located on the menu bar under “VIP Options”), and our table concierge will get back to you quickly!

  17. Danny says:

    Wait i have a question. So if you’re under 18 but you’re going with someone 18+ can you still get in?

  18. Lakshmi says:

    How much is entry for 18+ if the price is reduced?

  19. DJ Saam’s Friday Night Barcöde Mix | DC Nightlife and Nightclub Event Guide - DC Clubbing says:

    […] Saturdays: Ladies Night @ Ultrabar […]

  20. Tanika says:

    Hey I was just wondering weather or not the pass for ladies not would get someone 18+ in for a reduced price?

  21. Mette says:

    Maybe I’m just stupid or something. But I have no idea if I need to buy a ticket before I’m going to the club or I can buy it at the door? If I’m under 21 do I buy my ticket(s) online or at the door? (this is for the nights where it isn’t free for all)

    • DC Nightclubs DC Clubs says:

      No no, its just like any other bar or club; you just walk on in and pay a cover charge. You can also use printable passes from the website to skip paying the cover (or get a discount).

  22. Pooja says:

    Hey i was wondering if i can use other country licence to get in the lounge since its government id because my permit expired which was from USA so, can i take both of them and use it to get in ?

  23. adriana says:

    i was wondering if i could get in with a passport from another country?

  24. Kate says:

    If I’m turn 21 on Sunday, would i have to wait until midnight on Saturday to be able to drink?

  25. Misha says:

    Hey Im Heading TO DC in July Is This Still Going To Be 18+ ?

  26. ziggy says:

    how much is the entry fee & do you really have to print out the event passes for reduced admission?

  27. jr says:

    hi hey listen if u get on the gues list do you get in for free or whats the case??

  28. Sunni says:

    How Much Is It Overall To Get In For Ladies Night ?.

  29. carmen says:

    My friend is visiting from Peru, can she use her Peruvian Passport to get in?

  30. Anton says:

    My birthday is tomorrow and I am looking for a venue to go to. What is the process of getting a reserved floor for the night of Saturday, October 1?

  31. Lizet says:

    Do you guys have wine? I was wondering if you sell Moscoto..

  32. David says:

    Are hats allowed in the club?

  33. burger says:

    can a birth certificate be proper id?

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  35. brittany says:

    if i turn 21 at midnight, can i still use the pass to get in free before midnight, and would i still get x’d on my hand if im there before midnight?

  36. tina says:

    question- is the pass good for anyone? or just chicks?

  37. […] and it definitely gets wild.  Boasting 6 bars, 4 dance floors, 2 mezzanines, and 26 VIP tables. Ultrabar sets the standard for Nightclubs in […]

  38. Crystal says:

    since it’s ladies nights saturdays do 21 + ladies drink for free?

  39. Crystal says:

    and if we come in tomorrow night before midnight and have a pass its completely free? absolutely no cover charge? $0?

  40. KEISHA says:

    Do you have seats for people that do not have vip?

  41. deionna says:

    i wanted to know if you guys will ever do twenty five and older at your club? Also i will be there this Saturday twentyfifth so how can i get my guest on the guest list to not wait in a long line and get our discount. Party of at least fifteen men and women.

  42. Feker haile says:

    Hey for the 17th of march do we have to wear green to get in???

  43. adam says:

    tryna celebrate my 21st bday but all my friends are either 19 or 20 can i still get them on my table guest list

  44. Nikki says:

    Is it really necessary to print out the passes or can ladies just show up tonight and get the deal? Or worst comes to worst could we show the passes on a phone? Just that I’m from out of town and don’t have access to a printer..

  45. moixexito says:

    Nice place,

  46. Nhi says:

    Are guys allowed to wear jeans if they are dark and fitted??

  47. Daniel becerra says:

    Esta re bueno

  48. Jay says:

    For the winter beach party are we allowed to wear our bathing suits or can we just wear what we normaly would on a saturdays ladys night?

  49. Sidhatha Sem says:

    So can guys where tanktops? and dark jeans?. But no tennis shoes correct?

  50. tiffany says:

    hi, i have an id that expired a few months ago. is there any way i can get into the club with it since it has my valid birth date on the id? or would i be able to bring my passport with me? if you could reply ASAP(before 7pm tonight) i would greatly appreciate it!


  51. Adam says:

    Could I get in with my college ID?

  52. Mr. Popula says:

    June1st, I’m trying to have a small get together for my sister, was wondering if every Saturday night Ladies Night, or just this weekend? And the price of bottles are they always $150? Get back to As Soon As Possible. Shoot Me an Email.

  53. Merina says:

    Does ultra bar still do guest list, I can’t seem to find it online? Or did the printable passes take its place?

  54. Miranda says:

    Do i have to actually print the Pass? Or will it be okay to just pull it up on my phone?

  55. Dwayne says:

    So on Saturdays do you guy play any hip hop or rap music at all? Or is it all Techno and Latin?

  56. asia says:

    what are some hot night clubs for mid 20’s to 30’s and hip hop reggage and r&b music ?

  57. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Kudos!

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